Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(to make up for the gross post)

In other news, I finished Moby Dick last night! It was great..... but the ending left me thinking and pondering and well...... sort of........ eh. It was a great ending, just not er... cheerful or extremely concise.

But the terrific news about this is that now I can watch this:

Which is going to make me very happy I think. :)

(For those who have knowledge-- what is your favorite film version of Moby Dick??)

And, the Netflix package arrived in the mail....

with this.....!!!!

Also very much happiness :D

(Sorry Spook, probably not the sort of cloak & daggering you were thinking of....)

And I will leave you with happy thoughts as found below because I am ADD, pressed for time, and have no other good ides right now:


Kayla said...

I loved all your happy thoughts at the end! And the TV show looks interesting too.

Spook said...

Haha, it seems my sadistic mind is wrong yet again. Ah well, I loved your happy thoughts :)

Spook said...
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Jake said...

Sadly, I don't often get that "feeling" after watching movies. It happens rarely. Especially after watching "the newest movie" and saying afterwards that I ruined two hours of my life. Why don't people make truly good-feeling movies very often?

Recently (as in, the last couple of months), I've gotten it from the following.

1) Doctor Who: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. Such a fantastic two-parter. It's bittersweet, scary, brilliant, and emotional. And it's the bittersweet/emotional bit that makes the rest of it feel like it was a great thing to spend an hour or two on.

2) Legend of the Guardians. Epic movie. :D

3) Holes. *nodnod*

And sadly, this list isn't very long. *sigh* I need to watch some really great movies sometime.

Jake said...

Either that or I've forgotten them. ;)

The Musical Dancer said...

I can see you feeling good about eye color since you talk about it so much! heehee

Marian said...

You read fast! :) It took me the whole summer to read Moby-Dick, but I really liked it. Talk about a depressing ending, especially as concerns Mr Starbuck. I've never seen the Patrick Stewart version--you've got to review it when you're done! :) I've just seen the Gregory Peck one...very abridged, but I love it anyway.

Apparently there's also a new TV series that came out this year, and Billy Boyd plays Elijah. I don't know if it's out on DVD yet.

Arda said...

Love the little things at the end. :) Enjoy your movie!

The Director said...

I wish I had given it more time..... I want to go at it again in a year or two and take my time..... I thought the ending (as in the epilogue) was a little too emotionless.... but otherwise... *is in awe*

Jessica said...

These thoughts were great to read. :) I love the sleeping in one. I've been taking advantage of that one whenever I can recently...and I am NOT a pajama person - never been fond of them except for last night when I got home from work at 11:30...first thing I did.. PJ'S!!! Totally unlike me but...yeah that is fun.

Hope you having a blessed Thanksgiving!


Corey P. said...

I haven't read the book, but I did enjoy Gregory Peck's film adaption of Moby Dick. But I love Peck in just about anything. :D

The Director said...


Ack, Corey, you gotta read it. *nodnod* The chapters are super short-- only one of them exceeds like, five pages. :) But.... there are 135 of them plus an epilogue :P