Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yes, I am a writer.

The first third of my day was fantastic, as you noticed from the last post.

The last third.... not over yet, so I'm still making up my mind.

But the second third totally stunk.

My stomach hurt, my hips were in some serious pain and I had a headache.

And actually, apparently my hips were what caused the worst part of the day.

I totally threw up. Like, twice.

It was awful. Since my stomach was hurting and my hips too, anyway, after I got sick I just lay in bed with a hot water bottle and an electric blankie until I had to get ready for ballet. (I almost didn't go...)

Anyway...... I ran to bathroom because I was getting that terrible saliva thing right before you get sick to your stomach. (Am I grossing anyone out??)

So... and I'm risking sicking out people here.... I spit all the saliva into the sink, lifted up the toilet lid....


Want to know what my one thought was right before I threw up??

Hey, at least now I can write about Dantere a little better. He throws up all the time. 

Even in the midst of my misery, I'm still tucking it all away for my writing.



Amanda said...

LOL!!! That's so funny, we writer's are crazy.:)

Corey P. said...

No turn of events is ever wasted on a writer. :)

Eldra said...

Hehe. Us writers are definitely a strange lot, no?

The Director said...

Heh. :) You guys are awesome.

The Musical Dancer said...

sorry...didn't know it was that bad...and yes, I am glad you told everybody about is so they could be on their guard...even if you didn't think you had the stomach flu. :P

Charley R said...

Hope you feel better soon - and yes, you are definitely a writer. I do that all the time too. I had a rubbish day yesterday and thought "well, at least I haven't got it as bad as Talisien". Oddly enough, though, that often doesn't help you feel any better, bahaha xD

Nairam said...

I totally do this.


Chris said...

Writers don't waste any experience.

We're weird like that.

And it's awesome.

Amaranthine said...

XD I hope you feel better soon. And I love your map(from the previous post).

If Dantere did ballet, you would be all set.

Hannah Joy said...

Aww, I hope you feel better! But that is funny. Like when I'm outside in the FREEZING weather with numb fingers I'm always like, "Well, at least I can write about so-and-so being so dang cold!" But actually, it's more often that when I'm in pain or sick or something I'm always like, "Well, I guess I'll write my MC being sick or in pain." I'm terrible. I just like to inflict pain on my characters if I am pain, because then I'm not alone.

Anyway, get well soon!

Anonymous said...

You poor lil writer. I hope you feel better soon--I know Dantere will be thankful for how much realism you are now able to put into his "throwing up" scenes, but he needs to back off. Seriously.


The Director said...

I love you guys.

And Katie- thank you! But it's not Dantere's fault.... I'm only his caring author, he's pretty 'lax about the whole deal, unlike Chance (who I think is OCD....)

Anyway :D