Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's Play A Game! (aka Writing Pt. 1)

Firstly, on a major side note.... I can't believe I'm saying this..... but I actually thought that the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman was actually pretty good. The story was intriguing, though maybe a little dark, and even though Kristin Stewart is nowhere in my Top 10 favorites, I...... thought she was fine.

In short, instead of disgusted and disgraced by another Hollywood interpretation of a fairy tale, I am.... very interested. Very interested indeed.

Who knew?

Anyway, onto the post...

Unfortunately for those who wanted excerpts or other novel-related content... this is not.

This is about my screenplays.

Brief history:

Started screenwriting somewhere around four years ago (that makes novel writing about six years), and have always loved it.

I worked several drafts adapting my first novel into the format for a year, then gave that up.

After that I wrote a 30-minute "short" that me and my neighborhood turned into a movie.

Yes, that would be my first film :P

After that I tried adapting an essay I wrote two years ago, which eventually became what you all know as RCK, or The Red Crosse Knight with the infamous Chance ;)

Since then, I've had several ideas, and am working on a romantic comedy short right now, but it's needing a little TLC that I don't have time to give right now.

This is obviously less than satisfactory.

So... because I'm just dying to write scripts again and the current short is on hold, I decided just the other day to play a game that, so I've heard, people in film school play.

And that is, to make up a title for a film, and then build a story for it based on the title.

Which I think is incredibly fun :D


So, I've deemed this a great way to get a minimum of one short written each month, in addition to my 12,500 words/month for whatever my WIP novel is (in this case, RCK).

But instead of making up the title and the story myself, I thought I would give you lovely people the chosen title, and you get to make up story lines (which I will then steal... heh heh...).

But there are goods for you too! In exchange you get three (novel OR screenplay) titles and three opening lines/sentences (for novel OR screenplay), from me, as prompts to use as you will :D

And of course, I'll publish the finished script here upon completion.

Sound good? Yes? No?

Well, then, let us continue...

I made an incredibly extensive list last night of titles for potential shorts.

And the one I chose to write for November is,

"Your Move"

One of the weaker ones, but it stuck out at the time.

To me, that sounds like a thriller or suspenseful action, but take it as you will!

So, please, comment away with the story behind that title! And be as creative as you possibly can :) I don't know if there will necessarily be a "winner," we'll see how it goes.


In return, your three titles are:

Yellow Curtains In The Windows

The Hour That Sunday Missed (.... what?)


Red Dials

Your prompts/openings are:

1) "Mister, your tire is flat."

2) Fingers clawing, faces drifting, all spinning slowly and fading, fading away...

(^^ that was scary... dunno where it came from....)

3) "Would you like that with barbecue or ranch, ma'am?"


Hope this catches! :)

*goes off to churn out daily quota of 500 words*


Lauren said...

Hmm...Snow White and the Huntsman looks a bit scary!! And I just have the most difficult time seeing Kristen Stewart as "the fairest of them all"! I would never have picked her as Snow White. :/ I probably won't be seeing this movie though, so I'm not too passionate in my opinion of her playing the role ;) the movie's a fun idea though!
~Lauren :)

The Director said...

Me too, about Stewart... definitely not the fairest of them all.... but otherwise it looked pretty neat ;)

Farjag said...

"Your Move" makes me think of chess, and Risk, and other nail-biting games of epic seriousness.
So... a medieval world where the actions of the main characters are mirrored by a pair of chess players... somewhere else. And the simple moves of the players become life-death struggles on the battlefield below. :D I.e. the pawn you just sacrificed was the queen's brother, and now she's out for revenge.

:D Sound interesting? It's pretty far out there, but I thought I couldn't let an idea like that pass. :)

Chris said...

Well, "Your Move" sounds like it should be a dark action-ish sort of film. So, what if its a sort of game to the death. A board game, where each person is turned small, somehow and there are two players who control those people.

So, you have to take into account the fact that you really are killing people. It could be like a moral dilemma sort of thing. And most of it could happen in the board game world. Where the characters which are chosen to be shrunk and act as the pieces are trying to find out what comes next.

Wow that was a LOT darker than I imagined. Still, its a concept.

Hannah Joy said...

Wow. I was going to suggest something, but Farjag and Chris's are really good. Inspires me to write....Huh. I will think of something. But give me a minute. Or hour. Or day. ;-) I will be back!

Chris said...

I just realized my suggestion is strangely Hunger Game-ish. That's even more scary because I haven't ever read The Hunger Games.

Hannah Joy said...

I'm going to sort of work of other people's ideas here. I'm just churning off ideas as they come to my head, so they might be strange.

So. The aim of chess is to capture the king in any way, shape or form. So, you could incorporate that. Maybe there are two kingdoms. Or countries or something like that. Two kings. The opposing country is going to capture the king. How could the king be especially important is the question? Ok, ok, main character is "chosen" or whatever as a pawn for the "game". He and...whoever else are the other pieces have to protect the king at all costs. Hmmm capture the king and the game is won. So that means if the king is captured the other team wins and the kingdom is conquered. So that's why they have to protect the king. Or something like that. So the MC is a pawn in this creepy game of chess against this creepy opponent where if they lose, they lose their freedom/lives.

Oh, oh, and since the MC is a pawn, you could incorporate one part where he/she switches out, you know, like in chess when a pawn gets to the other side you can exchange it for a different piece? Like that.

Did that comment make any sense? Like I said, I was just churning off ideas so everything that came to my head was put down. Take what sanity out of it you choose. And good luck writing this. :-)

The Director said...

You guys are awesome! :)

Does anyone want to try taking a stab at it in a contemporary setting?

Corey P. said...

Your Move

Of the top of my head, I'm thinking cat-and-mouse game with a demented psychopath. The villain kidnaps the hero's love-interest and then devises a series of challenges and tests the hero must successfully pass. If he makes it through, he'll get the girl back; if he messes up even once, she dies.

Yeah, it's kinda gritty. But I like stories like that. And though I'm sure someone somewhere has done something similar already, I would imagine the story could be spun in several different interesting ways.

Just my two cents. :D

Corey P. said...

Regarding how the title might be derived from the story...

At the end of each set of instructions, the villain signs his (fake) name, along with the taunt "your move".

The Director said...

I knew my "movie buddy" would come up with something epic like that. :D

And it doesn't even need the tie-in, because titles are not always heard in the film. Though, it's still a very nice touch :)

You could even incorporate some of that chess stuff and add it in, subtly. Hm....

You guys are all so brilliant.. I think I need to write one for each of your ideas! And I might, too :D

Lainie said...

Off the top of my head...

• how about some sort of dance competition

• or, something else based on dance

• or, some epic tale of a cross-country moving van/truck driver


p.s. a dancing mouse that drives moving trucks during the day-- only because you're sitting near me giving me a hard time :P

Farjag said...

Hmm, Corey P.'s comment gave me another idea :D. Two masterminds strive against each other for control of the city etc. The catch is, neither are evil per se. Both are trying to do what is best for the people of the city/country, but first their opponent must be eliminated, and so the city basically becomes a war-zone, with the citizens caught in the middle. One young person catches the eye of one mastermind, and is hired, but his refusal to do something that would cause innocent people to die results in his expulsion from that side of the city. Of course, the other side only too willingly picks him up, hoping to use his knowledge of their enemy to gain an advantage. But the hero's morals get in the way again, and he is kicked back into the middle. About this time an enemy force begins their attacks on the city, using the division to basically march right in. The hero and his friends must convince the two archenemies to work tgether, even as they struggle to defend themselves from the invaders.

Wow, that was really long and rather sprawling... :P But maybe inspiring, hope it helps!

Georgianna Penn said...

Your Move actually sounds like some kind of action/drama that makes the characters feel very much like chess pieces, or something. I kind of like it. :P