Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Poll

Short announcement before a rather big-ish-post-to-be-published-tonight-Lord-willing.....

On the subject of the giveaway, which will be official on Friday-again-Lord-willing.... I know some people weren't diggin' the darker color scheme I've had going on. And anyway, it is much harder to read. (OO)

So..... as a gift to you lovely people, I have a new poll on the blog design- the question is: change it back or leave it?

If y'all vote to change the design back to black words on a light background, I'll do it, and it'll be my personal gift to all of you ;)

So go on, vote away, and I'll get that big-ish post up as soon as it's done...


***UPDATE: Those who vote for the last option will not actually be helping. However, I DO appreciate that you appreciate the joke. :D But I cannot get you a car even if I wanted to. :P***


Josiphine said...

Both are nice. :)

Helen said...

I think I preferred it the other way, but it is fine as it is too. ;)

Lauren said...

I like both! I say, go with whichever you prefer :) I'll love you and your blog no matter what it looks like :)
And about the book...all I can do is sadly shake my head and tell you I understand! You simply can't read the first book without reading the others, unless you have some kind of immunity to curiosity and suspense! But the last one truly crosses a line, and the images in it are ones I'll have to pray leave my mind at some point...I do look forward to reading more on your thoughts about it!

Kayla said...

I don't care. I like both.