Friday, November 18, 2011

Success and other things.

 and also.....

When you finally have some semblance  of an idea of what you were looking for.

Or in other words: When you write something that clicks. 

Note: the following is under copyright. No stealing.

"His stomach turned as the Nhefar morphed into a figure resembling the Kina beast. It leveled it's head, aimed at Tiril. Dantere panicked.
   "No!" the cry tore from him, and he sprang in front of her, every eye pinned on him. He stood for a moment, staring the Nhefar down, as the Solid World started to fade, until it was no more in his vision than smoke from a cooking fire would be.
   In that instant, he felt the slight, warm touch of Eldar's presence, and the words came.
   Throwing one arm out to shield Tiril, Dantere turned to the Nhefar with fury in his eyes.
   "I am a servant of Eldar- in His name, begone!" 
*lets the epic music sink in*

Well, to be truthful it's far from perfect, but it accomplished something very important: it was the first establishment of a concept for Dantere's Story. And that brought needed relief and encouragement.

In other writing news, the Chess Version of Your Move is coming along great! In fact, here's a short peek:

Smash Cut to me giggling and laughing because that's all you get to see right now! Muaahahaha....

Apparently this illness makes me nasty too :P

Other randomness:

I'm working on a Tangled fanvid, too, using the song My Destiny by Katharine McPhee. Here's a screenshot:

Curiously enough, this picture makes me smile:

And this video is very, very insightful:

Well, enough about me.

What are YOU guys up to??


Hannah Joy said...

AGHIDY! I want to see the rest! *pouts*

What's going on with me? Um...Just had a LOOOOONG phone conversation with a good friend. Those are always good. Rewatched The Incredibles. Heehee. That is a clever movie. NaNoWriMo. Nuff Said.

Can you help me? I need a name for a character and I'm stumpted between Ivan and Micaiah. Any votes?

Kayla said...

That Star Wars video is hilarious. Well, sorta, kinda sad too. :)

The Musical Dancer said...

I actually think Darth Maul is funny for some reason. It spoils the whole movie. :P

Chris said...

When will you be done with "Your Move"? And which person's idea is "Your Move" based on?

The Director said...


The one I'm doing right now is comprised of all the chess ideas- and it'll be done by the end of this month.