Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finished Product & Winner of March's Script-a-Month!

I failed. I'm two days late.

Sorry, sorry :(

Anyway, first I shall present to you the short (which, I apologize to say, was not taken from any of your very, very wonderful story ideas. In the future I hope to write every single one of those. But this one is.... *cough* not one of them.).

In fact, it takes place in Germany in WWII.

Now I'm sure I've thrown y'all for a loop :P

Anyway, here goes:

Oh, by the way it's meant to be a silent film, which is why there is no dialog, and only a few sound effects noted.

And SUPER means "superimpose." Like when you put a title or location over the picture.

Okay, I'll stop talking now...

Now that you've read that and have either gotten emotional or very bored, let me announce the winner of the giveaway :P

Let's see..... 5 of you submitted ideas.... *runs over to random.org*


And, wow, it's Chris yet again! 

Alright, Chris, you get to choose one of the following prizes:

A copy of "In The Shadow of His Hand" and "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas."
Both are paperback, easy reading, and in the WWII period (since we're on the subject...)

Basically new, but both have a local library's sticker on the side.

A paperback, new copy of Ender's Game

A very used, but still readable copy of "Castaways of the Flying Dutchman" by Brian Jaqcues


I'm very sorry there are no pictures. Our camera's charger got left in Alaska :/


All of those books are very good, and I would recommend any of them if you're looking for a good story. 

Email me your mailing address and prize of choice.

For the rest of you -- don't despair! I shall host a giveaway in the near future to determine the winners of the remaining books :D

Thanks for hanging around and being awesome, dear people :]

Oh, and your thoughts (critique is welcomed with open arms) on yon script would be much appreciated if you have time! Thanks!


Lainie said...

It is an honor and a privilege to be your mother.
I think you're amazing.

L.O.V.E.D. IT!

But I love you more... :)

Charley Robson said...

Curses! Foiled on the contest front again! *grumbles and skulks off to plot World Domination*

Heehee, I kid.

Fantastic script you have there! I like it very much :)

Papa said...

Wow! Amazing, I am impressed.

Hannah Joy said...

Awesome script! :-) I was quite intrigued and I love how it is a silent film. Let's just say I was watching it in my head all throughout. Beautiful! But sad. :-(

Congrats Chris! :-D

Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

Wow, I read it during photo class. That is so wow! That is all.

'Slippers said...

Wow, the screenplay came out nice Abby! Good job, as usual!