Monday, February 13, 2012

A Blue Ink Question ;)

Hey y'all!

I've reached the point where Fabian, Christoff, and Mister Barwick embark on their journey to the Mountains of Nib. While I'm sure the cold and snowy region of Alaska will prove sufficient inspiration for their quest, I wanted to run a few things past you guys:

Is there anything you want them to encounter/do on the way?

Any characters you want added to the quest? For instance, a prominent female character...?

Anything at all you wanted to see happen/do/meet/greet/etc.? You know, besides the end, in which they face the Pendragon ;)

Now, don't be afraid to speak up! 

Have fun and feel free to chat it up here while I'm off in Alaska. I might have a few updates but don't expect too much....

Alrighty, then.

I'm off to catch some subplots before I have to catch a plane :]

(Okay, no worries, I don't have to catch a plane for two more days. But yeah, you know....)


Corey P. said...

Awesome job with the story so far, Abby. Once you finish it, you should make a movie out of it. :)

Charley R said...

Chucking in a female character might be a good idea, but make sure she's not just a token character - and don't feel the need to stick to any moulds on her either!

Hmmm ... what should your characters do on the way ... I shall try and contain my instinct for evil and think of a few for you before you leave! Have fun in Alaska! I went dog-sledding there, a very long time ago .... *wanders off down memory lane*

The Director said...

I plan on it. I mean, once I have time/money/resources, I really, REALLY want to.....

Yeah, that would be the tricky thing about having a girl thrown in now..... :P

Hannah Joy said...

I shall put my brain hard at work. *epicly determined look*

Farjag said...

Ooh, ooh! A river of ink!! Fabian would have to choose between living out his days peacefully as a hermit, with plenty of nourishment, or completing the dangerous and arduous quest to turn him back to normal.

Sound interesting? :D

Farjag said...

Oh, and for an interesting female character, maybe a vampire-*slayer*? Eh? >:)

The Director said...

Oh my GOSH Farjag you are amazing!!! WAAAAAAHHH!!!!

*so excited I can barely even contain myself*

I'm seriously bouncing off the walls and the ceiling and the everything... oh MAN! You are GOOD. :)

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