Saturday, December 17, 2011

Confessions of a writer.

Dear lady who was at the Fred Meyer Bakery Deli thing,
I'm sorry I kept staring at you. I'm not a stalker, or creep, or anything.
But you looked a lot like grown-up Keziren. And since I couldn't take a picture of you, I was trying to memorize your face before you left. Hope you don't mind.

Dear family,
Sorry I will randomly spaz out and start shouting sentences in the middle of a thought process. Sometimes it's completely necessary. I promise.

Dear very cold weather,
You know, it's funny. I'm rather grateful for you. Because when I forget to wear warm clothes and I step outside, I find I'm not complaining because Chance felt that cold every single night when he was journeying to Corbey, and you help me write his feelings a bit better.
So thank you for the secondhand experience.

Dear lonely-looking people I see when I drive down the the street,
Thank you for being there and letting me invent your story and your life and your current situation. It makes for great stories.
But please don't be as lonely in reality and I made you out to be.

Dear Clow Notebook,
I'm not entirely sorry I'm saying this. But I'm going to make it a point of writing first, and hopefully more, in my prayer notebook than in you. I may not have been a good example of this, but I hope you will understand that Jesus comes before you.

Dear characters,
Please exist somewhere so I can meet you in real life someday.

Dear Orson Scott Card,
I want to write like you.

Dear Charles Dickens,
I want to write like you.

Dear Ender's Game novel from the library,
Yes, I AM going to reread you for the third time straight in a row sometime this week. 


Dear Me,
You're such a........... conflicting person. Can't you be normal?

Dear Me,
No. I'm afraid it's just not possible.


Bush Maid said...

This was awesome. :D

Dear me,
You must be a writer, because you identified with just about every letter on this blog post. ;)

Hannah Joy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You are hysterical.

Dear waitor at Village Inn,

I don't really think you are handsome. The reason why I kept watching you was that you look like Bruce. Sorry. You even walk like him.

Dear kid on brother's baseball team,

Please, if you read my book, don't be surprised if there is a character just like you. And he has your name too.

Dear family up the road,

Please don't be insulted, but I based an anarchist group on you guys.

Awesome post.

The Director said...


I love you guys <3

Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

Oh dear... Is this the reason you weren't at church? You crack me up!

The Director said...

No, 'twas not. I was so exhausted I didn't even wake up until this afternoon.......... I was just really wiped out o_O

Josiphine said...

I actually stole my sister's camera once and took pictures of some person I'd never seen before. I was really glad that she was standing by tree because then I could pretend to take a picture of the tree....

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love you. ^.^ This is hilarious, and, for me, perfectly relatable. I think I'm going to have to steal this, once I have time...

Corey P. said...

Internet high-five, Abby! That was awesome! :D

The Director said...

*very wide grin*

Thanks Corey!

*returns the internet high five*

Oh, and thanks everyone else, too! :D