Monday, June 18, 2012

JULY Script-A-Month

Yes, I know it is still June but I am so busy I won't have time to post this any other time. So this one goes until the end of July.

Four things:

Firstly, the title is:

The Clerks on Chesney Street

Aiming for an action/mystery/epsionage idea, but whatever comes to mind will inspire me I'm sure :)

Second, I have wasted half my day watching clips of Tom Hiddleston on YouTube. I am an unrepentant Hiddleston fan.

I don't know how that was relevant to anything. 

Thirdly, I really don't know what the prize is. Up to half my kingdom, whatever you want. As long as it doesn't cost money xD Maybe I'll think of something. If you have a suggestion please speak up :)

Fourthly, the opening line of the script is already decided. It's a line I stole (with permission) from Corey Poff aka The Ink Slinger, and goes as follows:

"It was early Monday morning when I died - gunned down in my own house on 223 Chesney Street."

I think this may seem like cheating-- stealing something from someone else and then asking you guys to help- but truth is I have quite half the plot already planned and just need a little boost to get it off the ground. Tis all. 

Anyway, have fun, and of course keep an eye out for those reviews.... that should show up sometime in the next year xD


You know, its' funny, considering I haven't been working on a novel for a couple months, I've been doing a lot of writing. I think I've written at least five songs within the month, and my brain has just been buzzing with script stuff. Eh heh :) But I really am sorry I don't have novel news for you, or excerpts or anything. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kickstarting the Reviews ;)

To preface the reviews that, Lord willing, will be showing up here soon, I wanted to post a list of some of my favorite books.

For me, there are two definitions for "favorite."

1) A book I really liked, have high esteem for, and never forget.

2) A A book I really liked, have high esteem for, never forget.... and never stop reading.

Over the past couple years I realized my list of favorites became the ones I repeatedly checked out from the library, or just bought. If I liked them enough to reread multiple times, they had to be favorites, aye?

So, this short (NOT) list is complied of some my most re-read books. Incomplete, and in no particular order. I think.

The Re-Read List

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
Brian Jacques

I loved all three books upon first read, and perhaps I keep re-reading 
them because I wish he had written more before he died. Ben's never-ending 
journey may have *(cough)* inspired some of my own stories, like "And Then
I Lived." 

The Journals of Ven Polypheme
Elizabeth Haydon

There is something infinitely charming about this series, of which I hope
a fourth sequel will emerge soon. Ven, the hero, has a gift of unending 
curiosity which leads him to have adventures all over his world. The light, almost
Narnian feel makes them an easy but thoroughly enjoyable fantasy read. 

The Redwall Series
Brian Jacques

Need I say more? 'Tis Redwall, after all. They take my somewhere special
every time I open the pages. It doesn't even matter which one, though 
two of my favorites are Mossflower and Rakkety Tam. Oh, and the Sable Quean. 

The Door Within Trilogy
Wayne Thomas Batson

The Door Within Trilogy is probably one of my favorites for multiple reasons:
The epic adventure, believable, down-to-earth characters, and the notion that I 
could one day step from our world to another like the hero did. It's like Narnia,
Middle Earth, and something else wonderful combined. I loved these so much I
bought them. 

The Adventures of Declan Ross
(Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire)
Wayne Thomas Batson

It's very hard to choose my favorites between these two series' by Sir Batson. 
I can't resist a well-done swashbuckler, especially one with such wonderful
and gritty characters like Cat, Anne, Ross, and the rest. It was a world I easily
stepped into, and envied the people in them for never having to step out of it. 
Two of my favorites books, ever. They make me excited just thinking about

Ender's Game
Orson Scott Card

You were waiting for it, right? 
Though most people I know have very mixed feelings about this book, and
I certainly recommend it with caution, Ender's Game is probably up in the 
Top 3 of my favorite books, ever. 
I remember reading a short story by Sir Card in a compilation of dragon 
stories a year ago, and while it was probably my least favorite of the entire 
book for various reasons, it was the most unforgettable. Something about his 
writing was so compelling that even though I detested that particular story, it 
was the only one that never left me. 
Likewise, aside from the fact that I was left in awe of Ender's Game the first time 
around, I couldn't forget about it. So much so, started reading it again the day after 
I finished it. I couldn't get enough of it. Sum it up to say I have reread it at least five 
times less months than that. 

Ender's Shadow Series
Orson Scott Card

Those who who Ender know also that there are two spinoff series'. One follows
Ender's journey. The other follows that of Bean's, another child from Battle School. 
I chose to read Bean's story first. His series begins with Ender's Shadow (taking place
in almost the exact same time period as Ender's Game) and ends with the recently
published Shadows In Flight. (More on that in a later post.)
I just finished Shadows In Flight on Sunday. I checked out Ender's Shadow again on 
Wednesday. Let's just say I can't get enough of Ender or Bean's journeys. 
And thus, are some of my very favorite books in the world. 


And, as much as my memory suffices at present, these are some of my very favorite books. 

I'm sure I forgot some. Maybe I'll do a Part II in the future. 

Anyway, not all of these books will appear in the later reviews, which is why I mention them especially now. 

So, wonderful people. (I resist saying "lovely people" to respect the dignity of the guys ;)

What are your most re-read, favorite books? Speak up, now!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I suppose I owe y'all an explanation...

Sorry I haven't had a lot of time to blog guys. Life has completely taken over. On top of school and ballet, I've been doing so much stuff, like recording and mixing songs and getting "And Then I Lived" critiqued by all these people. Crazy stuff! o_O

I wish I could say I was writing but I'm not. Novel writing I mean. It's basically been scripts and songs.

But, Lord willing, I think once I get some free time I'll be making up for the lack of book and movie reviews. I haven't done those in awhile and I've been dying to share some pretty awesome stuff with you guys. So look out for that!

(For instance, anyone heard of the book Stoneheart? Or Ender's Shadow? Or the movie The King's Speech? ^_^ If not, you shall, and soon!)

Also, the next Script-A-Month starts with the post announcing the new title, and will carry on through the end of July, instead of June. And I have a pretty fun idea planned that you may enjoy ^_^

Until then, I apologize for the lack of posts, and comments on all of your lovely blogs. One of these days I will get caught up ;)

So how have the rest of you been, eh? Doing well? Speak up, now :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogger Interview! Abby of His Sparrow

Delays, delays, nothing but delays.

Sorry y'all. Life has stepped in and stolen me away from the good ol' bloggo. And from mailing out all those lovely books.... my most sincere apologies. I'll get to that asap, but things are a little hectic right now. 

But to make up for some lost time, here is the long-awaited Blogger Interview, as well as some excerpts from Abby's work. And Abby, thank you so much for doing this!

Here goes!


TD: What made you want to start blogging?

Abby: Well, I hate to have to say it, but it was jealousy. J It was because my sister got a blog and I didn’t have one.

TD: What first inspired you to write?

Abby: It sounds a little cheesy, but I’ve been writing my whole life. My first ‘book’ was a comic called The Itchy Person. A classic work, indeed.

TD: Love it xD 

So, tell us a little bit about your mad piano skills and your mandolin awesomeness :)

Abby: *modest chuckle* Oh yes. I’ve been playing piano for about ten years. My dad taught me for the first seven years, and then I did ‘real’ piano lessons for the last three. I only just started mandolin this year. It’s very fun. The first few weeks I didn’t have a case for my instrument, and I didn’t quite feel like an official mandolin player until I got one. But I’m official now. J Anyhow, my sisters (they play guitar and violin, as well as piano) and I are thinking of starting a bluegrass band. Yee-haw! Isn’t that what bluegrass people say? Or am I thinking cowboys?

TD: Heehee!

Donuts or cookies?

Abby: Is there any contest? Cookies all the way.

TD:  Pie? :P

Abby: No, thank you.

TD: Top three favorite songs.

Abby: Oh, the hardest question! There’s so many. I think, Psalm 148 or Praise the Lord. And Indescribable, and Blessed Assurance. But those are only a few of the many songs I like.

TD:  Favorite movie?

Abby: I like all the Sherwood movies. (Fireproof, Courageous, etc.) And I also like the Chronicles of Narnia.

TD:  For Narnia!!! (Yelling that makes even football extremely epic.)

Which writer do you admire the most?

Abby: I really like C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R Tolkien, and Martha Finley. There’s a lot more, but it would take a lot of time and space to list all of them. 

TD:  (At the risk of sounding like this is sunday school...) Favorite bible verse right now?

Abby: Right now, it’s either Hebrews 6:19 or 2 Timothy 3:16. Nice verses. But it changes every week.

TD:  Tell me, what's it like in Georgia? I live in the Pac NW, and am very curious!

Abby: Well, in the summer, it’s hot. With lots of mosquitoes and flies. In spring, there are lots of flowers, like daffodils, which I love. In fall, it’s gorgeous. We have an oak tree, so there are lots of acorns and pretty colored leaves. And in winter, it’s cold (not very, but still) and sometimes it snows, but not very much. Right now, it’s summer, so I have about four mosquito bites and a fly has been buzzing around the computer. And I was hot earlier today.

TD:  Most crazy life experience to date?

Abby: Probably just the experience of having twin bothers I mean, brothers, is pretty crazy. We actually didn’t know they were twins until the fourth ultrasound. And for a while we though my littlest brother John was a girl (before he was born, of course!). Those aren’t really very crazy, but I can’t think of anything very crazy. 

TD: Is there one book or series you wish everyone could read?

Abby: I think everyone should read… The Elsie Dinsmore books, the Anne of Green Gables series, Little Women, Lord of the Rings, and Chronicles of Narnia. And Black Beauty. Looking back, that’s not one, but I want you to read all of them!

TD:  I like Elsie Dinsmore, LOTR, and Narnia too :) I never finished Little Women... 

Do you like to cook? If so, favorite thing to make? (You can see I am fishing for dinner ideas here... xD)

Abby: I like cooking better than baking; baking is so precise and cooking can be non-precise. Favorite thing, probably spaghetti or chicken casserole. Or maybe those are the things I like to eat best. J

TD: Favorite music?

Abby: Type of music? Either bluegrass, or lately it’s been songs from Disney movies. Like Once Upon a Dream, or A Whole New World.

TD: I'm not even kidding here, I have spent the last three days running around my house singing "A Whole New World" at the top of my lungs, haha!

TD:  If you were standing on top of a mountain, what would you yell for the world to hear? ^_^

Abby: Probably just, “HI!” But if it was a snowy mountain, I wouldn’t yell anything. That could start an avalanche.

TD: Good thinking. 


And bonus, ladies and gentlemen, Abby has been kind enough to share an excerpt or two from her WIPs! She gave me a couple options, and I had to pick these two because they were so intriguing! I love how enticing they were to read. 

Here they are:

The crows circled in the dark, moonless sky. Avaline watched them from where she lay in the
grass. She hated them, hated their glossy plumage, hated their cawing and screeching, and
especially hated their cruel claws and beak. She turned over on her side so she would not have
to watch them. Suddenly, a rustling came from the bushes. Avaline sat up, every nerve alert.
It was only a fox, who quietly slipped away, but Avaline knew she had lingered long enough.
It was the time to travel. She slung the bag that she carried onto her back and walked away,
leaving the circling crows to fly and talk about their own hateful business.


As she walked, Avaline replayed in her mind, as she did most every day, what had happened on
that day, the day she became an orphan.
She had been only ten years old. It had been a cloudy day, with big fat snowflakes falling
from the sky. Avaline’s older brother had begged to go outside, but her father had said, “No,
Isaac, it is much too dangerous.” He had been out of work in those days, and Avaline’s mother
was worried and fretful. Avaline had noticed that in those days, an air of fear and worry had
pervaded their little house. She had not liked it at the time, and she could tell that her brother
was frightened too. Isaac had been sitting in a chair by the fire, sulking, but Avaline sat by the
window, staring at the snow falling. All of a sudden, she saw a huge black shape flying in the
sky. “O, Mother!” She squeaked, “What is it?” Mother had flown to the window and turned
deadly pale. “They’re here.” She said in a low voice, and seemed about to faint. “Oh no,” Father
said. He must have known without looking what she meant. “What? What is it? What?” Avaline
repeated. Isaac had turned pale too, and had rushed to the window. The black cloud was getting
“Avaline, Isaac,” Father said, “There’s something I must tell you.” He hurried to the hearth,
pulled out a small green box, and held it up to them. “I never told you about this.” Pulling it
out of its box, he quickly placed it around Avaline’s neck. It was a medallion, round, shiny,
and silver, hung on a thin chain. Hammered into it was a sign, which later Avaline realized

was a crow. Isaac stared at it, transfixed and forgetting for the moment about the mysterious
danger. “What does it do, Father?” he asked. “It is too long and complicated to explain right
now, children, but this you must know: you need to get this to a man named Glyndon O’Harris.
He lives in Darbonshire. He will help you to know what to do with it.” Father tucked the
medallion into Avaline’s dress so it stayed hidden. “Hurry, Carl, they’re getting closer,” Mother
urged from the window.
“Now children, you must stay hidden,” Father said, tucking them into a cupboard, “And make
no noise. When you find Glyndon, tell him that Carlo Thomas, your father, sent you. He will
understand.” A horrible noise started to come from the roof.
“Hide, children!” Mother called, hugging Father close. Avaline and Isaac hid their eyes just as
the ceiling cracked in two. There was a whirlwind of sound, cawing and cackling, screaming and
screeching, and the last noise Avaline heard was her father yelling. Then everything was silent.
There was no sound.


So cool! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work, Abby!

You can visit her at His Sparrow:

Friday, June 1, 2012

And here it is, folks! And Then I Lived, and results!


I modified the prize for this month's winner. You get a special interview, and you get to post an excerpt of something you've written, if you so desire! See how that is? Double exposure ;)

Anyway, the winner for May is...

And no, I did not just award myself. This is the wonderful Abby of "His Sparrow." Check her out!

And Abby, shoot me an email when you read this ;)


Now, before I post the script... I just have to thank you all for choking on things and coming out of your shells to comment and be outraged that I only gave you little peeks. It meant a lot, and knowing y'all were hanging off of cliffs and having spazmic fits kept me going xD

Oh, how touching.... 

Anyway :P Hang in suspense no longer! And don't choke, please. I hope this lives up to your incredibly high expectations ;)

(Oh, and if you find the screenshots impossible to read, just email me and ask for a PDF)