Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 2012 Beautiful People

Yay! Beautiful People again!

Also, I feel so special (hahah) because I got mentioned in the BP host's posts this month. But anyway. Don't get a big head now, Abby.....

Not surprisingly, Dantere is our man (boy??) for this month's round o' questions! Fire away!

1. If your character’s house burned down, and they were left with nothing but the clothes on their back, what would they do? Where would they go?
Well, since you asked..... back in the day, his house did burn down and was left with nowt but the clothes on his back. BUT..... he was what, two?? 
(Actually, I think due to plot changes I am bumping that up to six. Which makes Keziren four at the time of the...... wait, okay, make it eight?? *thinks* Okay, he was eight years old, and Keziren was six. Ta da.)

*Watch me change my mind. Treasure this, y'all. A novel is taking form before your very eyes!!*

Oh, but back to the question: he would go north. With his little sister in tow and maybe something to eat, he would beg, borrow, or steal money, then make his way north, back to home, as fast as he could. But hopefully someone would intercept him before he got all the way there......

2. Are they happy with where they are in life, or would they like to move on?
He's definitely NOT happy.... I mean, he tries to make himself comfortable and not be too much like a fish out of water, but he lives in a hot, dusty, southern land and he wishes he were home, he wishes home wasn't so...... well...... a mess. He wishes he wasn't only eleven years old. He wishes he could fix all the problems. Including his own. Yeah.

3. Are they well-paid?
He's allowed to live, and is fed and clothed. Not bad, right? 

4. Can they read?
His formal education was halted when Trenbourn fell under attack, but! he's been trying to continue teaching himself, and a friend of his teaches him in their spare time. So yep, he can read but he's not the best... certainly not the worst either though. 

5. What languages do they speak?
In the words of Star Wars: Basic. I mean.... "English." He learns a little bit of a Cialanth fairy dialect and can also speak a few words in the immortal tongue, but he tries to avoid that. It starts to have side effects after  awhile. 

6. What is their biggest mistake?
I actually don't think he's done it yet. I'll alert you when it happens, though. xD

7. What did they play with most as a child?
Not much. He liked reading and painting as a kid. Maybe he had some sort of random trinket..... that sounds like him, something as obscure as a rubber band that says BROCCOLI on the side was his favorite toy, except that neither of those things exist in his world......

8. What are their thoughts on politics?
Get the king on the throne, hand me a sword, and let me save the world already before I change my mind. :P

He's actually not that feisty, but it sounded good.

9. What is their expected life time?
He actually was told that he would die early, and of course it's true.... but what good is a death prediction without a twist? :P

10. If they were falsely accused of murder, what would they do? How would they react?
He would continue to protest his innocence, but if avoiding the consequences would put other people in jeopardy, then he would just take it even if he was innocent. He prefers not to run from stuff (if it's a people issue then that's true. However, when dealing with the immortal world.... ah, never mind.).

Anyway, he would just take it, say his deal, and then depend on justice and... other factors not revealed here due to complicated explaining.... to get him out of the situation. He'd probably get angry, but he has serious faith in the truth coming to light eventually, no need to fuss on his part. If it's not true, why get worked up?

Though, he would get distressed if the murdered person was someone dear to him.... he wouldn't be as angry as he would be seriously distressed and disturbed that he's being seen as the killer of someone he loves. 

.... I hope some of that made sense o_O

Thank you so much Georgie and Sky for some AWESOME questions this month!

And next month, readers, I think I'll be presenting BP as an interview!! Hip hip hooray, right? :D

Anyway, I'll try to get a good post about Dantere's Story out asap.... maybe I'll do a series, starting with it's origin point from when I was like, nine......


Charley R said...

Haha, good questions! Dantere sounds epic - love his plan for saving the world xD

Looking forward to your interview! :D

Hannah Joy said...

Love it! BP is, as always, awesome. And can't wait for that interview...sounds epic! :-D

Sky said...

For some reason, I thought I already commented here... ah well. I believe my comment said something like this:

"An interview? I'm definitely intrigued. I can't wait to figure out how such a thing shall occur."


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