Friday, November 25, 2011

In Which Dantere Has His Way.

"Okay, fine, go and brag about it to Keziren and Chance. I see that smirk on your face. But it's only a Chapter One trial, you hear me? Don't get too excited!"

Such was the nature of my conversation with Dantere last night in my writing notebook.

You see, POV was never a big issue in my writing. For me, third person is fantastic. Particularly for fantasy. Like, third person limited-- meaning, we're always with one character but never in anyone's head.

(I've actually been mildly anti-writing-in-first-person since I started writing-- it took books like The Hunger Games, etc., to make me appreciate first person.)

RCK is written third person 'limited.' I've juggled omnipresent limited and third person 'limited' for Dantere's Story-- but since I haven't gotten past the prologue yet, it's been no big deal.

That is, until I started fleshing out Dantere's character.

You see, ever since undertaking this newest version of my fantasy story, the thought has crossed my mind several times to write it in first person.

I entertain that for about two minutes. In those two minutes I see the beginning of chapter one exactly (I see it the same way every time I think about doing it in 1st person), and I can hear Dantere's voice in my head. It's totally perfect.

But then the two minutes are up.

And I go back to writing in third.

Until just the other day.

I was needing a good reason for the reader to like Dantere, and like him the best. Also, I needed him to have something to do during the middle of the story, an area which is rather... uncharted. But I needed a drive from him from the start of the story, something that will carry through the whole book.

And it suddenly occurred to me that this is virtually impossible, for his character, unless he's telling the story.

And, finally, finally..... I gave in.

I swear I could sense his "I told you so" smirk through all that gray matter in my skull.

It was irritating.... but made me thrilled, too. Because the world is going to see just how sarcastic he is xD

So, readers, this is me starting the grand adventure of writing a book in first person.


The one thing I have to ask is: those of you who've done that before-- how do you avoid having the character say "I" and talking about themselves the whole time?? I mean, I'm sort of figuring it out, but it would be great to hear advice from other people before I finish the prologue.

Also, if anyone comes across any good articles on writing in 1st person I will be indebted to you forever....


In other news: giveaway winners Hannah Joy and Josiphine, I am still compiling the shipping items with which to ship your prizes. I apologize sincerely. They should get out of here sometime this year :P

Also, I watched Cloak & Dagger tonight, and I think I'm going to be seeing the new Scorsese film Hugo tomorrow-- exciting! :D


Spook said...

Naughty Dantere! Don't you know who's in charge? Bad character! xD

I'll hunt you down some good first person thingies if I can today - though I'll be a little tied up in my English coursework. I've not written in first person for years, and like you I tend to avoid it because it reminds me of the time when my writing was absolute rubbish. But I'm thinking about starting up a new story that will require first person ... que emocionante xP

Have fun! And remember, if he irritates you too much, just turn his hair pink for a chapter. It works a charm *grins*

Josiphine said...

Congrats to you for getting over you're first-person hump. It took me forever!

Here's an blog post on POV for you:

I don't know how much help it will be, because she doesn't address your problem exactly, but you never know.

For many, many years I refused to write OR read anything that was written in the first person, or the present tense. When I finally got over that, I was way, way behind in writing it. I'm still not caught up. In some of my first books 'I' was every other word in the sentence. It was rough. Try not to start every sentence with 'I', for one thing. Really be on your guard for overusing I.

As for the book, don't stress about it. I'm in no rush, :)

Jake said...

First person...

Normally, if you're using internal monologue (fancy phrase for talking-in-your-head), "I" or "we" doesn't really appear at all. Because the person's not talking about themselves. For example:

"I eyed him from a distance. Why didn't he just strike? It wasn't like I had hidden weapons. He knew that, right? Or maybe he was faking knowing that I didn't have hidden weapons. Or faking not-knowing. Not like that made any sense, anyway."

Everything past "I eyed him from a distance" was internal monologue. There were a few "I"s, but it wasn't when he was talking about himself.

Maybe that helped, maybe it didn't. Internal monologue is a tough subject anyhow. :P It took me several weeks to grasp the concept.

Somehow, first person comes naturally to me, so it's hard to figure out how I can help you further. Maybe you could elaborate? Example, perhaps? XD

Hyacinth said...

I have also been slightly anti-first person. I tend to find first person books a bit stuffy feeling. I don't have any advice, sorry, but good luck!

Hannah Joy said...

Oh, the dreaded first person. My sis only writes in first person (can't write in third personn for some reason) and I am exactly the opposite. Can't write in first person though Lord knows I've tried. But I'm just discouraging you! No, actually, when I thought of Dantere, I always imagined it in first person. :-D If that helps....

And no worries on the package! :-D

Gillian Adams said...

I haven't done much first-person writing. But I've always wanted to experiment with it... Maybe when I have more time. I really enjoyed the way the Percy Jackson books utilized first person. I haven't read them in a while, but I thought it was well done and believable.

On another completely random note, have you seen the new contest at Wayne Thomas Batson's blog: Enter the Door Within? You should definitely join my constellation team... :)

The Director said...

Thanks you guys! I might get more in depth with my problems soon-- once I actually get to writing ;)

Gil-- I would love to join your team! How do I go about that???

Gillian Adams said...

Sweet! I replied to your question on my blog... :)