Monday, May 7, 2012

Random Tidbits & Script-A-Month

Hey y'all!

List time.

Random list. But yeah ;)

1) The giveaway ended Saturday. Thanks to all who participated! Results will be in sometime this week ^_^

2) Yesterday was the wonderful and always amusing Charley R.'s anniversary of being born! Huzzah, and much confetti! Pop over to her blog, to wish her a happy, er... belated brithday :D

3) I like makeup. Especially eyeshadow. It's just fun :)

4) I'm learning to sew so I can design my own clothes. Shall be awesome :)

5) Can I say how much I love Orson Scott Card? Man.... my two writing "idols," Charles Dickens and Orson Scott Card. For real.

6) My arm itches. Something may have bitten me.

7) We had a rain-less day for the first time in awhile today. So great, great, great! :)

8) I love movies. Me is gonna see The Avengers this coming weekend. STOKED BEYOND BELIEF.

9) Snow White and the Huntsman was written by someone for a screenwriting contest, and it got picked up and produced. So cool *nods* Can't wait until I'm 18 and eligible for those contests....

10) Yup, I think something bit me. I can't stop scratching my arm...

Alright, random list over.

Okay, anybody ready for the Script-A-Month title? Winner of this month's gets to write a guest post for the ol' blog, and something else but I don't know what yet. Guess you'll see when you win! :D

And the title for the month is:

And Then I Lived

Vague? Yep. Much potential? Of course :)

Comment away! And lemme know how y'all are doing, eh? :)


Lauren said...

Ha. Love it all. I want to learn to make my own clothes! Gah, cool.
And though I don't plan on seeing Snow White and the Huntsman (too dark for me!) that is *insanely* cool that it came from a contest; how incredible for the person who wrote it! I mean, the movie itself is turning into quite a big deal! So cool! :D
Love your randomness. As always.
~Lauren :)

Kismint said...

As the dense little naive me that I am, I must inquire:

What in the world is "Script-a-Month"??


...And now I feel stupid...

God Bless,
a "Whaa?"-faced Plink-a-Dink

Farjag said...

"This is the story of how I was killed. And then I lived. And now I can't die. Which has its benefits. But being immortal isn't really all it's cracked up to be. Cause there's a heaven out there somewhere, and I can't exactly get there anytime soon. So yeah, this is me, still alive, and wishing very much I was dead. An odd position to say the least."

How's that?

The Musical Dancer said...

Nice post!


Abby said...

Hmm... perhaps someone has lived in a cave their entire life (trapped there, perhaps, by an evil 'mother'?) and then they finally come out? Sounds a bit like Tangled, huh? Or maybe Iron Man. The Avengers sounds really neat, but I don't know if I'll see it. Probably not.

And that's a really cool idea, Farjag. I just love Script-a-Month.

The Director said...


How is it that a mere human can come up with as genius ideas as you do? You can't possibly be a mere mortal. You, my friend, are incredible.

That's all.

The Director said...


Sorry for leaving you in the dark! Script-A-Month is a fun contest here where I give a title, readers provide a premise, and if you do you are entered for whatever contest is mentioned in the post. This month is a guest post.

Charley Robson said...

Awww, squeezles, I made it onto a list! I wuffles you! *hugs*

Also, SOOOOOO jealous of you going to see The Avengers. It looks so awesome, I really really really want to go xD

As for your script a month ... I'mma go with Farjag's suggestion, as he got to the idea before I could xD

Lainie said...

Totally not your genre... at all! BUT, I think you could do it "cheese-free."

When I read the title, I thought about how I lived a large chunk of my life thinking I was alive only to discover I was dead (in my sin) and now I truly live.

The other idea would be for you to bring alive the story from Luke 7:11-16. The title wouldn't refer to the son but perhaps an onlooker or even the mother.

That's all I got!

Hannah Joy said...

I honestly think Mrs. Laine's got something there.

Although, I've got a couple of different ideas. What if it was from the perspective of a disciple? Maybe Peter. I would say it starts with Peter weeping before the cross...his Jesus is dead. And then it goes to like, flashbacks of different things Jesus did/said in his life. From the first time Peter was following Him (fishers of men) to the three denials. I think the flashbacks would be stuff like the feeding the five thousand, healing the lepers, etc. You could choose the things that mean most to YOU and therefore make them be the ones that meant a lot to Peter. And then the women come to tell him that Jesus is alive and Peter's running to the grave (one of my very favorite stories). I don't know, it'd be difficult, but it could be really epic.

OH!! I've got another idea. What about something about the thief? You know, the thief/murderer that was crucified beside Jesus. Maybe tell the background of his story--what made him who he was? Obviously, he was ready for a change and Jesus was that change. Anyway, it tells his story. Maybe he was a thief from a young age. His father was abusive and his mother wasn't there. So he became a thief and later murdered someone. I know that sounds kind of sick, but maybe he killed someone he knew and loved. Like his best friend or something. Something that haunts him later....and he gets caught of course. And then he meets Jesus and he knows...knows that He is the Messiah. And then he dies...but not like a tragedy because the last line is...

"And then I lived."

It could be cool.

Awesome other ideas peoples. Very awesome.

Kismint said...

@ TD:
Ooohh...this sounds fun! :D

*heads slowly off to do algebra, soon to zip back and enter her idea*

God Bless!

Abby said...

Oh... everyone's ideas are so much better than mine.


Lainie said...

@Hannah Joy-- I am digging the thief scenario!!

Totally give him a back story! Love it!