Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mr. Blanket Man, and other epic things today.

Vacation in California Log, November 7:

After watching several (read... um.... way more than that.) Henry Thomas clips (Moby Dick, Valmont, Cloak & Dagger, etc...) and requesting a slew of things from the library, I finally went to bed (the word bed meaning the couch in the family room).

Woke up. In the AM :]

Took more pictures, said bye to various relatives, and ate something that maybe resembled a breakfast.

Chatted with Amaranthine, and got ready to head to Orange County.

Had to jumpstart the borrowed car, turn around, and re-start the car before actually driving.

Drove for a long time.

Got to meet the lovely, lovely Amaranthine (which was EPIC!). She had sweetly brought cookies and a bookmark and a crocheted hair net.


Lame and unprepared being I was, all I could offer was a small remnant of the famous chocolate treats that have appeared several times on this blog. They were (possibly) on the old side, and (definitely) sort of crumbly from being in a warm car all day.


Oh well. We had a blast anyway :D Thanks for the awesomeness Amaranthine!

(And it's Am-are-ANTH-theen, for the record. I heard it from the very person!)

After that, we went and gorged ourselves on In-N-Out Burger.


And then we went to Downtown Disney to meet up with uncle & fam and cousins.

And ate more.

I swear I could not breathe.


We then walked around Downtown Disney for a bit.

It's now 7 or so in the evening. Dark. And cold.

I dressed for a hot California day.

Not walking around in the cold of after-sundown.

I didn't even bring my ever-present jacket.


So I wore my mom's jacket. But then she got cold, so dad gave her his jacket.

He had given her a quilt/blanket thing from the back of the car during our dinner, so he swapped his jacket for the blanket.

And, I kid you not.......

.......Walked around Downtown Disney completely swaddled in a blue-flowered quilt.

It was the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Get this, my dad's a pretty down-to-earth, dry humor kind of guy. He's not goofy like that in public.

You know, until today.

*giggles like a maniac*

It got worse, too.

As we were leaving, there was a large, temporarily empty section of street.

And Dad flung the blanket behind his head like a cape and ran around like Superman.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Observe, if ye doth not believeth me:

As my mom, me, and all nearby relatives were dying of laughter, I looked at mom and said, "You know, you're married to him."


I love my dad.

He's so silly.

(He actually did it about three times, once in front of a band playing music, second time right by the gate, and then one more time for the camera as you saw.)


Anyway, it was a seriously adventurous day, epic in all ways, and completely stuffed to the brim in food.

How are YOU guys doing??


Hannah Joy said...

Oh hahahahaheeheehee. I have to say, some of the things you post are just hysterical!

And I'm jealous of Amaranthine. I want to meet you! -_- Ah well.

My my, you wonder why I love this blog. :-)

Amaranthine said...

It's a friendship bracelet not a bookmark. :P

You just knot the ends around your wrist.

And the chocolate remnant was good! Thanks :)

I really hope you come back again! I had so much fun! I hope the rest of your family enjoyed it as well, and did not get too hungry waiting for us to stop yammering.


The Director said...

Hannah Joy... heehee *hugs*

Amaranthine: Oops. o_O

And don't worry, we were fine :)

Pathfinder said...

That [the 'cape'] sounds like something I would do. I love breaking social rules like that...*sighs* good times...

Spook said...

YouTube, Y U no let me watch funny vid? *bits YouTube and all who operate it*

The Director said...

Yo Spook, tis not through the You of Tube. I just did it through Blogger, so refresh the page and give it time to load :)

Arda said...

What fun! :D How cool that you and Amaranthine got to meet!

Jake said...

Wow, that clip was epic XD Now, if only he did an eyebrow thing. :|

I'm doing all right. It's been busy...

Spook said...

Oh right ... evidently this laptop dislikes your video. Gyah, the sooner I get mine back the better!

Alastairanson said...

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