Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random Bits of the Day Thus Far...

^ this doesn't actually have anything to do with anything. But it IS a great feeling. :D

A blogger I follow named Sophia wrote a good post on the first Hunger Games novel today. Short, but thoughtful. Go and check her out if you have 30 seconds to spare :)

After watching the second video on this page, I grabbed my sister and squealed, "I love Tintin! I love that movie! It's going to be so good! I'm totally gonna to scream on that part. I'm going to scream during the whole movie!!!!!"

Yeah. I think I need a little more enthusiasm in my life...

And I made a funny little manga thank-you card for a super-sweet librarian today. I think I did a good job XD

Speaking of, I'm going to pick up two books on hold at the library today. I kid you not, I will probably walk out with 20, though. *headdesk*


Corey P. said...

"I'm going to pick up two books on hold at the library today... I will probably walk out with 20, though."

You too? :)

Don't worry, though: it's the mark of a bookworm.

Lauren said...

I absolutely love your quote of today :D :D :D I can just hear Flynn's voice saying it! :D
~Lauren :)

The Director said...

Corey, that is awesome :)
Yeah, I checked out maybe 9 books, and a friend who came with me was all, "Do you think you have enough books?" All joking, and me and librarian said, "Oh no, this is a light day." XD

Glad that made you happy Lauren! :D :D :D

Spook said...

Libraries and bookstores are like opium dens to me. I can't resist them, ever! But I'd rather have a book to a tube up me nose xD

Totally agree on the good feeling thing. I try and do this all the time ... it rarely works xP

Endor said...

Ohhhhhh........I have muscles from carrying my books out of the library. :D

Josiphine said...

I've been managing to go to TWO different libraries a week, :) The librarians from the new library kind of look at me and then say, "Are you going to need help with that?"

Haha! Yay for checking out books.

Writer4Christ said...

You're the first person I have met who is as excited for it as me! But I have to wait two whole months for it to come to theaters. :(
But I'm sure it'll be awesome.

I had heard of the Hunger Games book but I didn't think much of it. It sounds like a thought-provoking book.
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!