Friday, February 3, 2012

Snippets of Story- February

As aforementioned, this is part of a lovely link-up that Katie created, in which you post snippets of your writing to share with the world- no explanations for prefaces needed. Just post some of your writing :)

So, without further ado....

I see them everywhere. In the street. In the house. In the cellar where I sleep. Day or night, it does not matter. 
I've been able to see them since I was nine years old.  I don't think anyone else can.
If they did, I don't think I would feel so alone. 
from Dantere's Story

This thing-- call it a gift  if you dare, or a curse-- was only worth it about half the time. Why couldn't I just be like every other Trenbourn Guardian's child? Keziren had the Churin of Wind; I would happily take Fire or Mindspeech or even Foresight. Just make this plague go away. 

Was I ill? I'm sure you are asking. Overcome with a dreadful disease? The rest of the household thought so. Lady Shaddi says I have a weak constitution, so that's what everyone believes.

But that's just because I haven't told them the truth.
from Dantere's Story

“If there’s one thing I would have you learn, its keep out of Manus’ way,” Gareth murmured into Chance’s ear as they eyed the brawny squire saunter into the court between the stable and smithy. “He’d knock the daylights out of any of us, and no mistake. The only people I’ve ever seen get the better of him are Sir Kegan and Sir Recarrick, and they only by just. Keep your eyes down and don’t contradict him.”
   Chance thought it odd to see Gareth in a subordinate position among the squires, even if it be the imposing Manus who made himself superior. Chance frowned, “Seems to me his bark is worse than his bite.”
   “He doesn’t have a bark. He growls.” Gareth stated this in all seriousness, but somehow Chance found it amusing. “You know, my father had very, very red hair,” he said, recalling William. “And he’s where I got my hair from.” Chance lifted one of his own coppery locks. “It makes one terribly hotheaded.”
from The Red Crosse Knight

That's all for this month! I've been doing more outlining and planning than writing recently.

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Charley R said...

Awesome idea! Haha, Chance sounds adorable - my own red-headed character Rin approves of his pride in his hair, lol!

This is a very cool idea... contemplating joining in, but still deliberating, curse it xD

Hannah Joy said...

Brilliant! I love hearing your writing. Anyway, I'm back from a short vacation, so I wanted to say that I read your script-a-month thingy and I really like it! This is my favorite one thus far! :-D

Anonymous said...

Dantere is so very mysterious, and his snippets show such tantalizing glimpses into the story... Makes me want to read more about him. Much more. Oooh. Grand job. ^.^

And Chance. Dear Chance. I think I have a thing for redheads—Chance sounds just charming.

'Slippers said...

I love that first snippet from Dantere's story! Something about the wording is just great :)

But all of them are pretty awesome. Definitely makes you want to read more...