Monday, December 5, 2011

Becoming...... Dantere?!?

^^ because this is what awesomeness 
in my brain looks like. 


I sit on the front porch, enjoying the clear sky, cool wintery air and a plate of taquitos.

I sit.... and eat..... and sit..... thinking.

I think about Dantere's story.

I think about the fly I see sitting on a leaf on the sidewalk.

I don't like flies.

I think about the tip I heard recently about how important it is to get into your character's head.... so that when you write, you write as if you were them.

I realize I don't know what it's like to be Dantere.

So I finish my taquitos, set the plate on my knee...... and close my eyes.

I imagine his face, like I've drawn it a thousand times when I should be doing math.

I imagine the heat he would be feeling in a Caltilandish summer. I picture the sketches I've drawn of Caltiland clothes and imagine myself in them.

I stretch my shoulders out, trying to match Dantere's build. I lift my chin in the same way he does.

Suddenly my hand reaches up to push a lock of hair out of my face that I realize isn't mine. It's his. That big lock of dark brown, curly-ish hair that falls right between his eyes. I can feel it.

Now I'm not copying him. I've completely forgotten about myself, and I'm in Dantere's brain.

It's kinda cool.

I open my eyes.

Suddenly I almost have the vision Dantere has. I think I can see a Senrel, angel-like and amazing, standing in the street. Another hovers over the house across the street.

Now that I'm staring at my street and not the city of Scorian, I'm begin to lose my focus. But not all the way, yet.

Holding on to the image of the Senrels still, I stiffen in apprehension just like I know Dantere does every day. I feel myself begin to wear the expression he does.

Then that fly buzzes around my face, and my only thought is, "Yeargh! Flies."

But just like that, for a brief instant, I've become Dantere.

I almost feel capable of writing about him.


But not quite yet.


Charley R said...

That's so cool! I must admit I find it a lot easier to get into my characters' heads than is probably normal - I can sometimes imagine them commenting on my homework over my shoulder, haha!

Still, that's a seriously cool moment you had there! :)

And that picture ... mind-blowing awesomeness *sits and stares at it*

Hannah Joy said...

Taquitos!!!! I love taquitos!! :-D And flies...yes, I hate flies.

But as for the actual point of the post: Yes! That's what I need to do! I always try, but I always fail and I'm like "Dang, that's not how he is. Arg."


I don't feel like writing.

But I really should write.


I'm just not into my story right now!


Hannah Joy said...

Ooooh ooooh ohohohohoh! Check it out:

YEEEK! So excited!