Saturday, March 31, 2012

Inspired By Farjag's Post (aka You Have Reached The Director's Phone...)


You have successfully reached T.D.'s phone. Unfortunately, she may be unconscious at the time of calling.

You see, she got nine platelet injections in her ankle on thursday to repair the ligament. She will be laid up for awhile, and hasn't had the brain cells to write the eight book/movie reviews lined up for her, or blog and let you all know she is alive. (I don't believe she is at risk of death currently, but you never know with her. Don't tell her I said that.)

She says she loves you all, thanks for hanging in there, and she will do her best to get the finished product of Shadow Puppets and the giveaway winner out by tonight, but no promises. She'll try and stay conscious for long enough. She passed out for four hours yesterday trying to read The Iliad.

At any rate, if you are trying to reach her, leave a message after the tone. She'll get back to you as soon as possible! Arigato!


(if you want to leave a message on Farjag's phone, click as indicated)


The Musical Dancer said...

Oh, sorry Abby! And here I was on vacation in central oregon having the time of my life! I feel guilty now. *hides in dark corner*

The Director said...

DON'T FEEL GUILTY. You'll see me on monday anyway ;) I'm just gonna sit in class and watch you all suffer xD Glad YOU had a good time! :)

The Musical Dancer said...

That's even worse!!!!! *frowns*

Monday is going to be so hard! I'm exhausted from a sleepover with Sarah (we watched all three LOTR extended editions all night, then we went on vacation the very next day, and now I have to catch up on my homework today!!! AAAHHHHH!!

The Musical Dancer said...

Oh and also, my sister decided she wanted to watch LOTR, so now I'm watching LOTR for the second time in less than a week!!! O_O

Josiphine said...

Ligaments are nasty. (personal experience, unfortunately) I hope you feel better soon!

By the way, I just watched 'Tin Tin' last night and I understand why you like it now, :)