Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NaNo Here Y'all Come!!!

Random note: My 1-year blogoversary is coming up in about a week :D 
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I'm not doing NaNo this year, but I did it last year and succeeded with 500 words extra XD

I know there are a lot people around here who are doing it for the first time this year, and I'm going to sit here all November and be a cheerleader ;) And maybe be an eensy teensy procrastination station :P

(Speaking of, lovely people, if you are going to be blogging about your NaNo journey and I don't currently follow you, let me know in the comments for this post and I'll go check you out!)

So anyway, for those who are first-time NaNo-ers this year, here's the first post of many for you. Pointers, what NOT to do, and little tricks to win that you might not have known.

(By the way, about my opening text-picture? Well, this may seem like a serious situation, and November shall seem dire at times. But really? Just laugh. :P)

The rule of NaNo is you can outline, plan, and name your chapters before November. But no writing until 12:00 am November 1st.

What I did may possibly be considered a breakage. But I don't think so, personally.

I had a short story I had written for an essay, about a squire who fought a dragon. It was like, maybe 300 words? At the most. And I liked the basis enough that I turned it into a screenplay.

It didn't really work. I mean, it did, but by about September/October of last year, I was losing steam fast. The screenplay was going in twelve different directions and I felt like I needed to explore it in novel depth before writing it as a screenplay.

That was when I remembered NaNo, revealed to me first by the friend who gave me that 45 Master Characters book. (Yeah, this mysterious friend of mine? She ROCKS.)

Anyway, I remembered NaNo and decided it would be the thing that would get me a story written. :P

Alert: grammar may or may not be present here.

After much drama which you can read here, here, here, and here for starters, I got a story written. And I learned some things.

I learned to let go of my perfectionism. I'm a Tolkien-esque writer at heart. As in, If-one-sentence-is-wrong-I-will-rewrite-the-whole-chapter kind of writer.

NaNo taught me to let go of that.

It also taught me the value of good music.

And word wars.

And socks.

And uh, food.

And coffee. The nectar of life, I'm telling you.....

I'll stretch my oh-so-valuable expertise (haha) over the course of several posts. But for those prepping for NaNo right now:


actually works. And you may need to smack something at about Week 2. 


You will never value

as much as you may during NaNo.


And lastly:

is sort of like the feeling when you start a new novel. 


In more serious matters, if be that possible:

Having a starting point is a good idea. 

You may or may not want to have your conclusion in the back of your mind already. Entertain the thought at least. I like a general, but beginning-to-end outline. If I know where I'm going, it's easier to get there. (No, really?)

Check out Write or Die. It may become your new best friend/enemy. 

Go to as many write-ins as you can.


Relax. Take a deep breath. Get ready to churn out words. 
First drafts are given express permission to stink. And that's okay. Get all the words you can out there. Even if you spend 800 words writing about soup, that's awesome. Get them out, and then slice and dice as you see fit AFTER November. 

Actually, that's what I did. Sometimes I wrote whole thousands of words that I knew (or at least assumed) would be rejected later when I went through the first edit. But instead of deleting, I highlighted them a certain color or strike though'ed them and left them at the bottom of my Word Doc. 


Because I wrote them during November. And they counted.


So, who's excited for NaNoWriMo?

*hears much cheering*



Sorry if this post didn't make too much sense. I'm a little tired. 

I'll go over the stuff in bold in detail another day. Let me go get caught up on schoolwork :|

Anyway, see y'all later!

*staggers off to bed with a freshly-baked cowboy cookie and The Castaways of the Flying Dutchman tucked under one arm*


FinvarraPenn said...

I'm doing NaNo this year and I'm stoked. :)

Spook said...

This will be my second NaNo, and last year I got over 75,000 words. LET'S KICKETH SOME PLOT BUNNY!

Love your tips - even though I can't do most of them because I'm at boarding school - but they made me cackle like anything xD

The Director said...

You guys ROCK. The end :D

Spook, you are awesome! 75K?!?!?!? SWEET.

Fin, did you do it last year?

Hannah Grace said...

This'll be my third year, and i'm going ahead and being arrogant by saying this'll be my second time wining. Oh yeah, I'm feeling GREAT [...mostly] about this year. I won my first year, flunked last year, and have now learned from my many mistakes. Looking back, I'm amazed I even won my first year [2009], I had no chocolate or coffee ready, I had to go out and buy some the second day. You know what else helps? Chai tea. Seriously. <3
But yes. As soon as I finish my outline, I will be counting down the hours until NaNo starts. :D
And sadly, I'll be blogging about it on a private blog [that, during the other 11 months of the year is a place for me to share private thoughts with very close friends, otherwise I'd invite you to view it in a heartbeat], but if you're on the NaNo site and want to see how I'm doing, my username is daughter.of.zion :)
I look forward to reading your NaNo posts! :)

Hannah Joy said...

O.o Now I'm scared.

This is my first year.

And I'm scared.


Helen said...

I am not doing NaNo. To much schoolwork. Oh! And Director... what ARE some great works of music.

Riah said...

I've considered doing NaNo, but I have photography school and three stories already in the works that need attention. Plus what would I write about?

Jedi~Chick said...

I'm doing NaNo this year!!!!! :D I am sooooo excited for it! :) I loved this post, really cute and fun. ;) I think that I shall be blogging about my NaNo experience, but I am not sure. ;) And you already follow me. XDD Hehe!

Great post!!!!!! :D

Corey P. said...

Not doing NaNo this year... my plate is piled ridiculously high at the moment. Still, it looks fun. Maybe I'll check it out sometime in the future. I'll keep this post in mind for tips. :)

Endor said...

I'm going to be attempting NaNo this year and this time I believe I'm actually going to finish it. :)

What I'm planning on doing is actually a story that I feel needs to be told, so, I'm doing it. :)

Farjag said...

This will be my second year of Nano, and boy am I excited! Not sure how much of it I will be blogging, but based on how much I've blogged leading up to it, probably a lot. Feel free to check it out! :P