Monday, November 7, 2011

One More Time! One More Time! (plus the HSBA...)

Before I get to documenting today, a little note from the Home School Blog Award site...

Yours truly has been nominated for Best Teen Blog- and I would absolutely love you if you voted for me :P

Though, if someone else nominated on there is better, by all means- vote for them instead :]

Also, my darling momma has been nominated in TWO categories Favorite Homeschool Mom Blog and Best Encourager- vote for her too, pretty please, because she is awesome :)


Moving on.....

There was a BIG luncheon today at my grandparent's house which involved the consumption of much Filipino food, crazy little kids running around, karaoke, and most importantly of all... pictures.

A LOT of them.

I'm talking:

Start off taking a picture of maybe four people. Sometimes less.

As the camera flashes more people walk by, scream "Ai! Me too! Me too!", throw their camera at whoever is taking the pictures and joins in the group until...

Two people have everybody's cameras hanging off their arms and about 25 people are squashing in top of each other for a picture- except one picture becomes "One more time! One more time!"as the photographers have to get at least one picture on every single person's camera.

Pretty soon, jokers like me, my dad and others would yell "One more time!" as people were starting to disperse just for the fun of it, making everybody run back on top of each other. The photographers would then snap several more shots anyway. xD

I even walked by a group taking a picture and jumped into the bunch, knowing full well that if I did, there would have to be fifteen more pictures taken.

I just did it 'cause it was funny.

The whole thing was so hysterically awesome :D

Yeah.... that was my day today :)

That and finding clips from every movie that Henry Thomas has been in.... every since watching E.T. I've become rather... obsessed.... but the guy is brilliant! :D

What have y'all done today? Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour??

I'll leave you with a couple pics of me, my sis, and our "babies" that we got to take care of today:

(sorry they're so small...)


Spook said...

Haha, sounds like so much fun! I love jumping into people's pictures when I'm not warranted to do so - I'm never trusted with them enough to actually take the pictures, because I'm such a chronic dropper-of-expensive-items xD

One question regarding the pictures ... which one is you!? xD

Hehe, I'm going to see if I can kick the school system into letting me vote for you now ... then I'd better check up on the competition post on my blog. Procrastinated on NaNo yesterday by writing it, hee hee! Now I just have to hope my readership can be bothered to enter xD

Hannah Joy said...

Heehee, Abby, you are hysterical!

And, might I mention, very pretty? Those pics are awesome! :-D

The Musical Dancer said...

Sounds hectic but awesome. :D

The Director said...

Thanks girls ;)

Spook, I'm the doll of a toddler on the right. xD

Arda said...

Sounds like an exciting and fun get together! Your description of the pictures is so funny :D

Jake said...

If you read my blog, I DIDN'T remember to set my clock back. XD