Sunday, January 8, 2012

Face to Face With.... My Characters!

Yo, y'all!!

I finally, finally, drew my characters.

Well, I've been able to draw Dantere for awhile, but....

I got the four main characters down. On paper. And I'm happy with how they look (actually, Keziren's eyes are not the right shape and Nerephides doesn't look the greatest, but they trigger the images of them in my head so I'm not complaining.).

(Also, this is in no way saying I am an artist of any kind. I just swing my pencil around like a madman and sometimes I get something I'm happy with.)

Anyway. Wanna meet them??


(L to R: Dantere [MC], Keziren [MC's sis], Nerephides [sidekick #1], and Velyaran [awesome sidekick #2])

I think, out of the bunch, 'Tere and Vel came out the best. Phi (Nerephides) is my least favorite, but hey, this was the first ever successful drawing of him (OO)

Keziren was the most difficult, but I think she turned out alright. I have a sketch of an older version of her so at least I have something a little more accurate to base younger drawings off of.

Nerephides and Velyaran were fun. Vel is pretty elf-like, but I didn't want the clean, Legolas-esque deal. His hair is in some sort of braid thing that is from his culture, but the hair in the front is loose and messy :)

Nerephides' hair is straight-up black, and I must say, he doesn't cut it much xD I wish I could have given his face the sharp, meditative (but deadly!) look I was going for, but hey, it was my first try.

Profile is also not easy for me. Especially the chins. :/

And last but not least, the one who turned out the best, and is one of my favorite characters ever...
Dantere :)

I've been practicing drawing him for a few months now. The first time I got his face down right was actually a pure accident, but since then I can nail every single one of his features right off of memory, which is fantastic, particularly because I've never been able to do that before with a character (and not since, either...)

Anyway, considering the many times I've drawn him, this is probably one of the best versions, too.

Me is very happy right now :D

Anyway, to conclude this random post, here are some questions for you, dear readers:

1) How old does Dantere look to you? I know how old he's supposed to be, but.... :P

2) Have you had any writerly breakthroughs or rejoicing-worthy events lately??


3) What would you want more, a character interview or excerpts? Or BOTH??

(I've actually written a lot. Considering I restarted just the other day to write Dantere's Story in 1st person, I've written.... ooh.... 10 pages, front and back, in my notebook, which averages to about 2000 words in about three or four days (and handwritten in the midst of school and ballet, etc... that is no easy task!).)

Anyway. Comment away! :D :D :D


Eldra said...

Great job on your drawings!!!! Dantere's cute!! But, I must say I like Nerephides best -- blame it on the fact he makes me think of Kieran for whatever reason. *facepalm*

Oh, do both! Character interviews and excerpts are awesome.

I love it when a drawing of a particular character turns out exactly the way you want it. I don't draw, but my amazing artist sister has drawn several of my characters, so I know how you feel. Of course, when we have differing opinions on what they look like...

The Director said...

Thank you! (But after looking at your sister's drawings, I feel like deleting the post xD)

Your sister is sort of on the insanely awesome side. Wow O_O

Oh, and thanks for the input!

Also, yeah, that's why I've never asked someone else to draw my characters for me, because I just know they would never turn out like they are in my head *nods*

But I dig the drawings she did for your characters (and that black dress that was the latest post I think..... I want it! :D)

Eldra said...

Oh, don't be discouraged! Leauphaun was tutored for four years by a professional artist, and has been drawing pretty much all her life.

Your characters definitely have an anime influence, especially in the eyes and a little bit of the hair.

I'll be sure to tell her. ^_^

You're welcome!

I know what you mean, but if you don't have the art talent to actually draw them... you kinda have to rely on someone else.

I love that one too. I don't think she's posted my favorite yet, though. I'll have to talk to her about that.

The Director said...

Oh, really? That makes sense.... ;)

Oh, definitely. I've been especially influenced by the manga/anime by CLAMP. Their work is beautiful. I always end up finding this weird blend of realistic/manga-style that seems to work for me.....

And I definitely aimed for Phi to look a little more anime-ish. For some characters, that just seems to click xD

That's true. :) Thank the Lord for crazy gifted siblings, right? :D

Ooh, when she posts the one you like, tell me so I can go see :)

The Musical Dancer said...

pretty reminded me that I have a lot of sketches I need to post. :)

Hannah Joy said...

1) Dantere looks like...10 or 11 to me. I can't remember how old he's supposed to be, but that's what it seems like to me. GREAT DRAWINGS! Makes my drawings look like....garbage compared to yours, and I, for one, fancy myself an artist. *sob*

2) No writing breakthroughs. *sob* In fact, I haven't even written in a while. Which is lame. *sigh* Will try!

3) BOTH! :-D

Anyway, great post! I enjoyed the pictures muchly! :-)

Pathfinder said...

Actually, Dantere looks pretty much exactly how I thought he would.

And the deadly meditative look: nailed.

Yeah, Eldra, he reminded me of Kieran too.

Writing breakthroughs? If time existed in my world, then so would writing breakthroughs ...

The Director said...


11 and a half. I'm glad he doesn't look too old :)
No, your drawings are NOT garbage..... mine don't actually turn out this good the vast majority of the time xD

Write write WRITE, darling! And thank you for the sweet comment <3


"Actually, Dantere looks pretty much exactly how I thought he would. "

Okay. My day = MADE! Oh, Pathfinder, you have no idea how seriously happy that made me. :D :D :D

And thank you about nailing the deadly meditative look. :)

Wait, Kieran from where....? Am I missing something now? From who's book? (OO)

Ack. *tries to send time PF's way*

Eldra said...

*laughs* Director, you're the one who got me hooked on the trilogy -- Kirean from the Sword of Lyric, which, by the way, is having a fourth book written out as we speak. And Kieran's a MC!!!!!!!!!! *faints from awesomeness*

*points up* Fangirl moment.

Eldra said...

Oh, and Leauphaun will hopefully post the dress I love tonight on the Collab blog -- and if not tonight, then tomorrow, so keep your eyes out for it.

The Director said...

I just wasn't sure whether you were talking about the Sword of Lyric Kieran or a different one :)

REALLY? A FOURTH BOOK?!?!?!?! *collapses from awesomeness*

So excited!

Leauphaun said...

What do you mean you'll would delete this post???!!! NEVER!!!

Oh, yeah... hi :) *waves hand*

Haha, thanks for commenting on my blog :D It made me smile.

These drawings are awesome!!! And I'm not just saying that. You may not say that they're awesome, but that's because you're comparing them to mine. I don't know if I COULD do Manga styled drawings, but look, you have them looking like they stepped out of a professional picture!

Not to mention that you drew them from your mind, and they all looked different from eachother. I have SUCH a hard time drawing from my memory. I'm like a pig on skates when it comes to drawing from my mind... it doesn't work ;)

You have all their proportions correct; all the eyes are spaced evenly/look the same as the other, lips spaced far enough from the nose, jaw lines' are correct (I have the hardest time making them far enough from the face). It takes me about 2-9 hours to do one of my drawings... :)

You have all of them down on paper... that's a GREAT thing! Eldra has been bugging me to draw one of her characters, and I did! But neither of us liked it. Since then, neither of us has been able to pinpoint exactaly what he lookes like. So for you to actually get them on paper is STUPENDOUS!!!

This comment is getting pretty long, so I'll end it there :) You ARE a good artist, so don't say that you arn't!!

=D - God Bless!!

The Director said...

Aw, Leauphaun, aren't you the sweetest? Thank you for the kind words <3

(Oh by the way, my sis and I just looked at your EPIC drawing of Padme.... that was seriously cool!)

Anyway, thank you SO much! I suppose manga and "realistic" stuff are their own fields, huh?

Thank you for noting their proportions- I really appreciate that. The foreheads were always too close when I drew a few years ago. I think now, I make their foreheads/hair TOO big! xD

Oh yeah, jawlines are tricky *nodnod* Maybe you could show me how to fix their proportions when they're in profile o_O

That's so cool that Eldra has an awesome sister to help her draw her characters, though! Kudos for sister teamwork :)

Anyway, thanks again and, just for the record: you rock :D

Eldra said...

Awww, you rock too, Abby! And the hair and foreheads look great -- in manga, big hair is pretty much a must, so it would look strange if it was too small.

Charley R said...

I have drawing envy - I can't draw for beans! To me, Dantere looks ... hmm, fourteen or fifteen ish? But I'm a poor judge of ages, so I may be totally wrong. The sidekicks look awesome - I wish I could draw like you!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do some more drawings and stuffs - I love character interviews too, and I'm planning a few of my own for days to come. Though getting them to reply without trying to stab me could be interesting... hehe :)

Anyway ... more soon please? Your blog makes me happy :)

Hannah Joy said...

Aww, Abby you are so nice! But really, I have to force myself into drawing and then I half kill myself because I can't do it like it is in my head. It's so flustering! And trying to draw my characters? Fail, utter fail. I mean, I can draw ONE. That's it.

Eldra said...

All right, Leauphaun posted my favorite (so far) dress, if you want to take look, Abby.

Lady M. said...

Hi, I've been coming to your blog for months now and I've really enjoyed it! :)
Dantere looks about twelve to me...but there is something in the way you captured his look that makes me think if I look to long he looks 18! The drawings are great!


Leauphaun said...

You deserve all of them!! <3 No joke :)
Awww, thank you :) Padme is my favorite Star Wars character other than Anakin ;)

Yup. Different fields altogether, but you seem to have mastered Manga.

Haha, foreheads are hard to draw correctly. I mean, foreheads are strange in general! But, yes, you've done an excellent job on proportions!! Nope. The hair is fine. Some people have bigger foreheads than others, so it's ok if someone has a "big head" ;) (hehe)
Sure, if you want me too =D Profiles can be quite hard O_o


You rock too!!! <3

- Leauphaun

Sky said...

Okay, so this is awkward... but I thought Dantere was 16. *blush* (I justify this fact by saying that I'm not very familiar with anime/manga. :P)

Still, I LOVED reading this post. Your characters look great and I'd love to hear more about their personalities as well as their faces. You have me officially intrigued. ;) Also, I commend your talent, because I can't say I've ever been able to draw my characters. :-/


(P.S. - the Author's Giveaway is officially open for business. ;))