Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Post Of Sorts.

I'm not good with holiday posts.

And I'm sure you have a great wealth of other posts to browse through on other blogs.... deep and meaningful posts with quotes and verses and happy music.... or something.

So I'll just say: thank the Lord-- and thank Him not only for the things He's done, but the things He will do, and the things that never change about Him.

Because-- random thought-- we all know how much the Israelites praised the Lord after parting the Red Sea..... but think how much sweeter Exodus 15 would have been if it had happened before the sea had been stirred. Before they were safe.

Oh, us of little faith.......

Just don't forget Him.


And to completely change tracks....

Happy Thanksgiving from the Star Wars universe, all!!!


Spook said...

Haha, LOVING those Star Wars posters - though I'm more a Trekkie myself *grins*

Also, Happy Thanksgiving to you over-the-pond lot - I'm a Brit, and we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Hope you guys have had (or are having, whatever happens in your time differences xP) a great day :)

The Director said...

Aw, well thank you very much dear Spook! :)

The Musical Dancer said...

Made me laugh... :D

Miriam Forster said...


I love these!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, LOVE the Star Wars Pictures!!!

Happy Thankgsgiving to you, too!:)

Katie S. said...

I'm not good with Holiday posts either. Which is why I never write them--not even for my birthday. :P

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for this wonderful, wonderful reminder, and for the hilarious dose of Star Wars pictures. ^.^

Lainie said...

Wow, we really need to stop sharing one brain. This afternoon while I was getting ready I kept thinking about the Lord... who He is, what He has done, what He is doing, and the promise of what He will do.

Thanks for your help today and for just being your cheery self. I'm thankful for you, baby girl ;)

Hannah Joy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! God bless us, every one! Oooops, wrong holiday. (OO) ;-)

And those Star Wars things are awesome. :-D

The Director said...

You guys make me so happy :)

Katie- ohmygoodnesswhenisyourbirthdayIneedtogiveyouapresent!!!!!! xD

Mom- you're funny :) Love you!

Hannah- You made me smile <3