Sunday, October 9, 2011

Giveaway Updates and a goofy video to boot :P

The first installment of the Thank You! Giveaway closed yesterday. I'll be posting the results later this week if I get my school done quick ;)

The second installment, which was a Kill-This-Thread giveaway is still alive and running- join in if you want to win a notebook or two! :D

Sorry I haven't been around- school and other things have kept me away.

For one thing, though, I am officially on YouTube (OO)

My first (and currently ONLY) video on there, I made a little while ago, based off of the Tsubasa RESERvoir CHRoNiCle anime.

It was inspired by this video:

So I made another Tsubasa/Mulan vid. Don't feel obligated to watch, though ;)

So, how's life for the rest of you?

Also, I watched Dolphin Tale today..... and add ONE MORE to the queue of reviews I haven't posted yet *headdesk*


Hannah Joy said...

Darn...YouTube's blocked on my computer. I hope you know I'd absolutely love to see the video.

Oooh! I almost forgot about the giveaway #1 what with giveaway #2 going so hot...:-)

Anyway, don't get too caught up in school--ugh, I have been nearly drowning in it. *Puts on a brave face* But I will survive!

Jessica said...

Oh, you really did a nice lovely job with your movie! It was good!!!!! I really liked your ending.

@ Hannah Joy - the second giveaway is just soooo much more fun! *giggling* never know what might happen next really you don't!