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Katie's Snippets of Story- March Linkup

Not that I need an excuse anymore ;)

[In case you don't know, this is Snippets of Story, courtesy of the wonderful blogger Katie of Whisperings of the Pen.]

However, this does provide a GREAT excuse for not posting all of Dantere's crazy adventure in Eleren. I'll just post.... a snippet! xD The rest is reserved for a later date. If at all :P

Anyway, since I'm not really working on anything else, help yourself to three snippets from Silver Eyes:

He said we were in Eleren. Verria’s sister world.
   How had I even gotten here?
   I swallowed. I must be dreaming. I must be dreaming.
   I held up my hands. It seemed a sensible thing to do. “I meant no harm. I arrived here on… on accident… I’m from the kingdom of Trenbourn, my father is a Knight of the Crown. He could explain…” I was babbling. If this really was Eleren, nothing I said would be of any use.
   One of them made a clicking noise, and in an instant I was surrounded by the strange desert horsemen.
   “You will come with us.” I had a feeling the one with the barbed spear was the leader.
   My heart was pounding so frantically, I was sure they could hear it trying to escape from my chest. What was I going to do? I wanted to go home. What this was just a dream? Could I please wake up? 


We came in sight of a cluster of trees. They were tall and bent over a little. They only had leaves near the top. I thought they seemed rather out of place in the middle of all that sand. The shadows they cast gave them the appearance of bristling animals. The horsemen picked up their pace a little, heading for the trees. The horses whinnied excitedly. Maybe there was water there. I tried to hurry too, but I wasn’t suited for much more than walking on this terrain. I slipped and fell on my face, too many times to count. One of the men stayed behind me, waiting for me to catch up. I felt my face turning red, and I tossed an angry glare over my shoulder at him.
   I reached the oasis, unharmed but thoroughly sand-covered. (I finally remembered the word from Professor Falifin’s classes.) The only sound to break the silence of the desert was the glasslike tinkle of running water.
   The men were refilling their water skins, a few of them at a time. Some of the others were unsaddling the horses. Two of them stood close by me. I was starting to get uncomfortable.
   One of them came up with a water skin. He held it out to me. “Drink”
   I was a little afraid he would hit me, or something, but I took it from him and drank. The cold water stung my throat at first, but it felt good in my stomach. I took one more gulp and handed it back to him.
   He gestured towards the nearest of the strange, tall trees with his knife. “Over there. That’s where you shall be spending the night until we travel again.”
We were going to have to sleep out in all this sand? I shivered again, involuntarily. I went over to the tree, watching him warily. 
I turned my back and was about to sit down, when he grabbed me around my shoulders, his knife at my throat. I made a startled little gurgling noise. 
Was he going to kill me? 


   Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic. This wasn’t working.
   The rope hurt. It was smooth enough… but it was tight. My right arm was sort of twisted the wrong way, and the skin on my wrists was all pinched up between the cord.
   Don’t cry. Don’t cry. You’ll wake up soon.
   Somehow, I made it to the base of the tree. I tried to curl up, my back to the wind, watching them finish watering the horses and lay out their extra cloaks on the ground. I wiggled my hands a little, trying to find some give in the knots. Maybe after they fell asleep, I could rub it against the tree... no.
   I gave up thinking. I glanced up. None of the stars over my head seemed familiar. One group sort of looked like The Pendant, except…  except it was reversed.
   Were they all really the same stars? I looked up and imagined what my own familiar sky would look like in a mirror. It matched perfectly. I think I mixed some stars up, but sure enough, they were the same, only backwards. So there was something familiar, at least, in this world.
   When my neck became sore from looking up, I rested the side of my head in the sand, and filled my mind with images of home. The familiar reddish-gold stone walls of Kyen. The towers that had the little pennants fluttering from their tops.
   The way the city looked at sunrise.
   My room.
   The curtains that Lady Cerwin chose that I hated.
   My painting desk.
   My painting desk….
   There. That ring of light once more, opened before me like a doorway. Everything melted away: the sand, the men, the tree behind me and the ropes around my hands. The light overtook me, and somehow I stood and stepped through it for the second time. 


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Again, thank you so much for such an awesome link up, Katie! <3


Sorry. I couldn't resist. 


Hannah Joy said...

Awesome! I love all the snippets! And the LOTR funny. Haha. :-D

When is this going to be published and in my hands, with me smelling the pages and finally being able to read from the beginning all the way to the end? :-)

Charley Robson said...

Awesome snippet! Can't wait to dig into Dantere's story as a whole - I'm getting all excited.

As for that picture ... well, the epic speaks for itself *grins*

Farjag said...

I love how you describe palm trees (something I am far too familiar with), as something exotic and fantastical. I didn't get what they were at first, which is just what I love when reading about something normal in a non-normal book. You describe it like it's not normal, and then it suddenly the mundane common object becomes so much more. Good work all around!

The Director said...


You just made my day.

You comment made me SOOO happy. Way to make a writer feel awesome! <3 So glad you liked it! Heehee!

Sorry. I shall restrain myself now.

Farjag said...

Glad to be of awesome happy assistance!

*chuckles at the though of the Director restraining herself*

"Mmpph! Must... not... hyperventilate....!"

Lilly said...

Oh....WOW.... that was awesome! Between that and and the other snippets... wow! I have not much else to say except that's pretty awesome having a character who can jump from one world to another. I think I would seriously enjoy reading this!