Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's The Oscars! :)

17:44- Hugo wins Achievement in Cinematography

17:45- Hugo wins Achievement in Art Direction

17:55- The Artist wins Best Costume Design

17:58- The Iron Lady wins Best Makeup

*gets dinner*

*snacks on Thin Mints*

*mutes commercials*

........ oh no.

I can't post anymore.

19:13, and the Oscars completely fail.

It's Best Original Score.

And they spelled Tintin wrong.

Like, "The Adventures of Tin Tin."


I can't do this anymore.

The End.

Hugo took half the awards home, but they didn't get Best Original Score which they should have, I think the Artist is gonna get Best Picture, none of the rest matters because Tintin is one word.

Good night.


The Musical Dancer said...

I totally agree that Hugo should have gotten Best Original Score!!!! Not cool. O_O

Amaranthine said...


love ya XD

And of course you can link to my post ;) Thanks for your comment. I'd be honored ;)


Lainie said...

You are so funny!

Miriam Forster said...

Ahahaha. I missed the Oscars last night so this is as much of an update as I've gotten so far. *giggles*

Hannah Joy said...

TINTIN IS ONE WORD!!! AAAAGGHHH! I will die if someone messes it up again. :-P Grrrrrr. Oh well.