Friday, February 10, 2012

Proverbs Project: My English Assignment this week

I felt the need to share ;)

For a Bible/English assignment this week, I had to read a set of Proverbs and then write two fables based on them.

Because I slacked off all week, I made it up by trying to write one for each day's work.

I think I did.... four? Maybe I did do five.

Anyway, thought I'd share them, so, erm, yeah.....



......anybody work on anything fun this week??


Charley R said...

Haha, your work is so much more interesting than mine - I have a Spanish essay and another essay on a comparison of the Lords of Somerset and Northumberland to do over my half term holiday *has a sad*
Not to mention all the reading of books I know I'll dislike .... no fun at all *grumps*

The Musical Dancer said...

Just curious...have you seen the other stormtrooper365 photos??

The Director said...

Helen... I haven't... I should go look 'em up! :)