Sunday, January 1, 2012

What a fail. (En Route To Mississippi) [And Guest Post Winner!]

I'm a whole year late *headdesk*

Anyway, I finished it a day overdue, but at least I finished it.


The script is terrible, though. It's waaaaay underdeveloped, and it either needs a little bit more gore than a bee sting or there should be no gore. I really sort of sent it twenty different directions and ended up lost.

Oh well.

It still sort of freaked me out.

By the way, the version I finished was one based off the ideas of Christopher and Corey P., aka The Ink Slinger, which were, respectively, about a girl named Mississippi, and the premise that Mississippi- the name, the place, everything- has disappeared, ceased to exist.

It turned out into some sort of strange paranormal/thriller/random.

Which, again, is strange because I've never watched anything like that. I have read one book, but that barely counts...

Anyway, here it is, in all it's just-finished, un-read, un-edited, pathetic glory.

(If you can think of a way to improve it then please speak up. That would be amazing.)

Just be aware that this is probably the lamest, poorest quality thing I've ever written. o_O

Check it out after the JUMP! :S

Yeah, don't tell me. Hideous, right?

Oh, well. It's called learning. (OO)

Random happy picture:

On a better note, the winner of the guest post is...

*counts the comments that had a story idea in it*

It's Christopher!


My email address is on the contacts page. Let me know what subject you'd like to post on. (I don't really care- it's your post, after all. But let me know ahead of time if you can.)

Preferably, I would love to publish your post this month. But if life takes over, then that's fine ;)

And if you happen to not want to accept your prize, then let me know asap and I'll pick another winner.


Now, just to stay one step ahead of myself, the title for January is...

Blue Ink

This screenplay-idea thing is just getting worse and worse.

I feel sorry for y'all.

Anyway, if that title sparked an idea in you, you can either keep your genius to yourself and write something, OR (or/and) you can comment with your short story idea. I know you brilliant people will be able to come up with the awesomest stuff ever :]

And the prize for January is a Blogger Interview- I'll come up with a few questions you get to answer them, you and your blog will be promoted here, the whole shebang. 

Sounds fun?


Okay, long post. I go sleep now.



Farjag said...

Blue Ink

There’s a smudge of ink upon the page
A dot of blue on the writer’s stage
There’s a plant tucked nearby, sage
Still vivid though faded with age

The ink is blue, deep and cool
Seeping through both line and rule
Indelible, permanent the ink pool
A writer’s everlasting tool

Once penned, everlasting
Once written, ever clasping
Blue ink cannot be undone
None can erase, not one

For blue ink is forever
And it fades, never
What will you pen?
For it cannot be taken back again.

Sound interesting? :D I've always thought of blue ink as more permanent and lasting. So, no actual script idea, but a premise.

The Musical Dancer said...

...nothing to do with the upcoming screenplay... I don't know if you realized, but somebody seems to have been named after me.

Hannah Joy said...

Hm. Blue Ink. Seems like a letter thing. Like...someone's exchanging letters (love letters? I don't know if you want to do a romance). Or maybe someone keeps getting threats in blue ink, if you want another thriller type.

Or maybe they are magic pens......bah, that's stupid, I won't even go on.

Or maybe it is like the Blue Ink Society, about a club of writers or something to that effect.

Charley R said...

Derp ... I'll have a think about that one. Pretty cool title though xP

The Director said...

Woah! Me LIKE! (OO)

Oh yeah..... it wasn't intentional, I wasn't thinking about you when I wrote that..... I was actually thinking about The Princess Bride book.... xD xD xD

@Hannah Joy
I love you. And I love that you have so many ideas :]


Corey P. said...

Hmmmm. *taps forehead thoughtfully* ;-)

How about... fantasy?

In a far off kingdom, a young writer accidentally swallows a magic potion - and promptly turns into a vampire. But since he's a writer, his thirst for blood is replaced by a thirst for ink.

To satiate his newfound craving, he sneaks into a bookshop, locates several ink bottles, and begins gulping down the contents. But before he can make his escape, the bookseller walks in on him. In a panic, the writer/vampire explains his story... and surprisingly, the old man belives him. Not only that, but he also promises to help the writer resume his proper shape. After poring over ancient tomes, they discover that this can only be done...

... if the writer/vampire slays a legendary creature known as "the Pen-Dragon".

It lives in the dark and dangerous Mountains of Nib, and its blood is not really "blood", but rather a magical blue ink. If the writer/vampire obtains this blood and makes a special elixir out of it, he'll become human once again.

OK, so it's a totally bizarre premise, but I bet you could make it into a fun fantasy romp. :D

The Director said...

Gah. I knew y'all were geniuses..... that's a good one, Corey!

Hannah Joy said...

Corey--The Pen-Dragon = brilliant! :-D And thanks, Director. That's so sweet. :-D

Corey P. said...

@Hannah Joy: LOL! Thanks. It sorta hit me outta the blue. ;)

The Director said...

Outta the blue ink???

Oh boy, this headache must be bad if I just cracked a joke as awful as that.....

Hannah Joy said...

Oh boy, that was bad. But it did make me laugh. HAHAHAHA. Blue ink. That's terrible.

Hannah Joy said...

Oh boy, that was bad. But it did make me laugh. HAHAHAHA. Blue ink. That's terrible.

Hannah Joy said...

Sorry for posting that twice. My computer's being nasty to me.

Farjag said...

Oh, you could do all sorts of puns on someone's blood being blue... :D

Chris said...

@Corey Can I steal that idea? That's awesome.

And I'm very excited about being chosen! And, I'm not sure what else to say... Wow, this is a thing never heard of before. A writer unable to express a simple emotion. Fail, Christopher, total fail.

Corey P. said...

@Chris: Well, Abby gets first dibs (since it was submitted for her screenplay contest), but if she chooses something else, feel free to use it. :D

The Director said...

@Chris AND Corey-
Is it okay if we BOTH share the story idea? I'm sure they'll turn out nothing alike..... if anyone objects speak now.....

Hannah Joy said...

I think that's a brilliant idea, Director! It would be so cool to see both of your screenplays! :-D

Chris said...

I would love to share the idea! But the final result will probably be locked away in the farthest confines of my hard drive. :D

Wait, though, were you suggesting we all write them and then send them to you and you post them here? I might not be opposed to doing that if that's what you were saying. From Hannah Joy's comment it sounded like that.

The Director said...

I think Hannah was assuming, but if you wanted to do a screenplay yourself (or short story???) and sent it to me by the end of the month that would be cool to compare stories. But that's DEFINITELY not obligatory. :)

And whoa, what does "we all" mean?? o_O

Chris said...

We all referred to Corey, you and myself. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

Hannah Joy said...

Haha, OR, Chris, you could write one, post it on your blog, and link to it here. That's what I was thinking. It'd be really cool to see different sides of the matter.

Corey P. said...

Sharing the idea sounds fine to me... though I don't think I have the time right now write out a full-length interpretation of it. Nevertheless, I'd love to see what you guys come up with. :D

Chris said...

I'm not sure I have the time to do it either. But, just like Corey, if others could do it I would love to see what they do.

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Josiphine said...

I got the book this morning. Thanks so much! I think I'll go read it again...

And the vanilla was delicious, :)

The Director said...

Oh so glad! Sorry it took forever O_O