Saturday, October 29, 2011


(By the way, today is my 1-year blogoversary. *smiles* I'm leaving on a trip on Wednesday, so I'll stop being a slacker and announce the winners of the book giveaway before I leave ;)

Oh dear.

I should have been chock-full of NaNo posts by now, huh? Sorry about that.

But the truth is, I still can't believe I'm sitting here right now. In my house. On the computer. Completely fine.

Why the drama?

Well, let's back up to when I came home from my violin lesson yesterday.

I slept in, and left for the lesson without eating. So I came back about 10:45, and threw some bacon in a pan on the stove and turned the heat on.

Now, realize, most of the time with our bacon, it practically takes ten years to cook, so it's normal for us to stick it on low-med heat and walk away, check on it every five minutes or something, you know.


The bacon I was cooking yesterday was actually super thin compared to our normal thick cut stuff. I also had the heat turned up a little too high, but for some reason I didn't notice.

And, heh, a rule in our house is that I can't touch the computer until my schoolwork for the day is done.

Unfortunately, I sort of break that rule sometimes. *shame*

Dear little sister just got email the other day, so it's still a novelty (aka checking-it-every-two-seconds) even though I'm the only one she had emailed ;)

She had sent some reply to me right after I threw the bacon on the stove, and so I thought, "Eh, I'll humor the girl and shoot a reply back." I went into the other room (where, note, the kitchen was out of sight) and sat down by the computer.

(Remember, sweetie, what happened after this wasn't your fault! I was being really stupid....)

So I reached over to the keyboard and emailed her a reply, and then, like the vortex we all know it is, I totally got sucked into checking my Reader, email, blogger, stupid videos, whatever.

Dear little sis and I are sitting there giggling about whatever, on the computer, when I see this orange light reflected in a framed picture on the wall. (It was on a wall in between the room where I was and the kitchen.)

Distracted human being I was, my first thought was, "Oh look, pretty light!"


And then, my second thought was, "Oh, that's fire light."

And two milliseconds later it occurred to me.

I should NOT be seeing fire in the kitchen. 

And then it hit me.

The freakin' bacon.

"Oh my gosh," I said, and ran into the kitchen.

Spewing straight up from the pan I was using to cook my bacon were two-foot-high flames.



I'll be honest and say, I'm probably not the absolute best person to have in an emergency. However, I'm definitely not the worst.

Anyway, I didn't scream, or actually make a single sound. (My mom, who was resting in her room upstairs, couldn't hear a thing at this point. {She did a post on yesterday also, btw.})

But while I didn't audibly freak out, my brain went into panic mode.

This was my brain:

You are in so much trouble.

Put the fire out now.

You're so busted.

Put that fire out NOW.

That was really stupid of you.


*shakes head*

So, being the good girl I am, I went right over to the fire extinguisher we had in the kitchen, held it up and brought it over the stove.

And fumbled around with the pin and the handle and the lever very confusedly.

...............I didn't know how to get it to work.


So, I look around, thinking, "What else puts out fire? Water, that's right! Water puts out fire!"

(This was not the first time I accidentally set something on fire in the house. But last time, it was a burning sticky note, and completely controlled by emptying my water bottle over said sticky note.
This? Much different.)

But the last time I heard any precautions about grease fires had to be over a year ago at least, and I had completely forgotten by this time.

So, being the idiot I am, I spotted our Britta pitcher on the opposite counter, completely full of water. And thought, "Yes, I'm saved!"

So I dropped the fire extinguisher (big help that was), grabbed the completely full container, stood over that fire, and poured.

This is what should have happened.

In my absolute ignorance, and carelessness before that, pouring as much water as I did on that fire should have completely taken me out. I should, all things considered, be dead or in the hospital with severe third-degree burns right now.

Do you want to know what happened?

The second I start pouring water on that grease fire, it sputtered and went out.

I'm. Not. Kidding.

(At the time, I thought I was brilliant. 'Cause, you know, I put out that two-foot-high fire in the kitchen by myself. Whatever.)

By the time my mom came downstairs, the fire was out, but I certainly had a piece of explaining to do.

We'll skip the completely deserved grilling about being on the computer when I shouldn't have been (again, I was really, really stupid....), the smoke alarm that killed my eardrums, opening ALL of the windows and doors, and cleaning up the spluttered bacon remains.

My mom was all, "Well, I'm just glad that whatever you did, you didn't pour water on it."

I arched my eyebrows and was all, "Er, mom? I, uh...... did."

She couldn't believe it.

And after she told me what should have happened and showed me that video, I couldn't either.

What should have happened:

At the very least: microwave door warped and completely done for, me injured, the plastic food cover that was on an unused burner completely melted.

At the most: no house. No me. It could have even spread to the houses near us.

A family at church had a house that just recently burnt down. It was a small, accidental fire, and their house was about three times the size of ours.

It went down in 8 minutes.

Ours would have been gone in under 2.

It took a long time for what happened to really sink in. Even now,  I still don't think it's completely hit home.

I should be dead right now. The fireball that should have resulted from the water would have completely burnt me. It would have hit me smack in the face.

Our casualties: a pan and some burnt-bacon-stained jeans.

The microwave? Lysol wipe, soot gone. It looks brand new.

Me? Not a scratch.

The kitchen? Couldn't be better.

After liberally pouring water on a grease fire.

Nothing short of Divine Intervention saved my life, and the house, yesterday.

Have any of you been saved by nothing short of God Himself? Have any of you been in situations where you should not have survived?

If you have, you know: it is the absolute most crazy feeling in the world. Knowing you shouldn't actually be alive and/or completely functional.

I don't know why He loves me so much.

And talking it over last night with mom, I realized I had no memory of feeling any heat.

None whatsoever.

Again... completely mind blowing.

It's so insane to think that I should be dead right now because of a stupid, stupid mistake. From being careless and disobedient.

And that my God extended grace to me and spared me.


I'm sorry. I had to stop in the middle of writing this because I suddenly broke down and just sobbed on the computer.

I think it's hit me.


*takes deep breath*

Yesterday has taught me several things:

Don't be stupid.

Never pour water on a grease fire. (I won't be doing that ever again. I also now know how to use a fire extinguisher.)

Never walk away from my cooking.

Disobedience always results in disaster. (aka Your sin will find you out....)

Never take life for granted.

The Lord loves me.

He is gracious.

And not only has He saved me from physical death... 

He saved my soul.

And for both I am eternally grateful.

After everything that He has done for me, how can I do anything but live every day for Him?

My life is in His hands, after all.

What a life-changing experience making breakfast can be.


There's this song I'm mildly addicted to right now. Here's a link to the Japanese version. (Yeah, yeah, me and the Japanese songs. Whatever.)

But these are the lyrics in English:

Just like the river that flows into the ocean
Your love pours into my soul
You are my shelter, you save me from my fears
Turn the night into day
I can hear you calling my name
And from my heart I pray
Gloria, oh my redeemer, you set me free
Gloria, keep me forever, safe in your love
Just like the flower
That blossoms in the spring-time
Your love grows inside my heart
You are my savior you wipe away my tears
Leading me all the way

Gloria, oh my redeemer, you set me free
Gloria, keep me forever, safe in your love

Good grief, I'm crying again.

I treasure today particularly. 
Because I got to play celtic songs with EFC and in a jam session. 
Because I got to eat pasta. 
Because I have to do laundry. 
Because I got to hug my brother and sister. 
Because I'm alive to say I've been blogging for a year. 
Because the sun came out and I got to see it. 
Because I'm going to meet Amaranthine via Skype. 
Because I got to chop up broccoli for dinner.
Because I'm alive... and my God is good. 

What's the Lord done for you recently?

Do you even know Him?

If you don't, may I just say: you're on your way to death and destruction eternally?

He loves you so much that He sacrificed Himself for you. If you have yet to to know Him, now is a good time to get started.

Because life is far too precious, and frail, to waste on things that aren't going to last.

You don't know when you will take your last breath. You really don't.

Make sure you know where you're headed, dear friend.


Lainie said...

I'm humbled by His mercy, too. Over and over again, he shows us His mercy.

I love you.

My disobedience should have resulted in a fireball death called, "Hell." But, He stepped in and took that for me, too. And here I am without a scratch... I hope neither of us forgets yesterday and it's lessons.

Jro said...

Yay. :D I right now you're talking to Amar. on skpe. Hey. That's a cool name. :D

Eldra said...

Awww, now you have me crying. *sniffles* Wow. That's incredible. God truly has an amazing plan for your life, and some little grease fire mixed with water isn't going to stand in His way. What a great reminder of His love for us.

Anonymous said...

Wow!Yep, God is DEFINTELY GOOD!! Glad you are OK:)

In Christ,

The Director said...

Oh, thank you Eldra.

The Director said...

And you too, Mom and Rebecca ;)

Storyteller said...

That's awesome. Not that you almost died, but that God was able to use that to better reveal Himself to you.

The Director said...

Amen, Storyteller.

Marian said...

What an awful video--thank God you're not hurt! It was truly miraculous the fire went out. I know I've had more than one moment in my life when, due to my own fault, I was literally inches away from being horribly injured (or worse), but He was watching out for me and saved me from my own mistakes.

Jedi~Chick said...

*hugs* I'm so glad you're okay!!!!!!!! I've witnessed miracles too, and I am fully aware and believing that God is THERE, he is WATCHING OUT FOR US and he LOVES US. :) I am glad you're okay, and I'm glad your house is okay too.

And now I know to never pour water on a grease fire......I must learn how to use my fire extinguisher.

God Bless you!!!

Love and hugs,
Jedi~Chick <3

P.S. Glad you and Amaranthine had fun today (I saw her blog post)!!! Skype is AWESOME!!! :D

The Director said...

Thanks Jedi Chick :] Lord bless you too!

Tammi Klusewitz said...

And here I thought it was poor little sister who was the guilty party. Sooooooo glad you were not hurt!

The Director said...

o.o Nope, not little sis ;) Thank you Mrs. K!

Anonymous said...

DirectorAbby, I am thankful we have such a powerful Father. I am thankful he protected you. I am thankful that you live to write another post (they always leave me feeling happy inside). Your life is a precious thing, my dear. So please, for your silly blogger friends sakes, be careful whilst you cook. (I love you. :P)

What a life-changing experience making breakfast can be.

Amen to that. Strange as it sounds, making breakfast early in the morning with dropping eyes (and sometimes a grudging heart, I shall not lie) has taught me many things. Good things. Real things. And I ... I feel a future blog post coming on ...

The Director said...

Thank you for such a sweet comment, Katie! I'll be very careful in the future ;)

Love you too :]

And I look forward to this future blog post :D

The Musical Dancer said...

That is amazing! Don't worry about acting dumb because me and my sister did that once too. My brother was toasting some bread, and he reached inside the toaster for it with a paper towel and poof! A burning paper towel. He just stood there and said, "Hey, my paper towel is on fire." My sister and I literally jumped five feet. Sister grabbed it and almost put it in the full GARBAGE. Instead of putting it in the sink, which leaks so we put a bucket in the cabinet underneath, I grabbed the bucket and dumped it all over the paper towel, extinguishing the fire and drenching my brother. The sink was a foot away from us, and my sister and I looked at each other than went into hysterics. Also, my parents went out to dinner so we called my dad to tell him even though we were laughing and crying at the same time. They were in a pretty busy restaurant so my dad only caught the words, "fire...home" I think he panicked for a second there. Also, my brother was watching bob the builder on the couch and never once looked at us even though we were screaming. Hectic!

Hannah Joy said...

Oh...haha. I'm sorry. This didn't make me cry. It made me laugh. Oh my gosh, isn't God so funny??

Does that make you feel bad? *puts on somber face* I'm really, really sorry this happened and--*chuckles then bursts out laughing* Oh I am so sorry! I can't help it! Every time God does something like makes me laugh! I LOVE the way God reminds us!

And by the way, next time, put flour on that baby. We don't want you to be dead. :-)

andrearush said...

There is something in your kitchen that WILL put that fire out and not spread flames. It is baking soda. I always make it a practice to set that big, oranbe box on the counter within reach when I am cooking with oil or grease. It will smother the flames and not spread them. Also, remember that you can turn off the gas/heat source and have a pan lid handy as well. It will starve the fire, too. Remember that fire needs three things in order to continue to burn: fuel, heat source, and flame. If you take away one, you take away fire. I am so glad that you were not hurt and am encouraged that you have been able to process this in a way that it becomes a very valuable life-long learning experience.

The Director said...

Helen- ack, craziness! :P

Hannah- you're so funny and sweet ;)

Andrea R.- Yes, thank you for the comment- I got a fire-101 from my mom after the incident ;)
We also have several massive bags of sand in the garage which we're considering moving into the kitchen so that we wouldn't have to "waste" perfectly good baking soda on a fire :P

Corey P. said...

Wow. Soli Deo Gloria... or, in plain English, praise be to God. :D

Thanks so much for sharing that story.

Jake said...

Wow. That's scary and funny and awe-inspiring. Just think - God's preserved you, for whatever reason. Live for his glory! :D

Riah said...

How scary! My sister set a pan of popcorn on fire once... and she scorched the ceiling, burnt the curtains in the window to a crisp and lost her eyebrows... I kept asking her why she didn't just put a lid on the pan - no oxygen = no fire. Apparently, that isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you are faced with fire. I'm really glad you are ok!

Kayla said...

Wow! Long post. And a good post! Thank God for his patience with us all! BTW I have an award for you over at my blog,

Love, Kayla

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I am so thankful that you are well!