Saturday, November 12, 2011

Novels, I have. Meet them, would you? (Writing Pt. 2)

Well, then here's something resembling what y'all wanted to hear about me and my madness :D

But while you're around, please drop by the post below this one if you haven't already, and maybe contribute a little of your genius. Pretty please?

Anyway, on with the show:

I think, I really am not sure, but I think I've been writing novels for six years. We'll just go with that ;)

Anyway, I was first drawn into the art of epic stories by Star Wars, Tolkien, and Narnia. 

You can guess what my first stories looked like xD

My first (and only, so far) completed novel was a fantasy adventure, but it certainly has far too much plagiarism to be considered a true original work ;) It was called "The Quest for the Ivory Horn" and the main characters bore a strange resemblance to a certain Luke and Leia...

Anyway, since then I've developed an historical fiction novel among other things, but everything I write still remains tinged with fantasy or fairy-tale-ness of some sort. 

Current WIPs are:

The Red Crosse Knight, 2010's NaNovel, still unfinished, about the grandson of St. George (that would be Chance), raised in the trade of blacksmithing, who has to face a dragon of his own. 


“You were a knight.” Even though he (Chance) had suspected it, his voice was breathless. William nodded, sadly. Then he glanced up and saw the curiosity and questions in Chance’s eyes. He heaved a sigh. “I suppose I owe you an explanation, don’t I?”
  Chance’s eyes pleaded yes.
  His father ran a hand through his hair. “What was the coat on the shield, son?”
  The lad paused, “A, um… a red cross, isn’t it, father?’
  William nodded. “That is the emblem of Sir-Sir George the Red Crosse Knight. The Dragon Slayer. Have you heard of him?”
  Chance nodded. “The last knight who came through here told me about how Sir George saved Una’s father’s kingdom from a dragon.” His eyes shone. “The terror of Britain, the knight said it was. That Sir George, right father?”
  “Yes.” William looked away. How in heaven was he going to say this next thing? He had kept a foolish hope that his son would never need know, that he wouldn’t have ever asked, or found anything. Fool’s hope. Now he was unprepared. He needed to say it…
  “He’s my father.” 


Dantere's Story (this isn't the real title, but the blog title for it), which is my fantasy novel that derived from my first work, and has evolved and developed over the course of three or four years to become what it is now- though the many "false starts" along the way would make great novels themselves. 
It's about a boy named Dantere who is thrust into a rebellion (no, this isn't Star Wars, I promise) and given a burden of command that is, let me say, far too great for his young shoulders. 


An unanticipated agitation finally moved Siyan to words. “In truth, Var, I despair of ever seeing the king’s face again,” he said in a forced whisper, running a hand through hair they held traces of grey. “Every search party until now has returned empty or not at all. Not even Lord Haenar has any word of them, for all his yearly holidays.”
   “Perhaps he may bring back news when he returns this time, brother,” said Var, addressing his friend in an even tone. Siyan shook his head. “I trust that not, for even he has been away a month longer than his custom. I grow uneasy at any extended leaves, now, for the chance that he who departs shall not return.


That's actually it for novels right now- it's some pretty hefty stuff, though, for me. Besides, I have those other screenplays on my brain too :)

Before I go, I'll give you a look at my current writing schedule...

I made a New Fall Resolution (xD) this year, for my writing, since I've heard how much better one works if one has a set time each day to write. As well, one gets more done if there is a semblance of a plan. (No, really?)

It went like this:

Every September-May, get to work on a (new) story. 
12,500 words a month. (that's 1/4 of NaNo)
^ this is obviously a very high standard, and results in a LOT of words. Too many, in fact. 
I know I won't hit it most months, which works, 'cause at least aiming for it gets the word count I want.
Basically, write one book a year. 
For computer novels, use the above.
For notebook novels: 
If outlined, hit 1-2 major plot points a month.
If not, then average 5 pages (front and back= 1) per day. 

They're sort of impossible standards, but they keep me writing, so they work, right?

Every day I write from 8-9 on the lappy and get out a minimum of 500 words out. (And yes, I use Dr. Wicked's Write or Die.) The first 20-so minutes is for warming up with various videos and music, and assessing yesterday's work. And then I turn on my 8-9 Writing Session playlist and churn 'em out. :)

The NaNovel will be finished one day! :P

Also, bedtime is great when I'm prepping, or world-building. While writing RCK, I'm doing all sorts of major prep work for Dantere's Story, though, I have already started the prologue. :D

Did any of that make sense?

If it didn't then, haha, imagine how it is to be me. xD


Your turn!!!

What are YOUR writing habits, routines, or goals for this year? What keeps you going? 
(*cough* Twix.......)


Spook said...

Haha, that's a good strategy! My writing is somewhat more bitty in its progress, but I try to do a bit every day, especially doing NaNo. I love Write or Die, but the school laptop I'm using while mine is fixed won't let me access it properly, which breaks my heart.

What keeps me going? Music. Reading epic books. Killing characters. Gloating. Mwua ha ha.

Hannah Joy said...

My strategies? None. Haha. Actually, it's mainly reading epic books to get me inspired, going outside, going in the hot tub, and listening to epic music. All to get inspired. Oh and watching epic movies. :-D You are much more dedicated than me, though. :-P

Corey P. said...

Neat! Thanks for sharing that... I get a signed copy when one of your novels is published, okay? :D

My goals? I'm working on a collection of short stories, which I hope to have finished and published in ebook format by the end of the year. *crosses fingers* I also have a fantasy novel that's been in the works for about five years. It's been tough, but worth it, and I think I'm finally hitting stride with the story.

What keeps me going? Music, especially soundtracks. Tea, hot and cold. Movies that inspire my imagination. God's grace.

Hannah Joy said...

TEA!! YES! Tea is the saviour of many of my novels. :-D

Farjag said...

Hmm. Definitely music. Your suggestion of Thomas Bergensen was awesome!! For Nano I've been writing every night from 9:30 to 12, and I plan on continuing a much shorter version of that once November is over (we'll see how that turns out :P ). Lots of driving time when delivering pizza is really good for working out plot bugs, I must say :D. The Notes app on an itouch is quite handy for writing down quotes, plot ideas and twists and poetry on the spur of the moment. And beautiful landscapes, whether from the internet or the side of the road always kick my imagination into fifth gear.
Plus I have an awesome writer's cap that is proven to help me write :P

Abby said...

Well, I'm sort of an off-and-on writer. Sometimes I have this great idea for a story, and sometimes I can't think of anything. I've written lots of short stories, but... well, I've never actually finished a novel. *blush* I feel so unpolished next to all of y'all big writers!

ps. I don't like tea. :O

Corey P. said...

"I feel so unpolished next to all of y'all big writers! "

Pssst... we're really not that big... ;-)

Hannah Joy said...

Yeah, Abby. Seriously. We're not big writers at all. We're all in the same boat. :-)

Georgianna Penn said...

"The first 20-so minutes is for warming up with various videos and music." I want to hear more about this part. :P What kind of videos and music?

After NaNo this year I'm really hoping to get my main fantasy series completely outlined. I had started the outline for the second book a few months ago, but then decided to wait until after NaNo when I could work on outlining the entire series back to back. After outlines, I'd like to get at least the first one written before the year is out.

Have you ever heard of 750words ( I love that website. So, yeah, I try to write at least 750 words a day. :P

The Director said...

Georgie.... methinks I've got my next blog post! :) *rubs hands eagerly*

Never heard of 750 Words before, I'll go check it out :]

The Musical Dancer said...

I like your Quote of the Day director. :P