Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Speaking of Giveaways...

**UPDATE: Giveaway has been EXTENDED 24 hours. So again, not much time but go for it.....**

Totally last minute, but this is the last day to enter the giveaway whose button is at the top of my sidebar. It features the amazing Jonathan Maiocco's music :D :D :D
Click here to enter: http://safirewriter.blogspot.com/2011/08/200th-post-giveaway-and-interview.html

OK, off to bed now! (Or rather, to wrestle with a mountain of laundry and then read Out Of The Silent Planet while singing Japanese songs.... ahem....)


Jessica said...

Thanks for posting about it!

And congrats on 100 followers!


Jessica said...

By the way...I've just extended this 24 hours if you'd care to update, I've had a few people asking for last minute deadline stuff so...I am going to do it.

Hannah Joy said...

I love "Out of the Silent Planet"! And the last one in that trilogy rocks, if a little creepy. :-)

And that giveaway looks...ep...ep...epic! I SO want to enter! When do we get started?

Hannah Joy said...

I mean, YOUR giveaway. When do we get started on that?? (Not that the other giveaway looks un epic, it's just that yours is what I meant.)

The Director said...

You guys... *chuckles*

A little late now but I'll update it ;)

Hannah- can you wait until next week? *puppy eyes* You're so funny..... :]