Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wait, what month is it? *starts reciting months of the year*

I'm a little clueless sometimes o_O

Anyway, I remembered about Script Frenzy coming up in..... *recites months* April. :)

I want to do a script this year, maybe even something that I could actually shoot over the summer.... though, that is definitely a very high hope. :P

I would have used Blue Ink as my Script Frenzy script, but since I've already started it, it wouldn't qualify o_O

I'm going to start idea-piling myself over the next month and half and get an idea down before April hits.

But I thought I'd ask you guys... do you geniuses have any story ideas/premises/etc. That are contemporary and do not require spaceships, aliens, or anything that would require high-quality CGI?


I'll see if I can come up with something on my own, of course.

But, if inspiration strikes, comment away.... (or hey, should I throw out like, three titles and see what y'all come up with if you need more of a framework than time peroid?? hm.... let me know in the comments!)

Anyone else eyeing Script Frenzy? It's much easier than NaNoWriMo, or so I'm supposing....


Charley R said...

Ah, Script Frenzy ... must admit, I don't do it - due to its inconvenient location in the yaer, and the fact i've never tried ot write a script. Though the latter is something I've considered, April is not a good time for me.

Hmm, a plot ... why not try to do something really simple but emotional? Set it anywhere you like - costumes aren't too bad to get a hold of - and make it very character-based, and let their interactions guide the story perhaps? I dunno, just an idea :)

The Director said...

Too bad it falls in a bad place for you.... but hey, it's never a bad time to write a script! :)

But yeah, a really character-based, emotional something.... like Billy Elliot! :D Ah-hm, it's avery good place to start! Thank you Charley! :)

Hannah Joy said...

You throw out the titles, and I will be happy to oblige and give you some ideas. Prompt my brain, and you may get something good out of it. ;-)

Georgianna Penn said...

Yes, I'm totally excited about script frenzy this year. I did it last year with a friend of mines, and yes, it is much easier then NaNoWriMo.
This year my goal is to turn my NaNo novel from last year into a script. We'll see how well it goes. :P

Farjag said...

April = College finals :( I'm pushing it to get NaNoWriMo in there in Nov :)

Anyways: script ideas. As a director, I would definitely concur with Charley: Character-driven is the way to go. I'm shooting for a small project this summer that would be just that: all about the characters. Two opposing heroes in a forest, one bad guy. Character interactions abound. You make the dialogue count, and it makes up for not having cg armies and explosions :)

And contemporary is overrated :P But you could try a survival story in any time period, cut down on sets, costuming, characters etc.

The Director said...

@Hannah I'll throw out some titles in the next post or something :)

@Farjag I think contemp. is overrated too, but I don't want to have to deal with ANY special costumes for a period o_O I would much rather make a period film, war drama, or fantasy. But what am I gonna do? I don't want that kinda stuff to look cheesy. :P

Ooooh.... survival story.... good one... let's see what I come up with :)

Sky said...

Yup, Georgie and I wrote a script last year. It turned out... well, decent, considering it didn't really have a plot. I'm not sure if I'll do SF again this year. *ponders this, along with other secrets of the universe*

I'll see if I have any good ideas and get back to you. ;)

FinvarraPenn said...

I'm excited for ScriptFrenzy. So much awesome. :) I'm going to be writing my 2011 NaNo novel into script form. It shall be epic...I hope.

Marian said...

I agree-character driven stories are great no matter what the era, and it gives the script even more focus! I also think urban exploration is an interesting, contemporary topic...

Is there a page/word count goal for Script Frenzy?

The Director said...

Assuming you're following standard script format, to win you have to write 100 pages. :)

Riah said...

Never heard of script feenzy - but I'm not a script writer. I wouldn't know where to start, but sounds fun :)