Saturday, March 31, 2012

Great Hunger Games Thoughts

I know, I know, you guys probably have had your fill of pastor's thoughts, reviewer's thoughts, your friend's philosophical thoughts, blogger's thoughts, yada yada yada....

But I definitely found this one well worth my time.

The post itself is barely three paragraphs-- it's the video included at the end that I really liked.

If you don't wanna click anywhere else, here's the video:

Inspired By Farjag's Post (aka You Have Reached The Director's Phone...)


You have successfully reached T.D.'s phone. Unfortunately, she may be unconscious at the time of calling.

You see, she got nine platelet injections in her ankle on thursday to repair the ligament. She will be laid up for awhile, and hasn't had the brain cells to write the eight book/movie reviews lined up for her, or blog and let you all know she is alive. (I don't believe she is at risk of death currently, but you never know with her. Don't tell her I said that.)

She says she loves you all, thanks for hanging in there, and she will do her best to get the finished product of Shadow Puppets and the giveaway winner out by tonight, but no promises. She'll try and stay conscious for long enough. She passed out for four hours yesterday trying to read The Iliad.

At any rate, if you are trying to reach her, leave a message after the tone. She'll get back to you as soon as possible! Arigato!


(if you want to leave a message on Farjag's phone, click as indicated)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Experience Points! ~Abby's Crazy Elevator Story


So, I went with a friend to a NeedToBreathe concert, right? (Which was amazing, by the way-- let the world hear once more how much I want an electric guitar, an electric violin, and a rock band to go with them. Thank you.)


So, it's like, 10:50 or so, and me and the two gals I went with walk down to the parking garage.

We were on sublevel 2 (which here, was P2), but I don't think we could remember exactly where the car was, and didn't want to walk from P1 down to P2 and be lost. (Okay, I wanted to walk, they didn't, but hey, we were at a standing-room only concert, so their feet were sore I guess.)

So, we get into those little isolated rooms in the middle of the parking lot, wait for the elevator.

The other two gals take pictures by the neon green P1 wall.

Elevator opens. And closes.

I hit the button again and tell them to pay attention. (But I think I was politer than that though, after all I was the junior member of the group by a bit.)

It's now 10:59.

The elevator opens again.

We get in.

The doors close.

Someone hits "P2" on the control panel.


I hit it. Someone else hits it.

Nothing, nothing.

We sorta press P1, and then some other random buttons.

The elevator shudders, and sorta settles into place. *makes sound effect noises*


We sorta look at each other like, now what?

And then the lights go out.

And apparently one of the other gals has had a lifelong fear of plummeting in an elevator.


So we're stuck in a dark elevator.

Stacey starts praying, for obvious reasons. I start praying. Both out loud.

Stacey's friend Julie pulls out her phone and updates her Facebook page.

I felt like headdesking, but we hit the "call help/emergency" button thing (after trying to open the door manually and other things).

We tell the lady on the end where we are and that we're stuck.

She says someone is coming to help us.

I kinda start laughing and am pretty calm, except I start to freak whenever I think, "What if the control panel stops working?"

'Cause then we would be really stuck with no way to call for help. And I don't think my two buddies were getting cell phone service.

We joke that being stuck would be fine if NeedToBreathe and their instruments were also stuck in the elevator with us.

I try to ignore the fact that we are, in face, stuck in this itty bitty dark spot with no way out.

We wonder how long we'll be. We wonder how long we've been.

We wait.

Something beeps.

I panic and tell them to hit the "call help thingy" button again.

I speak with the lady on the other line.

"Are you guys still stuck? Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah, no, we're alright, we're just chatting it up while we're waiting for you guys to come and rescue us."


Then after a bit the elevator shudders, rises, opens, and here we are back on ground level with a security guard looking at us.

Quoth he, "The elevator only goes up to the lobby after 11 o'clock. Don't worry, happens all the time. Which level were you trying to get to?"

Next time the doors open we're on P2, safe and sound.

We were only stuck in there ten minutes, and I get the infinite pleasure of running wildly through a completely empty and abandoned underground parking lot (it's really fun, trust me.)

We explain to my mother and other concerned members of the Facebook, that the elevators only go up after 11, and we happened to step in right at eleven, that's all.

But you'd think that someone would put some sorta sign up in the elevator or somewhere?


But anyway.

Experience points!

Now I have some genuine emotions to pull from when I need to write about someone feeling sudden stabs of terror, or being stuck, or something.


What's the craziest thing that happened to you, to date?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm a screenwriter, NOT a novelist

(hee hee. 
fandom rage in three, two, one....)


Don't get too upset now: I mean, in the ways of professionally approaching the craft. I will always be at least an amateur novelist...... if not anything more.

This is why:



Me: Hey, I think I'll write a story, and the plot will go like this! *starts to write*

*watches Star Wars*



Me: Hey, that little story of mine has altered some...... but now I think I can write it. 

*rereads Narnia*

Me: HEY! That's a good idea..... maybe I should make my book just like that...


Me: I finally started writing my book!

*reads Lord Of The Rings*



Me: Well..... I think my story has improved, at least. And I've picked up writing it again. 

*watches Lord Of The Rings*



Me: That's it. I just gotta come up with my own story. 


Me: I need some inspiration....


Me: This plot has been done waaay too many times.... *tweaks plot*

*discovers manga*


I must make my book just like it. But I'll blend all the other stuff I already thought up, too. 

*tweaks story*

*continues writing*


Me: I finally have an original story! NO MORE COPYING OTHER PEOPLE.


*reads more manga*

*admires their very good plots*

Me: My story sucks. 

*tweaks plot*


*tweaks plot*


*tweaks plot*

*tweaks plot*

*tweaks plot*

*runs out of ideas*

*tweaks plot*


*watches Code Geass anime*


(note, this is the exact same story THE WHOLE TIME)

Whereas, meanwhile.....



November: *writes a short*

December: *writes a short*


January: *writes a short*

February: *starts a feature*

March: *is writing a short*

*has absolutely no qualms over having an original plot*

................................................. y'all get what I mean?

Now, I don't want to see you people all comment and tell me that I just need to work on it more, novel writing will become easier over time, don't discourage yourself now.

I get it, y'all. I really do.

I'm just saying, as much as I LOVE AND ADORE novel writing, I don't think I could, at this point in life, approach it professionally.

But screenwriting?

I really, really could do that my whole entire life. Successfully.

I could also spend the rest of my life trying to write that book.

But I'm content to leave that in "amateur" stage. Because, at least I do enjoy it, coming up with ideas and tweaking the plot and meeting new characters.

But just so y'all know.

This is partly a writing blog.

But I'm a screenwriter. Not a novelist.


Oh, by the way the elevator story is coming. ^_^

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thag You Bery Buch! Apologies, explanations, and et. cetera...

It appears the infection of the sinus has overtaken me.


I have been sick since Friday, and therefore have not had much of a chance to reply to emails, comment on blogs, write posts, (write anything,) due to an illness that robs you of any capability but sleeping and wiping your nose in delirium.


My sincere apologies, dear followers. And especially those people who have emailed me and given a portion of their time to read things, and I have not yet replied to thank them properly. You know who you are.

Just know, I'm getting around to it ;)

Also, it doesn't help that our laptop doesn't access the internet anymore. After logging in , you have about five minutes of airport time. And then you gotta give up.

And I can't drag our huge computer up to my bedroom and work on a blogpost there now, can I? o_O

I just realized that 'blogspot' and 'blogpost' use the exact same letters.

Wow. I really must not be feeling good.

I must return to the sickroom. I'm getting dizzy again, and I have to feel well enough to take a ballet exam tomorrow morning. *dies*

Anyway, just wanted to apologize for the absence, andI will try to return as soon as possible.

And when I do, you will hear of my adventure Thursday night....

I mean, sure, the NeedToBreathe concert was great.

But I got stuck in an elevator.


See y'all soon! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March's Script-A-Month Prizes

Hey y'all!

Haven't been able to find the camera (it's in the house somewheres...) but I just wanted to let you know what the three books prize options were (and the other two prizes that were not chosen by the winner will be for an upcoming giveaway).

So, the prizes are:

1) a paperback copy of Castaways of the Flying Dutchman by Brian Jacques (it's very used, but readable. I would keep it if I didn't already own a used hardcover version :P)

2) A brand-new paperback copy of Ender's Game (seeing as I'm into that right now :D)


3) two books: In the Shadow of His Hand by Wendy Lawton, and The Boy In The Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. I'm putting them together because a) they are short, easy reads, and b) they are both WWII stories. I remember them both moving me very much the first time I read them (and the subsequent rereads). Oh, they are both 'used', but basically new except for some library sticker on the sides.


Anyone excited? :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

A wee peek into Dantere's Story....

Hey y'all!

No excerpts today, just a few sketches ;)

I re-drew the map of Verria. Because, as you know, there are two worlds.

Below are the maps of Verria and Eleren:

(Oh and my bad, the scans didn't come out quite as clear as I would have liked....)

 I plan on enlarging them both and sticking 'em up on my bedroom wall sometime soon. Also, I did a new sketch of Dantere. (His appearance has changed sort of a lot...) It sort of came out on accident. We were listening to an audio teaching online and I didn't want to lose focus. So I pulled out a paper and pencil and drew.This what came out: 

For those who are alarmed by the very anime-influenced hair: the drawing I posted originally was the "mildest" I had ever drawn his hair. It's normally on the wild side. xD 
(Oh, but it should be darker. I have another version of this drawing where his hair is shaded in more....)

This is probably more anime-esque than he would look like in real life. But hey, it looks cool, right?

Oh, and the outfit may or may not have *cough* been influenced by Final Fantasy..... erm, yeah.

(Does anyone even know what I'm talking about?? Because if there are any other FF VII fans here... :D)

Also, I'm working on a color version of the sketch right now. I've lost all the texture, but at least I could play with color.

It's not done yet, but here's a close up of part of it:

See? All the texture is gone.... *cries*

But his earrings look pretty darn cool :)

[Oh, he and hasn't acquired those in the story yet, don't worry, you haven't missed anything...]

Anyway ;)

I hope to get another excerpt post out soon, and maybe an update on Script-A-Month (Lord willing, I'll be going to the bookstore tomorrow to grab one of the giveaway books. I also know what story I'm doing-- I actually came up with one on my own, hooray... xD Everyone's gave me chills, they were so epic, though. I wanna write every single one, one day).


For now, here's a tidbit of deepness to chew on until I come back:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Katie's Snippets of Story- March Linkup

Not that I need an excuse anymore ;)

[In case you don't know, this is Snippets of Story, courtesy of the wonderful blogger Katie of Whisperings of the Pen.]

However, this does provide a GREAT excuse for not posting all of Dantere's crazy adventure in Eleren. I'll just post.... a snippet! xD The rest is reserved for a later date. If at all :P

Anyway, since I'm not really working on anything else, help yourself to three snippets from Silver Eyes:

He said we were in Eleren. Verria’s sister world.
   How had I even gotten here?
   I swallowed. I must be dreaming. I must be dreaming.
   I held up my hands. It seemed a sensible thing to do. “I meant no harm. I arrived here on… on accident… I’m from the kingdom of Trenbourn, my father is a Knight of the Crown. He could explain…” I was babbling. If this really was Eleren, nothing I said would be of any use.
   One of them made a clicking noise, and in an instant I was surrounded by the strange desert horsemen.
   “You will come with us.” I had a feeling the one with the barbed spear was the leader.
   My heart was pounding so frantically, I was sure they could hear it trying to escape from my chest. What was I going to do? I wanted to go home. What this was just a dream? Could I please wake up? 


We came in sight of a cluster of trees. They were tall and bent over a little. They only had leaves near the top. I thought they seemed rather out of place in the middle of all that sand. The shadows they cast gave them the appearance of bristling animals. The horsemen picked up their pace a little, heading for the trees. The horses whinnied excitedly. Maybe there was water there. I tried to hurry too, but I wasn’t suited for much more than walking on this terrain. I slipped and fell on my face, too many times to count. One of the men stayed behind me, waiting for me to catch up. I felt my face turning red, and I tossed an angry glare over my shoulder at him.
   I reached the oasis, unharmed but thoroughly sand-covered. (I finally remembered the word from Professor Falifin’s classes.) The only sound to break the silence of the desert was the glasslike tinkle of running water.
   The men were refilling their water skins, a few of them at a time. Some of the others were unsaddling the horses. Two of them stood close by me. I was starting to get uncomfortable.
   One of them came up with a water skin. He held it out to me. “Drink”
   I was a little afraid he would hit me, or something, but I took it from him and drank. The cold water stung my throat at first, but it felt good in my stomach. I took one more gulp and handed it back to him.
   He gestured towards the nearest of the strange, tall trees with his knife. “Over there. That’s where you shall be spending the night until we travel again.”
We were going to have to sleep out in all this sand? I shivered again, involuntarily. I went over to the tree, watching him warily. 
I turned my back and was about to sit down, when he grabbed me around my shoulders, his knife at my throat. I made a startled little gurgling noise. 
Was he going to kill me? 


   Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic. This wasn’t working.
   The rope hurt. It was smooth enough… but it was tight. My right arm was sort of twisted the wrong way, and the skin on my wrists was all pinched up between the cord.
   Don’t cry. Don’t cry. You’ll wake up soon.
   Somehow, I made it to the base of the tree. I tried to curl up, my back to the wind, watching them finish watering the horses and lay out their extra cloaks on the ground. I wiggled my hands a little, trying to find some give in the knots. Maybe after they fell asleep, I could rub it against the tree... no.
   I gave up thinking. I glanced up. None of the stars over my head seemed familiar. One group sort of looked like The Pendant, except…  except it was reversed.
   Were they all really the same stars? I looked up and imagined what my own familiar sky would look like in a mirror. It matched perfectly. I think I mixed some stars up, but sure enough, they were the same, only backwards. So there was something familiar, at least, in this world.
   When my neck became sore from looking up, I rested the side of my head in the sand, and filled my mind with images of home. The familiar reddish-gold stone walls of Kyen. The towers that had the little pennants fluttering from their tops.
   The way the city looked at sunrise.
   My room.
   The curtains that Lady Cerwin chose that I hated.
   My painting desk.
   My painting desk….
   There. That ring of light once more, opened before me like a doorway. Everything melted away: the sand, the men, the tree behind me and the ropes around my hands. The light overtook me, and somehow I stood and stepped through it for the second time. 


(wanna catch up and read the other excerpts? click herehere and here)

Again, thank you so much for such an awesome link up, Katie! <3


Sorry. I couldn't resist. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Script-A-Month: March Edition!

Hey y'all!

Don't worry, 'Tere's story is still charging forward in full throttle (oh, and Blue Ink is still making progress, too...)

But it's that time again! :) 

I'll cut to the chase. 

The title for this month's Script-A-Month is...

Shadow Puppets

Three things to remember:

The title is only the top layer of a movie (or short...)


it IS a short, so a simple premise goes a long way


if you can, contemporary ideas would be ideal. I hope, in all this Script-A-Month-ing, I can find something to shoot over the summer. :)

Now, then... have fun!

And if you want to write something of your own, go ahead. :] Just let me know so I can read it when you're done ;)

And also, those who comment WITH A STORY IDEA are eligible to win in a drawing for a...


Book Giveaway!

Unfortunately, I'm not completely sure which books yet o_O 

I'm so organized xD

I'm going to make a run to the local bookstore again before this is finalized, but I can almost assure you, one of them will be a Brian Jacques novel (may he live forever in our memory....). 

And, never fear, I'll post again with the two book prizes. It won't be a mystery for long! :D

Now, then.

Who's excited??

If you're dry on stories, never fear! A "normal" giveaway will be held in the near future for the book that is not seized as prize here. 

Oh, and since this seems to be the norm here, I'll sign off with an LOTR funny:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Started less than a week ago....

and the first part initially handwritten (which takes longer), I now have 4,000 words on Dantere's Story! :)

I am very happy.

   My father was all business again. I was amazed how fast the laughter drained from his blue-grey eyes. “Thank you. Assure the prince that we will be on the evasive at all times.”
   The messenger darted away with one more bow. Father turned to Lord Var, “We ought to go by way of Gannet’s Rock instead of along the Kit.”
   “It will take much longer” Lord Var said. “And we have younger ones with us this time.”
   Father’s brow furrowed again in thought, weighing the options. My heart sank. I knew me coming wasn’t going to be a good idea. Briefly, I considered telling him I would be all right. But now, after the incident when I fell asleep earlier no use making promises I wasn’t sure I could keep. 

I didn't even do any schoolwork yesterday (sshh....) all I wanted to do was write :]

(Oh, and wondering what 'Tere is talking about up there? Heehee... you'll find out soon! Maybe.)

Anyway, y'all might be lucky enough to get an excerpt tomorrow. Or later today. We'll see ;)

But for now, I just wanted to spread a few giggles.


A LOT of giggles.

Apparently we gotta stop this nonsense now...

(Also, look out for March's Script-A-Month title! And it might be a *cough* book giveaway for this month's winner.... who, me? Naw, I didn't say anything....)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Can Has MORE Extracts...

I really got to knock it off. This I Can Has Cheezburger grammar is making me look bad.....

Anyway, here is yet another piece from Dantere's Story, Silver Eyes:

Oh and hey, here's a song that summed up *part* of his character, to make up for BP this month :] It's definitely not a perfect fit, but it's a good start ;)

Now, then. On with the show! xD

   You don’t know what the word embarrassing means until you run headlong into a military meeting, completely disheveled and out of breath, and every eye turns on you without a word. And every single one of them is a very important grown-up. I’m sure my whole face was as vibrant as the crimson paint on my cheek.
   “Care to join us, Sir Apprentice?” General Tamanke’s glace settled on me. It was him I’d interrupted by running in.
   “Sorry.” I looked down and shuffled a little closer to Reiga so I looked like I was part of the circle. Across the group, Nerephides smirked at me from under his shock of black hair. I outrank him by parentage, but he’s older by six years and practically through his apprenticeship. I think his knighting ceremony is at the end of the harvest. He holds that over my head, that and everything else he finds himself superior in.
   I caught my father giving me a look out of the corner of his eye. I cringed and turned my attention to General Tamanke.
   “ King Ornad has given Lord Siyan the task of selecting the members of the group.” The general gave us all a cold look, as if we were all in for severe punishment. Especially me.
   “Those standing here are the ones assigned the mission.”
   Wait, what? I shook my head and looked desperately from one person to the next. What were we doing?
   “The outposts are three day’s walking journey from here. You have until tomorrow night to get there. No horses; stealth may be of essence, but you won’t know until you reach the outpost. You leave an hour before sundown.”
   Ah. Those outposts father mentioned the other day. This was a scouting mission or a rescue? Why did father let me come? It sounded like it was going to be one long endurance run. I rolled my shoulder at the thought and almost smiled. Even though the others were older, I had a feeling I could keep up pretty well.
   “You’re dismissed.” Tamanke made it sound like an execution order. The others nodded, murmured, and started to disperse.
   Instinctively, I looked west to gauge how long it would be until sunset, but I found myself looking at a massive tower that blocked my view of the sky. Obviously, this was another one of my crazed visions. I didn’t even startle, at first.
   But the tower sent a chill through me the more I looked at it. It wasn’t like the other things I had seen. The others were ordinary. Normal, somehow. This seemed to be covered in shadow. Secretive, like it was watching someone. There was a whispering sound.
   “I’m waiting for you.”
   “You will come here, soon.”
    Why was this happening to me?
   Then, as if suddenly possessed by lightning, something slammed into the small of my back. I whirled in time to catch a glimpse of Nerephides’ wild black hair before his clenched fist filled my vision. I ducked, spun, and caught his shoulder with my fist. Bother. I was aiming for his face.
   My hair was now covering my eyes, but I didn’t need to see. Knights of the Crown are trained to be able to fight with or without sight. I’ve been doing half my training with a blindfold on since I was four.
   Phi has been training longer, though. I tried to block, but he got me in the stomach, then striking the back of my knees. He’s always liked that move. I grit my teeth. “Phi!” He snorted in derision. Or was he laughing? It’s hard to tell with him. I lurched to my knees, still trying to smack him. He stepped back. Growling, I brushed my hair out of my face and gave him a look. “Will ‘hello’ just never do for you?”
   He shrugged, one corner of his mouth quirked upward, which for him was the equivalent to a beaming smile. “You ready to go? We may end up defending those outposts by ourselves.”
   “Just you and me?” That didn’t sound good.
   “No, of course not.” Phi rolled his eyes. “The group. If the Riteiyans are already there well, we should be enough. Your father and Lord Var are with us, and Reiga and Heron. Four of the best Churin Masters in the kingdom.”
   It was true. Water was my father’s Churin power. Earth was Lord Var’s. Reiga’s, uncanny strength. Heron’s: mind communication. Even Nerephides had one. Fire. He’s quite good, too. I watched him during his flame throwing drills the other day.
   I realized something.
   Everyone on the mission had a Churin. Everyone but me.
   “You know why you’re coming?”
   I looked up at him in surprise. “You know? I haven’t had time to ask father yet.”
   Nerephides quirked an eyebrow at me. “You’re coming, so that if we need reinforcements, we don’t have to send back somebody important.”
   I blinked suddenly. Oh.
   “I’m going to go get ready.” I turned and started walking before he saw the angry tears that had sprung to my eyes, uninvited.

   I stepped through the ring of light, and heard it swish and disappear behind me. I closed my eyes for a moment.
   The air was surprising dusty. I coughed and opened my eyes. It looked like the sun was setting. Shouldn’t we have already headed for the outpost? Suddenly I couldn’t remember where I was.
   I heard footsteps behind me, and whirled around to see several men on horseback appear as they galloped to the top of a sand dune. They were dressed in black robes, and gold armor. They had cloth covering their mouths and noses. I had never seen anyone like these men before.
   Wait. Where was I?
   “Your name. Who dares trespass here?” One of the horsemen gestured to me. There was a long, barbed spear in his hand.
   “What?” My voice cracked. My throat was suddenly drained of moisture.
   “You are on the domain of Lord Vercan, of the Twin Moons. None may continue without his consent.
   Now” he edged his horse a little closer. “What are you doing here? Is the rest of Eleren not big enough for you?”
   “I” I swallowed again. “I’m in Eleren?”
   The man laughed, but it was less than comforting. “You take me for a fool? Where else would you beVerria? No one crosses over these days. None but wizards.”
   He said we were in Eleren. Verria’s sister world.
   I swallowed. I must be dreaming. I must be dreaming. 

.... yup.

There's that for you ;)