Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blue Ink: Progress Update #1


^ that is me giggling over the screenplay.

It's awesome.

Check out the next few pages below!

By the way, Charlotte, my little sister, was sitting here next to me while I was working on it. And then out of the blue she says,

 "Hey, and after he gets turned back to normal, he writes Twilight."

There's my sister for you. ;)

See you later, folks!


Charley R said...

Bahaha, ink-drinking vampires ... I can hear Dracula in hysterics already. What a clever idea - my only complaint is that Fabian recognises himself as a vampire a little too fast, and, technically, vampires drink blood .... unless you use "vampire" as a broader term for any being with a sunlight intolerance that sustains itself solely on liquid food.

The sight of Master Barwick's face must have been hilarious .... but not as funny as Fabian's with the ink dribbling down it xD

The Director said...

Thank you! And actually, I'm honestly NOT a vampire expert, so any tips on how to handle them would be fantastic :) I kind of went by the pale, anemic appearance, but um.... yeah. :P Help?

And I loved that you totally were able o visualize that whole scene. Way to make my day, seriously :D

The Director said...

And yeah, he's an ink-drinking vampire :)

The Musical Dancer said...

Tell Charlotte that she is really funny. XD

Hannah Joy said...

Love it! Awesome job, Abby!

Sky said...

Thank you, dear Abby, for making me giggle this fine morning. ;) Love this!

Farjag said...

Barwick: *eyebrow raise*

Christoff and Fabian: *guilty looks*