Friday, January 27, 2012

As a reply to the people who commented on the "Hey Y'all" post.

There were too many people I had to reply to. So here's a post ;)

Thank you! I love you and your blog too, truly <3

I'm really not sure whether I prefer normal teen angst or writer's angst.... I have a feeling I may grow out of one but not the other! o_O

Thank you so much :D And yes, I hope you schedule clears up soon.

I'll get to it doncha worry ;)

Okay! I'll keep all that in mind! I was actually thinking about doing a post on writing fantasy soon......

Ha, that's two requests for ballet posts now! :P And okay, yes, thank you for the list! So helpful :)

Also, you wanna email me the pictures of us from when we met?? I don't have any :|

That's a very, very good idea. Seriously, those are GREAT questions! I just hope when I blog that sort of stuff, that it won't turn out to be like, babble. xD

Was the manga thing for my benefit then? ;) It made my day, anyway.
And okay, I'll be cracking down on those writing posts!

They totally snubbed Tintin, Hugo will take home half, and the other half will go to people who deserved it probably. I'll do a rant/post soon hopefully :D

Another list! Yay. And you know what? Writing obsession is totally welcome here :D

@Helen (TMD)
I think you really just want me to write about you...........

Thanks ;)

OK well there you are everybody! :) Now, to re-blog from good ol' Charley R.......


Farjag said...

Babble to one is music to another! ;)

The Musical Dancer said...

Excuse me? XD

Miriam Forster said...

That cat picture is seriously awesome. And true. :)

The Director said...

Why thank you Farjag for that encouragement! :D

Hahaha Helen.....

Miriam, you may thank Spook/Charley for that! :P

Chris said...

To tell you the truth, while I enjoyed Tintin, I don't think it was worth any awards. It was entertainment, but the character development was seriously lacking, as was the pacing. Especially, the pacing. It was way off.

Anyway, I sure hope Hugo at least takes home the "Best Original Score" award. Howard Shore deserves it.

The Director said...

They should have given Tintin something for the incredible technical achievement though. o_O

Same about the Hugo Soundtrack though, definitely :)

Chris said...

Maybe. Can an animated movie qualify for best special effects? If so, I think Tintin should have at least gotten a nomination.