Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recap of my Birthday =)

I had a seriously epic birthday.

What with the lovely (read: happy-dance-inducing) gifts, a good ballet class, and dinner afterward with my family (paper telephone in a restaurant is fun), I find myself sighing in contentment right now :)

(Oh by the way, for the teary/sentimental....? side of today's events, check out this post at my mom's blog.)

Also, another birthday present was my very own FB account. Heh heh. [So if you've been around long enough to find a copyright notice with my last name around here, then you should go friend me :D]

But I'm doing my best not to let it keep me from my blogging! *epic stance*


Oh, also, my Ender's Game book came in the mail this afternoon. It was supposed to be tomorrow. But I got it today <3

It is my prized possession :P

I really didn't have a point to this post.

But thank you all, my sweet followers, for the lovely birthday wishes and epic comments. Y'all made my day <3


I go to think about maybe sleeping. I'll probably write some more..... Dantere is just so intriguing! :D

Oh and tomorrow, if I can get pictures, I'm going to blog something very, very epic....... o_O

Stay tuned! And thank you for making my birthday so awesome :)


Charley R said...

Yay! I love photo epicness - I try to do it myself, but my old laptop refused to recognise the camera, but hopefully now there should be more of it.

And thank you for reminding me that I need to write soon. Or my creative brianpart will explode. Hee hee, good on Dantere for getting your attention I say xD

Lauren said...

Happy happy birthday!!! Well, belated birthday now :( I saw your post yesterday, but my phone wouldn't let me comment! Boo. Anyways I'm happy you had such a good day!! You certainly deserve it ;D
~Lauren :)

Hannah Joy said...

Heehee, can't wait for the very, very epic!

The Musical Dancer said...

Am glad you had a wonderful birthday!

Eldra said...

Awww, I'm glad your birthday was so epic. And, I admit, your mom's post made me sniffle a bit. You seem like an amazing young woman, and I look forward to the day all of us bloggers will be able to get together and have a real party.

Your epic post has me very intrigued...

Hannah Joy said...

I just had the time to read your mom's post. *sniff* That is really, really sweet. Your family seems really cool, and YOU are really special. Inspiring. And all that great stuff. Happy fifteen again.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, dearest DirectorAbby! I'm glad to hear your day was so wonderful, so filled with fun. You certainly deserved it. ^.^

(And, hey, we've both got January birthdays!)

The Director said...

Thank you everyone *sniff*

And Katie-- when is your b-day?? :D