Sunday, March 4, 2012

Script-A-Month: March Edition!

Hey y'all!

Don't worry, 'Tere's story is still charging forward in full throttle (oh, and Blue Ink is still making progress, too...)

But it's that time again! :) 

I'll cut to the chase. 

The title for this month's Script-A-Month is...

Shadow Puppets

Three things to remember:

The title is only the top layer of a movie (or short...)


it IS a short, so a simple premise goes a long way


if you can, contemporary ideas would be ideal. I hope, in all this Script-A-Month-ing, I can find something to shoot over the summer. :)

Now, then... have fun!

And if you want to write something of your own, go ahead. :] Just let me know so I can read it when you're done ;)

And also, those who comment WITH A STORY IDEA are eligible to win in a drawing for a...


Book Giveaway!

Unfortunately, I'm not completely sure which books yet o_O 

I'm so organized xD

I'm going to make a run to the local bookstore again before this is finalized, but I can almost assure you, one of them will be a Brian Jacques novel (may he live forever in our memory....). 

And, never fear, I'll post again with the two book prizes. It won't be a mystery for long! :D

Now, then.

Who's excited??

If you're dry on stories, never fear! A "normal" giveaway will be held in the near future for the book that is not seized as prize here. 

Oh, and since this seems to be the norm here, I'll sign off with an LOTR funny:


Lainie said...

Wow... I've got nothing. A short where you only see the characters' shadows? Ext. shots of their shadows on the ground. Interior shots behind screens, curtains, etc... So hearing dialogue, seeing form, but not actual people or animals??

A black and film film of yes, you guessed it, a shadow puppet story? Think elaborate Chinese shadow puppets like in the new Karate Kid movie... not the puppets of Sound of Music and Lonely Goatherd.

Like I said, I've got nothing in the ideas department.

Charley Robson said...

I have an idea! Why not make it seem like these "shadows" are the puppets of some evil overlordy thing who wants to do something nefarious, but it turns out there's are, not one, but TWO conspiracies among them! One seeks to overturn the Big Bad and take the reins of the plot themselves, while the other seeks to overturn the Big Bad to free themselves from the curse that has condemned them to become shadow thingies in the first place!

Just an idea :) Presence of Fords is optional xD

Chris said...

What about characters who are somehow shrunk (bear with me here) and placed inside a giant dollhouse. It would sort of be like a thriller script. The Shadow Puppets begin coming alive, and the main character(s) have to escape the dollhouse. Not much of an idea, but it could work.

The resolution could be something like: I don't know. My brain is dead right now. But there's a premise, though not a very good one.

Farjag said...

Puppets of shadows...
Shadows of puppets...

Shadows grow long in the city. A dark power is rising. It attacks with fear and leaves behind no trace of its passing. To be afraid of the dark is something no longer looked down upon. For something lurks in the shadows and shades of the night. Invincible, for who can fight a shadow? But some resist. Puppet masters, masters of form and light . For they know the only way to defeat a shadow... is with a shadow. And so they wage war on the dark shadows, turning alley walls into battlegrounds. Eagles fly, unicorns charge and swordsmen battle against the gnarled forms that rise opposite.

Hannah Joy said...

Shadow Puppets reminds me of something creepy.

Ok, I'm coming up with something......

There is a dancer. The entertainer for the tyrant king. She is a caged dancer (literally) and has to follow the steps of the same dance, like a puppet. And her cage has a cloth draped over it, so all the onlookers can see is her shadow, dancing away. But in the night, when she is "put away" she practices her own dance--a very beatiful one. The main character (could be, say, a footman or someone in the court. Or maybe an ambassador from another country come to visit this country) discovers her dancing her own dance and watches undetected for several nights--saddened, and strangely haunted by the sight. And so he watches her, in the day, doing the rote performance that she is forced to do, and in the night, slowly building her dance into something more elaborate. Then one day, maddened by curiosity, the MC rips the cloth off of the cage to see the girl face-to-face. She is quite afraid, but he lets her out of her cage each night (he stole the key)and she dances for him, unable to speak (being mute). He begins to look forward to every night until one time, he is found out by the tyrannical king who wants to keep his "puppet" unknowing of the outside world, or of outside dancing. He is going to be executed, but the dancer somehow rescues him......

I'm thinking it would be a minimal dialogue script, mostly consisting of camera shots and stuff, and lots of music.

I don't know. You could pull something out of that. Sorry, it's kind of random and strange, but welcome to the workings of my mind. :-P

I love all the other ideas so far as well!

Chris said...

That last idea sounds like it would be a good black and white silent film.

Corey P. said...

@Chris: Actually, I think that's a pretty sweet idea. Interesting concept, and with the right approach, it could be very creepy... in a good, thrilling way of course. :)

Tarissa said...

Hi! Just poppin' it to check out your blog today. That thing about racing to get the computer charger {lol} funny!

Hope you're having a wonderful and delightful weekend.
~ Tarissa
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