Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Question!

Yo peeps :)

I was sitting here searching for recipes online and planning dinner (and *cough* uh *coughcough* watching Kobato AMVs, yessss....) and I remembered a project I want to do sometime in the very near future.

I want to make a music video.

I've wanted to for awhile-- I was hoping someone around here that I knew would write a song, and then I could make their music video so people could be lip-syncing to their own song.

But if not, eh, that's cool, I'll have to pick a song and then just have someone lip-sync.... even though it would be a lie..... *gulp*


Anyway, I was wondering..... does anyone have any good "music-video" type songs to share?? I was thinking a........ actually, you know, I wasn't thinking of any particular song at all.

That's where y'all can help a poor exhausted person like me ;)

I know Miss Raquel, her brother, and a film student group at MSOA did a music video using the Seabird song "Don't You Know You're Beautiful," if anyone needed an idea to get them going.

Of course, recently I've been extremely enamored of songs like OneRepublic's "Apologize' and Nightwish's 'Amaranth,' too.

But anyway.


That was my question.

Anybody got a good music video song??


Eldra said...

What kind of music video songs? Ones with meaningful lyrics or just really neat music? If you're looking for great lyrics, try Thousand Foot Kruthc's Shook or War of Change. *nods* Very good songs, my precious...

Pathfinder said... vidoes don't have to be of people... I've seen some excellent ones that were slideshows of pictures set to instrumental music.

The Director said...

Yeah, and I've done slideshows before, but I want to try my hand at actually shooting a music vid ;)

Ooh, I shall check those out!!