Friday, December 16, 2011

Links and books and things... (a terribly rambly post)


First a quick update:

Sis and I have been taking ballet for.... five years now, I think. We've done Nutcracker every year.

It's mayhemic, but awesome.

I opted not to do it this year because I started high school and didn't want to get behind.

But then Sam, who is epic beyond all reason and one of the only boys in the school, didn't show up for a class a few weeks ago, and dress rehearsal was the next day.

So our ballet teacher made me his impromptu understudy in case he was sick or something.


It was really fun-- I've gotten to learn the whole opening party scene and all that.

And even though Sam is in perfect health, I did end up taking the place of one of the other little party boys yesterday, who was in the hospital.

Not good.....

Hopefully he'll be able to do the performances this weekend, but if not... at least they found a party boy outfit that fit me xD (All the boys are super little.....)

All that to say, Sis and I are under the craziness that is Nutcracker, which is why the posts have been short and to no point at all.

Excuses, excuses, I know.


Amaranthine posted an EPIC post.

Involving the release of this book:::

Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian

It's the final book.


The words Artemis Fowl and last book should never be in the same sentence.

They should go on forever and ever.

Because they are awesome.


Moving on....

I'm currently reading Son Of Neptune by Rick Riordan.

It's great. Makes me laugh.


I read way too much manga.

I stayed up one night reading volumes 8 through 15 of xxxholic. 

That's a lot of reading. 

But it was epic.

I love the main character, Watanuki.

He is awesome.

Anyway, moving on......

Oh, and I love this anime/manga. But I almost like the anime better, except Fujimoto-san is epic wherever he goes so the score evens out.

^ this is Fujimoto-san btw.

Him and Kobato-chan are the cutest couple EVER.


(Random: I'm also very excited because xxxholic volume 16 and Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead are both in at the library for me! Yay!)


Oh yeah, they're turning Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card into a movie.

Starring this epic fellow.

Asa Butterfield, recently seen as Hugo Cabret.

Playing Ender Wiggin.

Oh, yes.

There's also rumors that Ben Kingsley is playing Mazer Rackham.

But that's not for certain yet.

He'd been good though, after seeing those two together in Hugo.


I have to go do laundry and get ready for dress rehearsal, so I'll leave you with this:

I'd never seen one of these before.

It made my day.


Thanks for reading a very nonsensical post! Love you all! :)


Hannah Joy said...

*sigh* I like posts like this and Amaranthine ones. They make my day. And they make my reading list ten times longer. >.< ;-)

The Musical Dancer said...

Talk about Nutcracker! I've had my hair up in curlers all morning. O_o need headache relief medicine...:P

Pathfinder said...

Ender's Game as a movie?
That'll be interesting.
The actor doesn't look young enough: Ender was only six...

The Director said...

There's no way that a real 6-year old could portray Ender accurately- of course they're going to bump the ages up a little bit. I wanna say, stick Ender at ten, maybe even twelve, and put Peter at 14 or 15.

Kinda stinks, but seriously-- there's no way a bunch of kindergarteners and first graders could pull of Ender's Game on screen.

My thought, anyway......... ;)

Pathfinder said...

True, true. If they could find someone that looked six...

But I do see your point. (This is why I make sure to have rational/logical friends...)

The Director said...

I know, that would be really nice...... BUT!!!

Since the book spans a course of like, six years (not counting the ending), I think they would want him to be closer to his age at the end of the war rather than the beginning. Plus they'll probably cut down on the length of time he trains, too.

I heard somewhere that Card is writing the script. Which should be interesting as well......

Oh, and Asa Butterfield looks a lot younger on screen than he really is. After watching Hugo, a friend of mine guessed him to be eleven or twelve, but he's actually fourteen. (Not too much of a jump, but with kids the appearance from year to year changes so dramatically...)

Wow. I'm not sure any of that made sense, but whatever........

Pathfinder said...

That makes sense. I could never see through a movie director's eye like that. >_>

I can't wait to see what they come up with. Who's directing it?

The Director said...


Gavin Hood is directing-- not a big director, but he did X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He's acted more than directed, but I'm not super worried.....

Oh, btw the girl from True Grit is Petra. I think I'm okay with that. I don't have a real preference.

But boy, that definitely takes the age up..... hope this doesn't start looking like Hunger Games......

Pathfinder said...

Hmm...Gavin Hood. I don't think I've seen any of his movies.

The Director said...

Me neither ;)

Who do you think should play Alai?