Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(warning: slightly disgusting post)

Right before bed.

It is not fun.

To have to crawl under your bed.

Flat on your stomach.

With your face practically in the carpet.

Armed with a trash can, paper towels, flashlight and baking soda.

To clean up your sister's pet ferret's mess.

That consists of both the liquid excrement and solid-ish excrement.

One word.


There is no faster way to put yourself in a bad mood.

Trust me.

Because I am in a very bad mood.

Please do not laugh.

Because it is true.

I am in a very bad mood.

And now I must go to bed in a very bad mood knowing that there are remains of ordure under my bed.

Christmas Wish List: a deep carpet cleanse. Thank you. 

Please note, this is not the first time this has happened. It has happened many times. And it has never failed to make me extremely upset.

The end.


Spook said...

Eugh. That's disgusting.

But ... what is your sister's pet ferret doing making a mess under YOUR bed? How did it get there of all places?

Anonymous said...

My dearest AbbyDear. I have lived through the pottytraining years of not one, but two young boys. I feel your pain.

And I love ya. And I'd hug ya if I could, even if you were steaming in your justifiable anger and would be liable to smack me across the face. So there. ^.^

Josiphine said...

...which is why I told my sister (who I share a room with) no ferrets.

The Musical Dancer said...

I can relate to how disgusting and annoying that is... :/

The Musical Dancer said...

oops! sorry, posted twice!

The Director said...

When ferrets.... take care of business..... they like to do it in a corner. I just happened to be a lucky girl *headdesk*

I. Love. You. Thank you <3
The end.
And no harmful smackings from me, darling! *nods*

You are wise beyond your years.

I took care of it :D