Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Got Titles?

Since a few of you asked, here are my nominations for my Script Frenzy titles. I think I already have a few stories forming for them, but if anyone else thinks of something, don't hesitate to speak up :)

Of course, if something here inspires YOU to write something, the titles are up for stealing... but let me know so I can read it when you're done :P As far as the ideas shared..... ask the original person before stealing it ;)

Anyway, the titles I came up with were:


My Only Sunshine 
(or "When Skies Are Gray")
And yes, this is based off that song.............

Long Live The King


Henry's Letters
(or "Letters from Henry"... but that made me think of "Letters to Juliet" so I gave that one up xD)

Not to bias you with my ideas, but my take on each of these titles, straight off, are:

Grievance: something to do with a court hearing. Or one of those thrillers where everybody's stuck in the same house/room/closed space, and one of the people hates one of the other people and things get gruesome..... but thats pretty sick of me o_O 

My Only Sunshine: Something about a relationship between a daughter (or just a child) and her mom, who has some sort of disease that leaves her bedridden, or a memory lapse or something. I could come up with another story if I thought about it for a few days, though.... 

Long Live The King: I'm not really sure, but this title gets me the most excited for some reason. Far from a period piece or something about monarchy, I would take the title as something metaphorical.... maybe. For some reason the image that pops into my head is two boys that were childhood friends, and then later in life after something disastrous happens and they're practically enemies.... but I'll have to ponder a but more :)

Henry's Letters: This is the only one that I have a pretty definite idea: again, the memory lapse thing. But, it's about a boy who has like, a sporadic memory loss or some sort of memory condition. His brother comes to visit him, but his little brother is sort of... not there, you know? He thinks he's somewhere else. Anyway, the little brother writes letters to his older brother, and the older brother has to deal with pretty much losing his little brother. 

That's not a very concise summary, but I haven't seriously worked it out before o_O

Anyway, enough of my rambling: what do you guys think? Any other stories behind those titles?? 


'Slippers said...

Ooo, I really like all those ideas Abby!!

If/when you write any of them into screenplays, I sure hope you'll share some excerpts on your blog!

The Musical Dancer said...

Just wanted to say that I loved our conversation at ballet, and can't wait to "talk" on Friday. ;) And I agree with Slippers, I really like those ideas. :D