Monday, March 19, 2012

Thag You Bery Buch! Apologies, explanations, and et. cetera...

It appears the infection of the sinus has overtaken me.


I have been sick since Friday, and therefore have not had much of a chance to reply to emails, comment on blogs, write posts, (write anything,) due to an illness that robs you of any capability but sleeping and wiping your nose in delirium.


My sincere apologies, dear followers. And especially those people who have emailed me and given a portion of their time to read things, and I have not yet replied to thank them properly. You know who you are.

Just know, I'm getting around to it ;)

Also, it doesn't help that our laptop doesn't access the internet anymore. After logging in , you have about five minutes of airport time. And then you gotta give up.

And I can't drag our huge computer up to my bedroom and work on a blogpost there now, can I? o_O

I just realized that 'blogspot' and 'blogpost' use the exact same letters.

Wow. I really must not be feeling good.

I must return to the sickroom. I'm getting dizzy again, and I have to feel well enough to take a ballet exam tomorrow morning. *dies*

Anyway, just wanted to apologize for the absence, andI will try to return as soon as possible.

And when I do, you will hear of my adventure Thursday night....

I mean, sure, the NeedToBreathe concert was great.

But I got stuck in an elevator.


See y'all soon! :)


Nairam said...

I sympathize. Thankfully I feel much better (Saturday was my terri-bad day), but sniffles galore over here. :P

Hope you feel better soon.

Josiphine said...


I hope you start feeling better! I hope I start feeling better too.

The Musical Dancer said...

Oh my goodness! You sick too? And our exam tomorrow? I got sick again! Not fair. :(

The Director said...

Thanks Nairam and Josiphine :] Hope you both continue to recover too!

And yeah, Helen, I think *you* gave it to me.... -_-

Charley Robson said...

Awww! *sends Get Well Soon Hugs and a pot of Ben and Jerry's ice cream*
Because those make everything better. Get well soon, the blogosphere misses you!

As for the reading, it was my pleasure. Literally :D

Em said...

I know how you feel. I have been sick for a week and a half:(
Hope you feel better soon!!

Hannah Joy said...

GET WELL SOON! I want to hear of this elevator incident. The only elevator incident I've ever had included a fancy hotel, me and my crazy siblings, our need to press buttons, and some confused other passengers that were totally unexpected. It was not a pretty sight. :-D

Katie S. said...

Nooo, not sinus problems! They have been the bane of my existence for many years, so my sympathies go out to you in abundance. Feel better very, very soon, AbbyDear.