Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I've felt like these songs lately...

Well, we're off to California tomorrow for a week :] And I still haven't even packed.... *eyes laundry and other messes in bedroom*

But anyway, before I go and get ready, here are a few random songs...

^ I'm not a Taylor Swift person, but I really like this song :)

^ this one is a seriously epic Japanese/English song. And I have it memorized... you know, in Japanese :P

^ another one by Kanon- a worship song too :D 

I actually found her official site and sent her a fan email :) She replied back the next day. 
Kanon's awesome :D

And this last song, sort of random, I found it on Pandora. Not that it's a particularly applicable song to my life (hahaha....) but, the general sound, plus the key, and everything... I don't know, it's really fun to sing all dramatically...... :P

See y'all later!

Oh and by the way, we watched E.T. on Sunday. I know I must have seen it all the time when I was little, but I have no recollection so we finally watched it as a family- basically, my first Steven Spielberg film. (I know... fail.... -_-)

Man, it was so good!!! Like, really good.

Expect a review... you know, after I do Jane Eyre, Inception, Soul Surfer, Dolphin Tale.... *continues*



Jro said...

Yay! :D

Spook said...

Lovely songs! Love the Latin opening on "this is my road". I've not listened to this sort of thing before I have to say ... tis nice :)

Hannah Joy said...

Dang I wish youtube wasn't blocked on my computer. Grr. Oh well. I guess it could be a good thing since I am totally NOT a Taylor Swift kinda girl. Sorry fans.

Corey P. said...

Neat. I had to laugh when you noted that you weren't really a "Taylor Swift person", but you liked that one song. Funny. I'm not a "Moby person", but I love the song "Extreme Ways" (primarily because it's the theme to the totally-awesome Bourne movies). :D

Can't wait to read your movie review, particularly on Inception, since it's one of my all-time favorites. Christopher Nolan is an awesome filmmaker. :)

'Slippers said...

I agree, it's kind of fun to sing along dramatically to the last song...even if it's random/has nothing to do with your life :P