Thursday, November 3, 2011

Questions, Updates, and more Inspiration Station

Well, we're here safe in San Diego. I had an Egg Nog Latte at 7pm last night, though, so I didn't go to bed until somewhere after 4. *headdesk* So I watched E.T. again and checked out some of the bonus features (which are INSANE, by the way! :D).

I had a question for y'all- my separate Castles page, Quills page, and Cameras page-- they're all pretty boring. Just links. And I've been wanting to kind of, you know, revamp them.

So, my question is, what would you guys want to see on there? Videos, pictures, lists? More links? -_-

Let me know, and I will be eternally grateful :)


Okay, that aside, the Inspiration Station for the day is random, epic pictures.

I find when I write that super medieval/fantasy/epical pictures help sometimes, so yeah ;)

Forgive my love of manga.... ^^ but that one sneaked in on accident. 

This one? ^^ on purpose XD

OK, happy writing, and see y'all later! :D :D :D


Eldra said...

Wow, those photos are exactly what I needed to see right now. I like the LOTR one. *winks* My two favorite types of anime (if they can be considered as such) are FFVII and Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Director said...

Final Fantasy! *cheers*

I'm so glad this helped, Eldra! *hugs*

The Musical Dancer said...

I think that random stuff will keep people excited Abby. :D I also liked the Lord of the Rings one. Surprised?

Corey P. said...

Ah, so you find that eyeing some random pictorial epicness stimulates the old grey matter, eh, what? I think the same works with music. Of course, sometimes it doesn't work for me... and what was intended to be incredibly epic becomes incredibly cheesy. :D

Hannah Joy said...

*cries* WHY, oh WHY didn't I choose to do fantasy for my NaNovel. I am SO struggling and all the inspiration I am getting would be perfect for fantasy! Oh blast it all, blast it all.

Those are epic pictures. Epic. If you want to be inspired doubly, go to Justin Gerard's website:
He is an incredible artist. *never wants to draw ever again*


Noah Arsenault said...

I love that Children of Hurin image!

Spook said...

Tolkein fangirl is grinning from ear to ear here ;)

And, fun fact for you, one of the pictures you have up there was my inspiration for the setting of my NaNovel, and I giggled so hard at seeing it there. Tis a lovely piccie, non?

As for your page - I think sticking pictures in with the links would make it more fun. I'm thinking of doing that myself, once I have my own laptop to work with again xP

Son of the King said...

Ahhh, perfect, you just gave me an idea for my book :P. Lol, those pics are awesome especially the ones from LOTR, which are always good.

Word count ITML: Eastern Sea Revolt: 5542

Miriam Forster said...


*stares at screen* *wills self to go through*

Kayla said...


Thea said...

Lovely pictures.

Well I would've invited you, but I wasn't sure that you could handle the sight of that crazy Orc. Just saying. ;)

The Director said...

You people crack me up and make me very happy <3

Spook- nice! Small world xD

Miriam- I love you :]

Thea- What are you kidding? No Orc can stand against me! :D