Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wrapping up January's Script-A-Month (and news of February)

Fashionably late, of course ;)

This post:
•January's script (sort of)
•winner of the blogger interview
•updates on February and Script-A-Month

(also note, this post will be littered with VERY mysterious pictures because at 2:00am, I gotta amuse myself somehow...)


The story that really took off for me this month was Corey's story. 

In fact it took off so much that.... I'm turning it into a full-length feature instead of just a short. It was just too good. 

So, you only get to read the first eight pages, hahahaha...... but also I've been inspired with a story from Farjag's Blue Ink poem premise.... it really caught my eye afresh yesterday, so I'll be working on that too. (This has to do with February, also...)

Without further ado, though, here's the beginning of Blue Ink- the fairy-tale version courtesy of The Ink Slinger. 

(Oh, there is some drinking in the beginning for plot/character reasons. I just hope no one finds that offensive...)

Rats. I just re-read it and caught a couple typos. Whoops. Oh well, you were warned....

Eh heh heh.....

It gets really funny after this. 

It's gonna be great. 

*coughs* Sorry, please humor me.....

Now, moving onto to the interview/promo winner...

Also, it just occurred to me: if the winner of the blogger interview happens to, er... not have a blog, let me know and I'll re-draw a winner. (I'm trying to think of a way that a non-blogger could actually still have the prize, but I'm out of ideas. If someone thinks of something speak up.)

Alright, now...... and the winner of the blogger interview is:

(Amusing that out of 27 comments, only four were story ideas. It was just funny to me. )

Alright, it's Farjag!

I actually don't know whether you have a blog or not, but comment and let me know! :)

Thank you everyone who participated and shared your ideas-- and after the month is over, those ideas belong to their original owners-- but if you were after a particular storyline, feel free to ask the masterminds themselves for permission ;)

again, sorry, please indulge me.... 

Anyway, February is going to be different, because I will be in Alaska for a week having an epic time and probably limited free time for writing screenplays.

So, normal Script-A-Month will resume in March, but for February I'll leave y'all to be geniuses among yourselves, and I'll continue working on January's stuff. 

But if you get lonely without Script-A-Month, check out this epic link-up courtesy of Katie at Whisperings of the Pen:

Grand, aye?

I'll be doing my snippet post tomorrow. 


That was a lot of information. 

I'm sorry. 


Charley R said...

Hmm? Sorry, I was just making popcorn ... and I don't quite remember why ...

Awesome post! Love your random piccies - they made me very happy, bahaha!

Looking forward to your snippet! :)

Farjag said...

Awesomeness!! And yes... I've got meself a wee little blog. You should come check it out! ;)

*goes back to check what he won* :P

Now I'm off to check out that snippet thing!