Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Can Has MORE Extracts...

I really got to knock it off. This I Can Has Cheezburger grammar is making me look bad.....

Anyway, here is yet another piece from Dantere's Story, Silver Eyes:

Oh and hey, here's a song that summed up *part* of his character, to make up for BP this month :] It's definitely not a perfect fit, but it's a good start ;)

Now, then. On with the show! xD

   You don’t know what the word embarrassing means until you run headlong into a military meeting, completely disheveled and out of breath, and every eye turns on you without a word. And every single one of them is a very important grown-up. I’m sure my whole face was as vibrant as the crimson paint on my cheek.
   “Care to join us, Sir Apprentice?” General Tamanke’s glace settled on me. It was him I’d interrupted by running in.
   “Sorry.” I looked down and shuffled a little closer to Reiga so I looked like I was part of the circle. Across the group, Nerephides smirked at me from under his shock of black hair. I outrank him by parentage, but he’s older by six years and practically through his apprenticeship. I think his knighting ceremony is at the end of the harvest. He holds that over my head, that and everything else he finds himself superior in.
   I caught my father giving me a look out of the corner of his eye. I cringed and turned my attention to General Tamanke.
   “ King Ornad has given Lord Siyan the task of selecting the members of the group.” The general gave us all a cold look, as if we were all in for severe punishment. Especially me.
   “Those standing here are the ones assigned the mission.”
   Wait, what? I shook my head and looked desperately from one person to the next. What were we doing?
   “The outposts are three day’s walking journey from here. You have until tomorrow night to get there. No horses; stealth may be of essence, but you won’t know until you reach the outpost. You leave an hour before sundown.”
   Ah. Those outposts father mentioned the other day. This was a scouting mission or a rescue? Why did father let me come? It sounded like it was going to be one long endurance run. I rolled my shoulder at the thought and almost smiled. Even though the others were older, I had a feeling I could keep up pretty well.
   “You’re dismissed.” Tamanke made it sound like an execution order. The others nodded, murmured, and started to disperse.
   Instinctively, I looked west to gauge how long it would be until sunset, but I found myself looking at a massive tower that blocked my view of the sky. Obviously, this was another one of my crazed visions. I didn’t even startle, at first.
   But the tower sent a chill through me the more I looked at it. It wasn’t like the other things I had seen. The others were ordinary. Normal, somehow. This seemed to be covered in shadow. Secretive, like it was watching someone. There was a whispering sound.
   “I’m waiting for you.”
   “You will come here, soon.”
    Why was this happening to me?
   Then, as if suddenly possessed by lightning, something slammed into the small of my back. I whirled in time to catch a glimpse of Nerephides’ wild black hair before his clenched fist filled my vision. I ducked, spun, and caught his shoulder with my fist. Bother. I was aiming for his face.
   My hair was now covering my eyes, but I didn’t need to see. Knights of the Crown are trained to be able to fight with or without sight. I’ve been doing half my training with a blindfold on since I was four.
   Phi has been training longer, though. I tried to block, but he got me in the stomach, then striking the back of my knees. He’s always liked that move. I grit my teeth. “Phi!” He snorted in derision. Or was he laughing? It’s hard to tell with him. I lurched to my knees, still trying to smack him. He stepped back. Growling, I brushed my hair out of my face and gave him a look. “Will ‘hello’ just never do for you?”
   He shrugged, one corner of his mouth quirked upward, which for him was the equivalent to a beaming smile. “You ready to go? We may end up defending those outposts by ourselves.”
   “Just you and me?” That didn’t sound good.
   “No, of course not.” Phi rolled his eyes. “The group. If the Riteiyans are already there well, we should be enough. Your father and Lord Var are with us, and Reiga and Heron. Four of the best Churin Masters in the kingdom.”
   It was true. Water was my father’s Churin power. Earth was Lord Var’s. Reiga’s, uncanny strength. Heron’s: mind communication. Even Nerephides had one. Fire. He’s quite good, too. I watched him during his flame throwing drills the other day.
   I realized something.
   Everyone on the mission had a Churin. Everyone but me.
   “You know why you’re coming?”
   I looked up at him in surprise. “You know? I haven’t had time to ask father yet.”
   Nerephides quirked an eyebrow at me. “You’re coming, so that if we need reinforcements, we don’t have to send back somebody important.”
   I blinked suddenly. Oh.
   “I’m going to go get ready.” I turned and started walking before he saw the angry tears that had sprung to my eyes, uninvited.

   I stepped through the ring of light, and heard it swish and disappear behind me. I closed my eyes for a moment.
   The air was surprising dusty. I coughed and opened my eyes. It looked like the sun was setting. Shouldn’t we have already headed for the outpost? Suddenly I couldn’t remember where I was.
   I heard footsteps behind me, and whirled around to see several men on horseback appear as they galloped to the top of a sand dune. They were dressed in black robes, and gold armor. They had cloth covering their mouths and noses. I had never seen anyone like these men before.
   Wait. Where was I?
   “Your name. Who dares trespass here?” One of the horsemen gestured to me. There was a long, barbed spear in his hand.
   “What?” My voice cracked. My throat was suddenly drained of moisture.
   “You are on the domain of Lord Vercan, of the Twin Moons. None may continue without his consent.
   Now” he edged his horse a little closer. “What are you doing here? Is the rest of Eleren not big enough for you?”
   “I” I swallowed again. “I’m in Eleren?”
   The man laughed, but it was less than comforting. “You take me for a fool? Where else would you beVerria? No one crosses over these days. None but wizards.”
   He said we were in Eleren. Verria’s sister world.
   I swallowed. I must be dreaming. I must be dreaming. 

.... yup.

There's that for you ;)


Charley Robson said...

Awww, poor Dantere! *hugs him, and squirts Nepherides with a water pistol*
He's too cute to be mean to ... which is saying something, for me, because I usually rejoice in this sort of thing *cackles*

Hehe, I love how my constant pleas for extracts are answered so willingly ... but dare I ask for more? Hehe, only if you want to, my friend. I'd rather have the thing published and sitting in my lap anyway ... and no, that isn't a subtle hint ;)

The Director said...

You might laugh.... but I stayed up late because I had a feeling you would comment, and that it would make my day.

Well, yeah, your comments ALWAYS make my day :) :) :)

'Tere appreciates the hug, and I'm sure Phi is none the worse for the water pistol squirting. That's a good idea, too.... I should keep one of those handy for the times when he's being a serious jerk :D *bright idea*

You are the best ever.... and ask away, silly girl :) I'll go scratch some more out now...... and heeehee, I like your not-so-subtle-hint ;)

Thank you for seeing past the rough writing (edits will never feel so good! Yupyup....) and appreciating the characters. <3 You rocketh xD

Farjag said...

Awesomeness! I love how he's gotten a little used to seeing random things that weren't there before, but they still aren't normal. And then he get thrust somewhere else... and he has *no* idea what's going on. :)

Keep up the good work!

Hannah Joy said...

*shivers* *looks up from little hole with Puss in Boots eyes* Can we has more?

But seriously, that was brilliant! I love Dantere! What a great fellow. And you know if I call him a "fellow" he is awesome. :-D

Corey P. said...

Great work. And the picture at the end of your post is hysterical! :)

The Director said...

You all are so sweet and awesome :)

And Corey-- ha! Glad you liked that picture..... I have a goofy Star Wars or LOTR picture reserved for each excerpt post..... that one is only the beginning! xD

'Slippers said...

Love it!! I got so into the story and then you stopped it! Why?! It's so unfair...I second (or third, I guess?) the requests for more! ...Please?