Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There's a lot I would post about....

But I want to try and be in bed before midnight tonight.

I have high aspirations.

Anyway, the one funny writing tidbit I have is.....

I think I have more endurance than I did when I first started writing.

Because, if you've been following Dantere's Story at all, you may have heard some inkling or another of The Sight, which is a gift that Dantere has. Essentially, it's being able to see the "spirit world." That's not how I would phrase it normally, but my phrasage takes longer....

Anyway, while I was inspired by the real spiritual realm and wanted a lot of the "Other Realm" to echo truths of spiritual warfare, etc...

But then I got tangled up because what it started to look like was an exact replica of real life, spiritual warfare, etc....

I wasn't planning on it looking exact. Just a few similar things.
But 1) if it looked too much like "religion" then it would be forever looked at as a parallel or whatever of the Christian walk, I don't want responsibility like THAT on my hands with a silly fantasy novel.....
2) I am not a spiritual warfare expert. Also, I don't want to follow in the footsteps of every other Christian author and have a redemption parallel. etc..... basically Christianity in a fantasy world, etc.....


I'm big on etc. today...?

Anyway, so the past few days have found me not continuing the novel, but working out, half of the time on paper and the other half churning over stuff in my head, the details and "rules" of the Other Realm.

It's been a total drain on brainpower, and is certainly not half as fun as actually writing would be. I have to tell myself repeatedly, that if I work on it and break it up enough, it will, in fact, make sense someday.

'Cause if a writer doesn't really know what they're writing about, it shows.

So I've been trying to figure out what I'm writing.

Highly interesting, I say.

What challenges have you guys been working through lately??

It's also funny because I've begun drawing inspiration from an ancient Nintendo video game that I've been playing for probably five years. Maybe more. Still haven't finished it. (That's not because I'm bad at it: it's a really long game..... you have to walk around and fight stuff and walk around and explore and walk and walk and walk.......... and walk...)

But I digress.

Anyway, the thing that tickled me was that maybe a year or two ago, I would have gotten so jumbled because my story wasn't working that I would just stop. Or ditch it and go in a whole different direction, then get tangled up in a whole new plothole.

Not now. I'm more willing to take the time, to work it through and be ruthless until it makes sense.

Happy me.


So that's my writer's drama for this week.


Also, I'm thinking of posting an excerpt, but that won't happen until I write a little bit  more.....

But I could always do a character interview!

I think you guys should choose the interviewees, so in a few days or so, I'll do a big post on the more prominent characters, with a quote from each of them and a little bio. Whoever sounds the most interesting gets the interview. :)

Of course, there is no way I'm going to really guarantee that that will happen in the extreme near future.... just plans.....

What has been swamping your time lately?? o_O


In other news, I'm re-reading Percy Jackson. I love those books.

And for some reason that I still don't understand, reading Ender's Game makes me.... happy. It's strange. (And no, it has nothing to do with Asa Butterfield playing Ender in the movie!!!! I swear.)


Oh, and this was my FB status the other day:

Again.... high aspirations. :P

I am sincerely sorry for such a sporadic post. You may be rewarded for reading the whole thing in the near future, in the form of a solid book or movie review, an awesome video, or an excerpt. 

Unfortunately, the author has to find her sanity first. And her story. 

Thank you for your patience. 

Please make yourself at home in the comments. Make some friends, tell some jokes, share about life... just be awesome. :)


Charley R said...

Sporadic posts FTW! Hehe, I've spent most of this week trying to find time to write anything at all, and failing, which has made me very sad because I miss it. Getting into University seems to involve having no time for the things I really love, like reading books I like and not doing stupid amounts of heavy reading - which I need to do more of, which is even more depressing.

Blah. I'll just follow you and go on the hunt for my sanity. Then again, it's eluded me for sixteen years ... could be tricky dragging it out xD

Hannah Joy said...

Oh bah. I need to write. But the thing is...well, I have left Elijah (my MC) hanging for so long that I've nearly forgot where he is. *sigh*

Character interviews!!!!!! YAY!!! Thos are the best!!! :-D

Marian said...

THAT PICTURE. <3 And that's after he bragged, "Gondor NEEDS no earmuffs."

I like sporadic posts.

Hannah Joy said...

HAhahahahaha, brilliant, Marian!

By the way, Abby, whenever you post character interviews or questionnaires I always send them out to my writer friends and we all do them together. So much fun. :-D

The Director said...

HA! I love it Marian! :)

And Hannah Joy, you are awesome :)

And Charley.... yep, dragging out the ol' sanity could be..... difficult xD

Hannah Joy said...

If I am awesome, you are above awesome. You are epic. ;-)

Hannah Joy said...

Ok, I was wondering: What is the age level on Ender's Game? Could I, say, hand it to a 12 year old without worrying about swearing or anything?

Elisa said...

Haha! Awesome post, as usual!! :) I love the pictures XD :D

Chris said...

Hannah Joy, I haven't read it, but I have read many reviews on it. While the cursing (according to the reviews) is very little, there are some....what shall I say, sexual things in the book (think nude here).

Now, The Director would be the final word on it since she's read it. But there's what I've heard.

Hannah Joy said...

Thanks Chris! I will see what the Director thinks, but I definitely appreciate your thoughts! I'm trying to find books for my little brother (12) who is dyslexic so he has a tough time reading and I don't want to stuff his head with any cussing or anything. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to take them. He likes actiony books that don't have long periods of what he would call "boring" stuff. Like tons and tons of description. If you have ever read the Brixton Brothers books, you know what I mean. Think a better version of Hardy Boys. If that makes any sense.

The Director said...

Get him to read Percy Jackson. He would love it.

Oh, and I never really minded the "nude" stuff, I mean, it's not like anything icky ever happened. However, I wouldn't give it to him based on language, violence, and very intense content. :\ I mean, Ender's portrayed as becoming a ruthless killer, and he starts the book at the age of 6 o_O

But anyway, there's my two cents.

I definitely think he should read Percy Jackson. I'll put the thinking cap on for some other books though, too!

Hannah Joy said...

Thank you, Director! That's what I needed to know. I would definitely appreciate any more suggestions (from any of you!)!

Chris said...

Look into "In Freedom's Cause" by G.A. Henty. It is a little bit on the description side, but it's a great book on the whole.

Also, has he read The Hobbit? LOTR has a good bit of description, but The Hobbit doesn't have as much, unless my memory fails me (which at 12 times and counting having read TH is highly doubtful).

I've also heard the Pendragon books are good. Mind you, I haven't read them, but Jake says that the first one is clean for the most part and action filled. I think I remember him or another review saying there was one kiss, and only a few instances of language.

Has he read the 100 Cupboards series? That might be a good one.

Also, the Harry Potter books are good (but a bit heavier on the cussing side).

Hannah Joy said...

Chris--I will look into the Henty book.

He's about to read the Hobbit, so we are definitely going into those (that's one of my favorite series of all time).

I will also look into Pendragon. Do you know who they are by?

100 Cupboards is a good idea too (LOVE those books, but haven't quite finished Chestnut King yet).

I have read Harry Potter and I don't think I'll give those to him yet. You're right, they were slightly heavier on the cussing side (for my brother, at least.)

Thanks for the suggestions!!

Chris said...

D.J. Mchale wrote Pendragon. Mind you, I can't guarantee what you will or will not find in the books. But I do know for certain that the plot is good, but the characters are extremely flat. Just letting you know.

Have you read them, Director?

Hannah Joy said...

I will preview them. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm so glad for the help!

Corey P. said...

"So I've been trying to figure out what I'm writing."

LOL! Funny when that happens... :D

The Director said...

Has he read Wayne Thomas Batson's Door Within series?? And no, I haven't read those Pendragon books, though I've been looking into them.

Heh heh. Yeah.

Hannah Joy said...

A Door Within? What's the first book? No, he hasn't read them. I'm loving these suggestions, thanks so much!!

The Director said...

It's called The Door Within Trilogy, and the first book shares the same title. :)

Hannah Joy said...

Well, that makes it easy doesn't it? :-)