Sunday, September 18, 2011

That doesn't look anything LIKE a mouse, Dantere!





*looks up*

Hi there!

This is... well, I've been introduced here as Luke, so I'll go by that. I've had several name changes, but that was one of my first. 

Oh... you all don't really know us, do you? The only time you've seen us was that massive interview... 

And we didn't even get prime time!

Did you steal that term from Chance, Kez? Because I don't even know what it means.

If you're going by Luke I'm going by Leslie, not Keziah. And yes, Chance the Informant. (Ssh, don't tell the author please!)

To come from where my brother left off, we are two very excited people and just wanted to share some neat news with you.

Apparently all that Dir, the author, needed was a season change.

Because she remembered us. 

It's a day for rejoicing, truly! She went through and dug out all sorts of old notebooks and binders and maps and sketches, recovering us and finding us again. 

It's been about a year since we were put on the shelf. She ran out of steam, I guess, and Chance and Ted took over things for a bit. 

Anyway, about a month ago, I guess she really started to miss us...

But she wasn't sure where to take that. She still had a big lack of inspiration and all that... wait, Kez.... Les.... er, does that mean we're uninspiring?

Eh, I think it's just a personal thing on her part. Not our fault. Hold on.... *passes on thought to author that having the characters be able to use magic would complicate things too much. Maybe the dragons and griffins and swords, and the Little Folk, but that's it.*

Anyway, just last Thursday, it had rained.

And on the way to her church, the sun broke through the clouds and the sky was silver and gold and blue and made the hills look like something out of our world....

And she stared and stared, and the rain and cold and clouds and fall air finally got to her.

She found us again. After summer finally decided to step back and autumn took over, she found us again. 

She bought a new notebook just for us!

Our names got changed again.

The story is all new!

Well, mostly anyway, Les.

She wrote in the last notebook that even though she's only stopped writing about us for a year, give or take, it's felt like ten. But now she's up and at it again. 

And she's SO excited she can't stop smiling!

Anyway, this is our way to try and introduce ourselves to you. You might be hearing about us later. We might even have our own interview!

To clarify, every new version of our story is it's own tale, so while this is an "updated" version of our story, it's also completely new. They've all built upon each other and expanded over the years. And there are many different versions of us, so with each new name there's a new facet added to ourselves. For me, Luke and Daniel and Alzeem and all of them are a part of who I am, but they're not me.

Likewise. It may seem complicated, but Keziah and Leslie, and the rest are each their own person. As are we.

So before the author comes back, let me introduce myself to all of you not as Luke, but as Ben-Kyen Tilchaest.

Er, shouldn't you give them your true name?

Aachk! SHE doesn't know we know about that yet.....!

Still.... the Azeleyans won't be happy when you give them that Ben-Kyen thing, so why don't you give someone a real introduction while you can??

*pointed look* I told you, you have to stop eavesdropping. It's rude, and spoils everything for us. 

*pointed look back* But you ARE grateful for my little tricks sometimes, aren't you?

*sighs* Alright. My name is Dantere.

And I'm Keziren.

Expect to hear about us sometime soon. 


Oy, I think I hear her coming...

Right then, Farewell!

*scampers off*

*follows, then pauses*

Oh, hold on, I think we almost forgot a step...

*hits PUBLISH*


Helen said...

That was really cute! :D I just wanted to say that the colors you chose make it look like it is in 3D! I thought that was cool. :D

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for sudden bouts of inspiration! I look forward to hearing more from these two. :)

Jessica said...

This was super sweet and very awesome! I love it when characters take over blogs, they make it sooooo much fun. Look forward to hearing more about them!


Hannah Joy said...

WAA, I miss my old MC. I finished his book (first draft) you see.

But I do love my new MC! :-)

Lainie said...

*sniff* But what about Trad and Jaiwin??!! Pleeeeaaase?

They made me laugh. :D

So happy about your, er, their new developments. I can't wait to read more :)

The Director said...

*staggers in*

Wow, looks like my characters finally got ahead of me (OO)

PS did anyone else get the title?

Anonymous said...

I JUST got the title! You're so funny :P


Jessica said...

Okay...I just got it after reading your comment! THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! Why was I not reading it earlier??