Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's About Time I Posted About That Giveaway...

....actually, never mind, I don't feel like it.

*collective gasp*

Just kidding!!!!

This is my 100-followers celebration giveaway, aka my Thank You! Giveaway.

Update: This giveaway is now closed and awaiting results ;)

This is the first installment. The second bunch (pair?) of prizes will be posted this coming Monday.

As you know from previous slip-ups (haha), the first two prizes are:

Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins 
(as noted in the previous post, this series is actually good, heh.)


The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare
(Due to poor lighting during the making of this post, this is a google image of the cover. Just so you know, the version that will be given away is identical, except it doesn't say "45th Anniversary ")

Note: this is only available for those in the US or Canada- sorry about that! :(

Here's the rules:
**separate comment for each entry is appreciated**

Mandatory Entry:

Comment and tell me your favorite book that you've read this year. 

Extra Entries (worth one point each)
~follow me

~ follow one of my followers, and tell me who in the comment

~ put my blog button in your sidebar

~put the giveaway blog button in your sidebar

~ blog about this giveaway 

~spread the news on FB, Twitter, things like that... 

This giveaway closes on October 8th.

If nothing here struck your fancy, just wait for Monday :)

And by the way, here's the button:

Lovely People Giveaway

Be back later, y'all! :D :D :D


Josiphine said...

I already follow you, and I also follow Nairam, who is one of your followers.

Josiphine said...

And I thought long and hard about what my favorite books is this year. I've read almost 100, so....

But I decided that rereads don't count (so I can't say Betsy-Tacy, my mostest favorite books of all time) so I'd have to say Ivanhoe.

Or maybe the Bronze Bow.

Anonymous said...

I would join the giveaway but I won both so congrats anyways!

Hannah Joy said...

Waaaaaa....I can only do *one* entry. *sob* Oh well...I shall make it good.

My favorite book I read this year *drumroll*

Gosh, can it be a reread? If so, then I've gotta give it to The Fiddler's Green by A.S. Peterson (my absolute favorite book of all time).

If not,*Thinks back to how long the year was* Ok, Dandelion Fire by N.D. Wilson (I haven't *quite* finished it, but it's really, really good. :-D

Well, I wish I could do more entries, but I can't follow anyone 'cause I don't have a blogger acount or anything. And I can't spread the word 'cause I don't have a facebook or twitter or blog of my own. *Sigh*

I want the Bronze Bow. I LOVE that book :-D

And I'll stop this comment right here before I ramble any longer. (OO)

FinvarraPenn said...

My favorite book I've read this year has to be Obsessed by Ted Dekker. I read it in two days, it was just that amazing. <3

FinvarraPenn said...

And I follow you already. :)

FinvarraPenn said...

And I follow Georgianna Penn, who I'm pretty sure she follows you.

FinvarraPenn said...

And your blog button is now in my sidebar.

Hannah Joy said...

Don't I get an extra entry for that song spoof I emailed you? *Puppy dog eyes* :-D

The Director said...

Hannah- you get an extra entry for the spoof AND another entry for the other email ;)

Lauren said...

My favorite book this year was called "Courting Morrow Little" by Laura Frantz. It was wonderful!!

Lauren said...

Of course, I follow you ;)

Lauren said...

I'm now following Josiphine!

Lauren said...

Your giveaway button is now on my sidebar...

Lauren said...

Your blog button is in my "Blogs I heart"'s been there a while! ;)

Hannah Joy said...

Awww, you're so sweet...thanks for the extra entries! :-) *Plots what to use as an excuse for extra entries on the next giveaway* ;-)

No, really. I didn't think you'd agree. You rock! :-D

Jake said...

How could you DO this to me? *paces*

Best book I've read this year? Impossible! It's getting close to the end of the year, I cannot possibly remember or choose between them all! XP

Er, how about a GREAT book I've read this year? Not necessarily favorite? :P It'll take months of contemplation to come up with a favorite...

Monster in the Hollows. Fantastic book. ^_^

And if that doesn't count, I'll go into a desert or something and try to figure out my favorite book of this year. *sigh*

I blogged about the giveaway too. :)

Great giveaway! (:

Gillian Adams said...

Favorite book I've read this year... Oh, it would be a hard question! Well, it's either Pete Peterson's Fiddler's Gun or Andrew Peterson's The Monster in the Hollows! Whew. Hard choice.

Millardthemk said...

Will enter soon :)

Did you know Bryan Davis is speaking in Newberg on Monday?

Here is the FB link I think it's a public page.

If not

Christian fiction author Bryan Davis and his daughter Amanda Davis (also a published author) will be in Newberg, Oregon for an exclusive writer's workshop on Monday September 26th, 2011. This is a FREE EVENT he is offering to the community. He will have copies of his books to sell (and autograph) on the breaks. It is through book sales that he funds these events. Please plan to take a few copies home for yourself and for gifts!

Mr. Davis presented a 3 hour workshop for us several years ago, and I learned more about writing in that 3 hours than I learned in four years of college taking every creative writing class the university offered. This is an amazing opportunity he is offering to writers of all ages and interest groups. This 5 hour workshop is anticipated to be even more exciting! Don't worry, there will be breaks and time to meet Bryan Davis face to face as well.

Mr. Davis is sensitive to the economy, as well as to homeschooling families, and has expressed an interest in us keeping our costs low. So we will not be catering the event. We ask that you bring a sack lunch and a sack dinner. If we are able to locate a mobile lunch counter to attend the event, there may be hot food available for sale in the parkinglot. More details to come as the date approaches.

Please tell your friends, tell your homeschool group, and spread the word! We hope to have a large turnout to boost the skills of our creative members of the local community.

Who is this for?

-Aspiring authors
-English students
-Homeschool students
-Game designers
-Story tellers
-Anyone who reviews, edits or critiques creative works of any sort
-Bryan Davis fans
-Christian Fiction readers

Can children come?

Yes, you may bring your child, if you believe your child is able to sit still and quietly for an hour and a half at a time without causing a disruption. There will not be childcare provided.

This event is hosted by the Chehalem Area Christian Homeschool Association (ChACHA) and the Newberg Christian Church.

LOCATION: Newberg Christian Church
2315 Villa Rd, Newberg OR 97132

Jess said...

Gillian! You rock! And sister Hannah, of course you rock. ;-)

So. I have to join the ranks of people sobbing because re-reads don't count.

Agh, there's no way I can decide.

Um... um... um... um...

How about... the picture book, Press Here by Herve Tullet. Great, great book. I can't get enough of pressing the little yellow dots on the pages!

Okay. Um. If Press Here doesn't count either... FINE I give in, because I can't remember any other really really good books this year that weren't re-reads, I'll once again join the ranks and say The Monster in the Hollows. (Argh, I hate being unoriginal.)

The Director said...

*sighs* People, if a re-read is your favorite book read this year, then rereads count. *shakes head and laughs*

Jake- that counted, btw. No need to go into the desert XD

And woh- what's up with this monster in the hollow??

The Director said...

Also, Millard- sounds SUPER AWESOME! But...... I probably won't be able to make it....... *weeps* School and ballet, and all..... I might be able to pop in for one session but that would be all...

Hannah Joy said...

You don't know about The Monster in the Hollows?? *Shakes head pityingly*

Read the first in the Wingfeather Saga: On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. They are epicly awesome! :-D The second is North! Or be Eaten and the third is The Monster in the Hollows. They are by Andrew Peterson (yes, he sings too...that song I spoofed...It was him).

I could ramble on about them, but I will spare you. Just read them, ok? :-)

Anonymous said...

My favorite read this year...I'm tempted to say The Princess Bride, though I am only half-way through it, it's pretty great :)


Eyebright said...

One of my favorite reads this year was actually a non-fiction book called Revolution in World Missions, and it was amazing! I do love a good fiction book though, and currently I'm reading a Christian Science Fiction series. :)

Eyebright said...

I follow you. :)