Saturday, November 19, 2011

The LOTR Award :D

To accept the award, I must answer these three questions:

1) Who is your favorite LOTR character and why?
Ah, shoot. It's really, really hard to choose because I love everyone for their quirks and personalities...... gosh, but top of the list is always Frodo, if I have to make a choice... 'cause he's the main character and he's awesome :\

2) If you were in Middle Earth, what species would you be?
What would I most likely be, or what would I want to be?

I'd probably end up as a Hobbit, but I would love to be one of the Dunedain and be a Ranger *epic stance*

3) If you were in Middle Earth where would you be from?
Eh? How about....... the Lonely Mountain? xD

I dunno, somewhere random and obscure.

Now I shall award five other bloggers.

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Arda at In Western Lands

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Jake at Pen In My Hand (If you have time/internet ;)


Celtic Traveler at The Grey Traveler's Inn

I'm also adding two other questions you have to answer if you accept this tag ;)

They are:

4) If you were with the fellowship in Lothlorien, what gift would you have wanted from Galadriel?

5) Which language out of Middle-Earth would you want to learn? 


Lauren said...

Ahh! Oh my gosh, this is like, the coolest award I've ever gotten! Thanks!! Yay :D :D :D I can't wait to do this ;D
~Lauren :)

Nairam said...

*gasp* Someone else would put Frodo first? *dies*

Generally Frodo and Aragorn tie for me. It annoys me to pieces that so many people don't like Frodo...:(

The Musical Dancer said...

Thanks Director!

The Musical Dancer said...

Oh and by the way, the link to my blog isn't working. I don't know if it's just my computer though. Check it out.

The Director said...

Fixed :)

Wait why are you dying again?

Hannah Joy said...

Oh dang! I wish I had a blog so I could do this. XD Love LOTR!

Spook said...

Most. Epic. Award. EVER! Freaking LOVE LOtR! 'Gratz on being nominated *applauds*

Hannah Joy said...

OH, Director! Have you seen the new Tintin trailer. E-PIC. *dies*

Hannah Joy said...

Oh I give up. I tried to exercise self control, but an LOTR geek like me just can't pass up the chance to answer cool LOTR questions! Forgive me, but I must.

1)Favorite character and why? Merry. Especially in the books, Merry's one of those...characters that are "less spoken of". He reminds me of myself. And...well, yeah, he's epic.

2) Species I would be? is my dream to be a hobbit. YA! But, unfortunately due to my size I would be more suited to...a Ranger. Or an elf. Whichever is taller. :-( How 'bout I'm just a hobbit that drank lots of ent water? ;-)

3)Where I'd be from? Well, duh, if I were a hobbit, I'd be from the Shire (oh, the beautiful Shire).

4)Which gift from Galadriel? Frodo's for sure! The phial is VERY useful when it comes to spiders.

5) Um...can I just learn to use the accent Merry and Pippin have in the movie? ;-)

Well, if I annoyed you, let me know. :-D Like I said, I can't see LOTR questions and not want to answer them!

Chris said...

I was wondering if you had ever read the 100 Cupboards trilogy? Its one of my favorite series, and I avidly recommend it to anyone and everyone who I come in contact with. Well, most of the people...