Monday, March 12, 2012

A wee peek into Dantere's Story....

Hey y'all!

No excerpts today, just a few sketches ;)

I re-drew the map of Verria. Because, as you know, there are two worlds.

Below are the maps of Verria and Eleren:

(Oh and my bad, the scans didn't come out quite as clear as I would have liked....)

 I plan on enlarging them both and sticking 'em up on my bedroom wall sometime soon. Also, I did a new sketch of Dantere. (His appearance has changed sort of a lot...) It sort of came out on accident. We were listening to an audio teaching online and I didn't want to lose focus. So I pulled out a paper and pencil and drew.This what came out: 

For those who are alarmed by the very anime-influenced hair: the drawing I posted originally was the "mildest" I had ever drawn his hair. It's normally on the wild side. xD 
(Oh, but it should be darker. I have another version of this drawing where his hair is shaded in more....)

This is probably more anime-esque than he would look like in real life. But hey, it looks cool, right?

Oh, and the outfit may or may not have *cough* been influenced by Final Fantasy..... erm, yeah.

(Does anyone even know what I'm talking about?? Because if there are any other FF VII fans here... :D)

Also, I'm working on a color version of the sketch right now. I've lost all the texture, but at least I could play with color.

It's not done yet, but here's a close up of part of it:

See? All the texture is gone.... *cries*

But his earrings look pretty darn cool :)

[Oh, he and hasn't acquired those in the story yet, don't worry, you haven't missed anything...]

Anyway ;)

I hope to get another excerpt post out soon, and maybe an update on Script-A-Month (Lord willing, I'll be going to the bookstore tomorrow to grab one of the giveaway books. I also know what story I'm doing-- I actually came up with one on my own, hooray... xD Everyone's gave me chills, they were so epic, though. I wanna write every single one, one day).


For now, here's a tidbit of deepness to chew on until I come back:


Charley Robson said...

Aaaaah, I love your maps! My friend and I are putting both our worlds on the same map, because I can't draw maps for beans and we plan to have crossovers at some stage ... she's really good at maps.

I also want to die over your drawing skills. I have extreme envy - and Final Fantasy FTW!! I'm awful at the game, but it's still really cool to play, hehehe!

As for that quote ... I love it. Want to steal so badly! xP

P.S. Just sent the story back to you with my comments on it :)

Charlotte Grace said...

Final Fantasy? I know what it is. It's not my favorite game (I'm that nerd that still plays game on the NES). I prefer Dragon Warrior/Quest.

The Musical Dancer said...

I love those maps!!!! O_O

Hannah Joy said...

Oh my gosh! Awesome!!! The maps and the pictures are awesome. I love the color of Dantere's shirt...thing. :-D Awesome.

No idea what Final Fantasy is. In the words of Nikabrik, "Sorry to disappoint you." ;-)

Farjag said...

Maps look awesome, and Dantere even more so! And don't worry, the shading in the color version more than makes up for the lack of texture, trust me!