Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In which my respect for George Lucas slowly drains into oblivion.

Star Wars fans, be distressed. Be in pain. Be upset.

And especially, for the love of a galaxy far far away, don't buy the newest Blu-Ray version.

See the two worst changes below:

I feel like crawling into a hole and dying.


Actually, Dear Sis and I are thinking that the real George got kidnapped and is being held underground while a clone is running his empire and ruining life. o_O


Helen said...

*slaps forehead*
why do they have to polish up every little thing? They usually end up ruining everything! Luckily I don't have a blue-ray so I won't have to watch that.

Helen said...

By the way, I think that by making Darth Vader "No" changes the meaning when he literally "killed" the emperor. I thought he threw the emperor down the pit because he realized how evil he was, but now it looks like Luke's daddy realizes that his boss is killing his kid so he throws the bad guy down a hole. :P

Riah said...

Ugh! That was completely horrible! And I personally agree, someone did kidnap George. Please, someone - anyone - stop that clone!

Varon said...

Good grief. They're not a big deal. Some other unintelligible sound? At least it sounds like a human could make it.

The 'no' just needs more emotion in it, like the one site.

The Director said...

@Helen and Riah
I know!

Well, the original sound was much more believable and had a better affect on the viewer, whereas this one sound like some kid messing with SFX.
And about the "no"........ Vader's silence was so much more powerful. Having dialog there just sort of took away some of the climactic feel.

But that's just me ;) Every man to his own.

Endor said...

Can I join you in your hole? *pulls out hair* My poor Star Wars......

Why can't we just get the updated technology with the deleted scenes added in? I mean, really.

Jake said...

Gack! That was terrible! XP Good gravy, Lucas, get ahold of yourself and stop tinkering.

The Director said...


It is said that a work of art requires two people: one to make it and another to tell him when to stop.

Varon said...

He's trying to make it better, rather than just releasing the original in new features to get money.

Ashley said...

Oh no..That is BAD!! The fist..ugh..{facepalm}.

The Director said...

Well, he doesn't appear to be doing a very good job. People would be happy enough with him releasing all the new bonus features, I think.

Kayla said...

I would of commented sooner as I am a huge Star Wars fan but anyway, here I am.
Totally agree with you- that is outrageous!